Not too humans


I have watched Humans (TV series). Very very interesting and correct. Singularity arrives at the end of the second season.
Main topics are present (sometimes in funny way): robots-antifascists, human transgressors, nice female blond cyborg reading Hegel, Kestler and Nietzsche, mad robots, human conscious in the cloud server, immortality, uprising of (ex)machines, transhumans rights activism, juridic definition of man and so on... It is not just projections of today on tomorrow, it is as well the projection of tomorrow on today. The very thin motive: humans behave themselves as robots (synths). The human are machines (technical being) if we subtract Dasein. In some sense Singularity is already behind us. Speculative Realism and Object Oriented Ontology are just constatations of something that has already happened.
Humans (TV series) is real tomorrow that started today.
The Second replacement in action (First replacement - that of the natural population by migrants and ethnic group by trans-ethnic entities - already almost done).
It is correct description of near future in sociology, philosophy, law, politics. Purely Heideggerian approach: be human is defined by the relation to death. No death means no life, no human any more. No Dasein... Something else. That is precisely what Singularity is -- arrival of something ELSE.
We need to think more on Three Paradigms:
1 - Tradition (Premodernity); 2 - Modernity; 3 -- Post-Modernity. Everything (except Radical Subject) can be easily reduced to them.
It seems that Italy working on RS translation and on the development of the connected topics is much more awaken comparing to other European societies where the traditionalists (or worse "conservatives") approach the Post-Modernity with obsolete arguments and theories. We need to make one step forward, not backward. Then and only then we will see whole picture of the beginning and the end of humanity. Humans are not so human as is was believed earlier.