Oil Politics

The plight of middle east and the  imperialistic ideas of US is going to increase the crisis of World. The war with Iran will make the world a battlefield. The war of US is always the politics of other means. Yesterday assail of General Soleimani is not only the infringement of international norms and values, but also the monopoly of US on petro-dollars. American political scientist Willam J Olson, in his book “ the US strategic interest in the Gulf Region” says. The US need to control the oil of west Asia has also affect the country of west Asia. I think that it will not only effect west Asia but also whole Asia and World. Because in the digital globalization not only the politics and policies but geo-economies of state are entangle and interdependent. Not like US and USSR of cold war era.
So the war prone geo political policy focus on the dominance of dollar factor. Most political scientist argue that democracy and peace are independent. Western idea is capitalism and peace, While Marxist say capitalism and war. British Nobel literate Norman Angel (1933) argued that no country could win a war at least not from an economics perspective. Because war destroy the economic interdependence among the people that was the source of their wealth. Another economist John Hobson in his theory of imperialism argue that, Imperialism was the product of two dilemma of capitalist (a) Over production (b) Under consumption
If we look to the Trump administration, I foretell that it’s scape goat hypothesis or diversionary theory of war. When government, political parties, and leaders trap in the internal conflict of home they always provoke conflict overseas to divert the public attention from problem at home. Such like Trump administration reflect the diversionary theory by creating in external threat to divert public attention from impeachment at home and labeled Tran as “axis of evil” because they sought to develop nuclear weapons. 
After the WWII the world became bipolar until the death of communism. US start neocolonization  (indirect imperialism) to control the economy and market of world. Which resulted coercive politics, hegemonic design, strategic interest and location, crippling of principles. While UN became spineless in curbing the hypocritical geo-economic politics.
It’s the time for emerging superpower China and leading superpower Russia, Japan, Germany, UK, France and India to contain the imperialistic policies under the grape of international rules and regulation.
Is this is the war against terrorism? Is this is the war against fundamentalism and extremism? or this is the true face of freedom and democracy?  China, Russia, Pakistan, KSA, India and Turkey need to bury new conflicts in the region. Because fire have no boundaries. Ist to solve Afghan, Syria, labia and Iraq through the peace process.  And then start the decade of development, democracy, freedom and justice in the region.