Occupied Serbia, Broken ‘Mechanism’ and USA/NATO Spy Momčilo Perišić

Since NATO wars are always shady and cowardish pirates operations, with no real casus belli, NATO always needs some accompanying non-military tools to secure outcomes and its “victories”.

ICTY Reality Show

The NATO war on Serbia (Yugoslavia) was not only an illegal and illegitimate act of aggression toward sovereign country, but ICTY was among greater contributors to the development of TV genres, especially reality shows.

At the same time, it contributed massively to spreading of fake news, relativization of facts and evidences, ridiculing Serbian military laws, tradition and skills, misusing international law before the eyes of millions of people, showing an open affection for everyone, but for Serbs – Serbs are convicted to more than 1000 years of prison by ‘Mechanism’. Some of them died in their prison cells. Some of them were very ill and never got help. Some of them died under suspicious circumstances.  Some of them are still in inhuman conditions, having in mind their age or health. Some of them got back after honourably protecting the country in The Hague, as well as they did in the war several years earlier. Many documents from various battles and wars show undoubted honour of Serbian soldiers – this was, and should be always remembered by every enemy by now, if Hitchcock’s birds did not eat their brains yet. On the other side, Serbia had its traitors – that was the weakest link and it still is.

Some Serbs (traitors) were protected and released by ICTY, in various moments, since they were Western assets in Serbia. Some of those who were sent to The Hague Tribunal in order to be protected were Vojislav Šešelj, Jovica Stanišić and Momčilo Perišić. They were put away from the eyes of Serbian people while other processes for dismantling of Serbian statehood and strengthening occupation were going on. Their stay in prison and even more their releasing, helped in building the image of “Tribunal” as rightful and lawful institution: here are the Serbs who were prosecuted, but not convicted and this means justice. But, it was a bold lie and deception – they were put on trial to produce deception about “tribunal” and to introduce some more fictional and bizarre crimes, attributed to Serbs, later transferred from NATO pawns to the others, non-cooperating Serbs.

How ICTY reality show worked, Judge Bonomy, the talking head at ICTY and NATO apologist showed by stating: "In practice, it was Milošević, sometimes termed the 'Supreme Commander', who exercised actual command authority (over the Serb army) during the NATO campaign." This statement can be interpreted in two ways: either some retarded idiot in The Hague presumed that ‘Vrhovni komandant’ in Serbian would be ‘Supreme Commander’ in English - when it is ‘Commander in Chief’ (and if Milošević was “supreme commander” it meant autocracy in politically correct phraseology) or, Bonomy, the talking head, was assigned to deliberately misinterpret facts and evidences and to use his official position to cover up his real role – PR and talking head of NATO monster.

His stupid remark also uncovered their deranged perspective in order to cover up what really happened – it was West and their Balkan slaves (who are now in power in entire Balkan) who committed crimes. ICTY was made to whitewash NATO, USA, UK, EU, UÇK, Ustashas, jihadists and the rest of their stooges and to improve their power in all the countries of ex-Yugoslavia.

As it came out, some convicts in The Hague were simply there to justify and confirm la raison d'être of that disgraceful and evil “mechanism” – the special TV programme which “Tribunal” produced and broadcasted was nothing, but reality show. The stars of the reality programme were disgraceful Western individuals, employees of that broken “mechanism”, their helpers, quislings from various countries.

This ICTY, now-called Mechanism, is some kind of NATO’s court-reality-tv and it is used to strengthen and reaffirm NATO’s position by non-military tools and media wars while misusing international law, military laws, UN, UN SC, UN Charter, many other international charters, misusing people and their honourable attitudes in defending their people, country, its sovereignty, tradition, faith, culture, language, natural resources, infrastructure, properties, etc.

In the press release (http://www.icty.org/sid/7846), published by ICTY on June 13th 2000 and titled ‘Prosecutor's Report on the NATO Bombing Campaign’, the entire deranged “mechanism” of operating is presented. But to highlight several points, first several quotes from the press release and, then, several comments:


1. “… This team comprised military lawyers, military analysts, prosecuting attorneys and other experts. The work of the group continued under Prosecutor Del Ponte. Following its creation, the team assessed all new allegations and material on its arrival in the Prosecutor’s Office. The analysis of the material has taken many months, and has involved an examination of all facts and a detailed legal analysis of all aspects involving the Tribunal’s jurisdiction...”

2. "...the Prosecutor has announced her conclusion, following a full consideration of her team’s assessment, that there is no basis for opening an investigation into any of the allegations or into other incidents related to the NATO air campaign. Although some mistakes were made by NATO, the Prosecutor is satisfied that there was no deliberate targeting of civilians or unlawful military targets by NATO during the campaign...”

3. “… When questions arose about specific incidents which were not fully explained in available sources, NATO was given the opportunity to respond, and NATO provided some further information. The resulting body of all assembled information, some of it very detailed, was then collated, allowing each incident or allegation to be analysed in terms of international humanitarian law, particularly the requirements of the law concerning modern air warfare...”


- if someone would delete only the name of the institution which issued the press release and tried to read it again, it would’ve sounded as if the Prosecutor of the Tribunal (Carla del Ponte) acted as NATO Spokesperson or PR.

- if someone really wants to investigate NATO, then they do not place the “tribunal” on the soil of the NATO member state, they do not finance “tribunal” from NATO (USA, UK, EU) sources and of course from some shady sources  (how it comes that poppy production, and subsequently heroin production, has been raised for 700% since US Army has been in Afghanistan?) Tribunal in the Netherlands is a perfect match for laundering heroin money.

- if someone really wants to oversee NATO crimes,  they would not establish a working group in May 1999 (while “NATO campaign” was still on), during the term of previous Prosecutor, Louise Arbour and then, do nothing. This group claimed it had worked on the subject and then, when a new prosecutor arrived, there was another group of people joining the existing group and it needed many more months in order that they produce something – this method is called ‘procrastination’ in Western psychology – there is always some reason not to do something or to prolong the outcome – and it is treated as destructive for an individual. Is it equally destructive when international “legal institution” applies it while acting against some country and its people?

- if someone would, in mid 2000, pronounce NATO not guilty of any crimes during its illegal and illegitimate military aggression on the sovereign country a year earlier, what could be expected for those who were NATO enemies in that war? They would be all prosecuted, of course. So those who are prosecuted and freed of charge for crimes and simply left alone (and protected) - usually means that those people are taking part in the NATO TV wars on behalf of NATO.

Espionage, Treason and Ongoing Deception

The fake news which ICTY,  media, Western officials and their local occupational governors spread about Momčilo Perišić was that he was “Milošević’s guy”. What all those spin doctors and Goebbels’ copies deliberately failed to mention was that Momčilo Perišić, as Chief of Staff of the Army, was dismissed and kicked out, got fired by President Milošević in Autumn 1998 – since there was a suspicion about his treasonous activities. And, yes, suspected treasonous or spying activity is sufficient reason for the President of the State to dismiss Chief of Staff of the Army, especially having in mind the specific period. It appeared President Milošević was right about Perišić.

“Friday, 15 March, 2002, 15:13 GMT (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/1875031.stm)

Serbian deputy Prime Minister and former military commander Momcilo Perisic has been arrested by the military authorities in Belgrade, according to an aide. An American embassy official has also been briefly detained, US officials said.

An aide to Mr Perisic said he had been detained on Thursday night by the military security service. One report quoted an unnamed Serbian government official as saying Mr Perisic was detained "on suspicion of espionage", but there has been no word from the military so far.

US press officer Paul Denig said an American embassy official had been "arbitrarily arrested and held incommunicado" for 15 hours after meeting a senior Serbian government official at a public restaurant on Thursday night. Mr Denig did not identify either of those involved, nor did he say who carried out the arrests.

Mr Perisic has been sharply critical of his predecessor, General Nebojsa Pavkovic, who commanded Yugoslav troops during the war in Kosovo and against Nato in 1999.”

BBC wrote in this news that Nebojša Pavković was Perišić’s predecessor – but that was another lie – NATO spy Perišić was Pavković’s predecessor and President Milošević kicked out Perišić from the post of the chief of staff in 1998, before the NATO aggression.

As it was later confirmed, Momčilo Perišić has been CIA asset since 1996, while holding the post of Yugoslav Army Chief of Staff. Again: President Milošević fired him in October 1998, and presenting that individual as Milošević’s guy was projected deception. The same goes for Jovica Stanišić, the chief of Security Service, who was also fired by President Milošević in 1998.

The first announcements of ‘NATO campaign’ were that it is planned for Automn 1998 – but, something changed. Maybe the removal of Stanišić and Perišić in Automn 1998, postponed so-called ‘NATO campaign’?  “NATO guys”, not Milošević’s guys, were kicked out from the important positions.

NATO had to produce some other kind of pretext for attacking Serbia (Yugoslavia). So did they with Rachak and other deceptions – which all (later) appeared to be unfounded, clumsy and ridiculous and that is why NATO, English, Americans, French, Germans, Dutch, Italians,... needed to ‘weaponize’ everything in order to protect themselves and they have never stopped in this attempt, ever since. The process of turning NATO’s war crimes into victories and righteous deeds is still going on.

Although Serbia was silently occupied in 2000, after September elections and Western sponsored/assisted coup d’état in October (disguised as so-called coloured revolution) and President Milošević was illegally sent to The Hague in 2001, military authorities arrested the traitor and US spy, ex-general Momčilo Perišić, on March 14th  2002, in the motel near Belgrade. The US’ embassy in Belgrade official (actually, CIA chief for Balkans), John David Neighbors, was also arrested. Both of them called on immunity - Neighbour on diplomatic immunity, Perišić on his MP’s immunity. Perišić was accused for the act of espionage for the benefit of USA and resigned from the post of Deputy Prime Minister in Djindjić’s government several days later, although he kept his MP status in the Federal Assembly (and immunity). The fact that one of them was Serbian Government official and the other one US Embassy/CIA official, further says that Western embassies’ officials in Serbia were misusing diplomatic status and Serbian (traitors) officials were misusing immunity given by the state to chosen state officials who are sworn to work on behalf of the state. And, having in mind the role of John David Neighbour in Balkans, it says that Serbian Military Counter Intelligence came to “something really huge” (so huge that a year later Serbian PM was assassinated and occupation of Serbia intensified by non-military means).

John D. Neighbour came to ex-Yugoslavia (namely to Osijek, now in Croatia) sometimes in 1980s as a lecturer at the newly founded Theological Institute of Pentecostal Church and he stayed there for quit a long time. Then he left to Sarajevo in Bosnia “to preach”. After Sarajevo, he went to Priština, to Southern Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija (the omphalos of Serbian statehood, tradition and faith), where he opened Pentecostal Church. Neighbour was also US Embassy official with diplomatic immunity. He was shortly absent from Serbia, while embassy was closed in 1999. After re-establishing the diplomatic ties between Serbia (Yugoslavia) and USA, after the coup in 2000, he got back to continue “to preach” - until 2002, when he was arrested by Military authorities and released in accordance with Vienna convention. But, immediately after releasing, Neighbour was pronounced “Persona non grata”, so he had to leave Serbia (Yugoslavia); he was transferred to Hungary. As various sources say he “got killed” in Budapest, then was given a new identity and continued his “preachings” from US Embassy in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Almost exactly a year after military authorities arrested ex-general of Yugoslav Army and USA/CIA/sectarian church official, on March 12th 2003, Prime Minister Zoran Djindjić was assassinated by Perišić and Neighbour bosses’ execs (whichever of the Five Eyes and their stooges were involved in whichever way, does not even matter, Serbian Military Counter Intelligence saw them all – but everyone will have to wait to hear who they were, until the end of occupation of Serbia and removal of Serbian quisling authorities).

When Perišić lost MP’s immunity in 2004, the case was re-opened by Military Court. Perišić claimed he was framed by politicians, in order not to get to important posts in the state. But, in the moment when Military authorities arrested him, he was a politician, Deputy Prime Minister and The Head of Parliamentary Security Board and he called on MP’s Parliamentary immunity when arrested. This is not how soldier acts, this is how spy and traitor acts and that was obvious to almost everyone in Serbia. His disgraceful behaviour continued by insults directed to Serbian Military Court – which no real soldier would ever make.

Military Court was abolished as from January 1st 2005 – maybe just in order not to conduct the trial of traitor and Western spy, Perišić and who knows how many Western “diplomats” with or without immunity would be invited to testify or invited for some other reasons. After abolishing of Military Court, the case of espionage of ex-general Perišić was first transferred to the jurisdiction of the Military Department of the District Court in Belgrade. Then, Perišić was just transferred to his next assignment, where Western bosses sent him to. He was “accused”, or rather invited to The Hague (ICTY), where he went voluntarily in March, 2005.

After his departure to The Hague, Criminal Tribunal Panel of the Military Department of the District Court in Belgrade issued a decision on November 9th 2005 to suspend the criminal proceedings against Perišić while he is in The Hague. Perišić was released from “The Hague Tribunal” prison in 2013 without any charges. But, from 2005 to 2013, he was not all the time in “the tribunal” - he was allowed to come to The Hague time by time and to go to Serbia time by time.

The case for espionage on behalf of USA was finally continued at the end of 2014 before High Court in Belgrade. During 2015 and 2016, the preliminary hearing (announced as closed for the public) was postponed many times. In November 2016, the preliminary hearing was held before High Court in Belgrade (closed for the public). In December 2016 the process continued and the next hearing was in March 2017, then the next in July 2017 and the next one was scheduled for September 2017. But since July 2017, there has not been any new developments (unless it was some secretive development, as occupational governor of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, is commanded and instructed by his Western colonial bosses how to operate in Serbia).

Since December 2014 when the case was re-opened by High Public Prosecution, there were rumours that traitor and USA/NATO spy Momčilo Perišić will never be sent to jail for espionage and treason (although hard evidence exist). If not then, after being released from The Hague, his spying activities and treasonous behaviour are obvious now.

Many destructive activities toward Serbian traditional military system were instructed by Western occupational force to Serbian authorities to perform  – and they still did not accomplish a task to dismantle Serbian military system. The only role of military deserter Aleksandar Vulin as defence Minister and Wesley Clarke’s look-alike-and-proud-about that, Milan Mojsilović, as Chief of Staff of Serbian Army, is to further satisfy the demands of their deranged NATO and other Western bosses and to dismantle Serbian military completely.

Momčilo Perišić is an important link in the Western machinery and mechanism for destruction of Serbia and its statehood. As military authorities realised, he was spying on the behalf of USA, which means he was working for the benefits and interests of present Western occupiers of Serbia. There is an interesting facts that Momčilo Perišić signed the very first document on cooperation between Serbian (Yugoslav) Army and NATO, which dates back to October 15th 1998. Signing of this document undoubtedly  brought more pressure and other illegitimate acts toward Serbia and allowed NATO, before aggression in 1999, to have an insight in many important issues. Aleksandar Vulin, actual Minister of Defence of Serbia claimed a month ago that document on cooperation signed by military representatives of Yugoslavia and NATO does not exist in the archives of the Ministry of Defence. But it must exist somewhere - it was signed by Wesley Clarke and Momčilo Perišić and a month after the signing of this document, Momčilo Perišić was fired by President Milošević. Minister of Defence, Vulin, also claimed that several other documents do not exist (also connected to Autumn 1998 and anti-state activities of Momčilo Perišić). The documents mysteriously disappeared from official archives, although those events happened and the “lost” documents are mentioned in several UN documents and resolutions. Those documents would show how NATO and Western “powers” always operate in dishonesty and like crooks – which would be good foundation for re-examining all the agreements and documents signed with NATO.

What if it can be established that entire cooperation of Serbian Army and Ministry of Defence with NATO started with spying? What if complete cooperation between Serbian Military and NATO can be  brought into question? What if the actors from military counter intelligence can be not so pleasant witnesses, as well? What if Military re-opens entire case of cooperation with NATO due to initial shady  operations, whose actors now use various mechanisms to protect themselves from prosecution? What if someone asks USA administration about ‘deceased’  and revived USA/CIA spy?

During the years while the process before ICTY was on and Momčilo Perišić safe and secure from prosecution for espionage in Serbia, media campaigns were launched to whitewash him – all the blame was to be transferred to the Military Security sector (especially Military Counter Intelligence, which discovered the extent of Perišić’s wrongdoings and the network of many important Western “individuals” operating under false official posts or identities). The “reward” to Military Security sector was that it was immediately excluded from Military authority system and dismantled, even before Military Court was dismantled, then reorganized, reshaped and then put under civilian authorities and control under the name Military Security Agency. General Tomić (the head of Military Security) was arrested in April 2003, during the state of emergency after the assassination of Prime Minister Djindjić - his assassination was used as pretext to arrest many people, who were not very happy that Serbia is occupied.

But, lack of prosecution of Momčilo Perišić for espionage and treason, loudly says that occupational mechanism infiltrated into Serbian civilian justice system is very deep and will use procrastination again, will misuse some other legal tools again, in order to protect  their “asset” and secure that he is never prosecuted, for their own benefit above all.

When it comes to John David Neighbour, he is still in Sofia, “preaching”. Some claim that Western occupational governor of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, met him in Sofia in March 2018. One of the MPs in People’s Assembly of Serbia posed the question to Vučić in March (did he meet Neighbour during his stay in Sofia in March), but nothing happened. The answer was silence. Then, in April this year, instead of trial for espionage, the abolition of traitor of Serbia and USA spy, Momčilo Perišić, silently continued. He was invited (and present)  at the official reception on the occasion of The Serbian Army Day, organized by Western occupational governor of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić (falsely presenting himself as President of Serbia).

Western matrix is being exposed worldwide and the events now show the same patterns which Serbian Military Counter Intelligence discovered 16 years ago – the patterns and network of Western colonial mechanisms in every sphere and level of society and locals who were helping them (and still are).

Serbian Military Counter Intelligence Officers showed honour, courage, skills and knowledge to thwart the wrongdoings of powerful Western network on Serbian soil, even under occupation – and that is why Serbian Military Security authorities were dismantled by Western occupiers and its quislings in Serbia. Western occupiers also want to totally destroy Serbian army, because NATO can not forget its own grandiose military failures during 78 days of bombing of Serbia (Yugoslavia).

If Serbian people want to bring their country and its dignity back, one of the first steps should be bringing Momčilo Perišić to the end of trial for espionage and placing him in prison for spying on behalf of USA and for treason of Serbia.