Once Again Hezbollah Defeats the Imperialist Hegemony

Hezbollah, two decades and a half after its establishment, has emerged as a key political, military, social and ideological component of the Lebanese community. The recent parliamentary elections have indeed asserted this issue amid the global aggressive storm against this resistance and its approach.
Various filthy conspiracies were set in a foolish attempt to defeat Hezbollah’s candidates and to manipulate its masses. However, the imperialist Zionists prejudices have gone futile and unsuccessful due to the followers of the resistance’s utter allegiance and fidelity.
In a televised speech, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah has announced that the result of the elections is a “very big political, parliamentary and moral victory for the choice of resistance.” He further emphasised, “The make-up of the new legislative chamber represents a guarantee and a great strength to protect this strategic choice and to protect the golden equation - the army, the people and the resistance.”
Historically speaking, Hezbollah has unequivocally proven that its approach is to stand against all sorts of oppression, occupation and Imperialism. Years of confronting the Zionist war forces, the resistance has ravaged the hypocrisy of the Western powers, which aims at only gaining interests and looting natural resources.
As a result of the Zionist occupation of Lebanon in 1982, the Late Leader Imam Khomeini established Hezbollah. Currently, Hezbollah is a quite influential political, military and social organisation that wields considerable sway in Lebanon. Consequently, Hezbollah has been categorised as a ‘Terrorist Group,’ by the United States and European hypocrite governments, for it refused to be subdued by the Imperialist hegemony, which the idiot ‘Arabs’ Rulers’ have paid tribute to.
This aggressive position is taken merely because the resistance has stood firmly against the hostile imperialist Zionist policies and conspiracies in the region.  Those arrogance ‘Arabs’ Rulers’ who subjugate their people and violate their least fundamental rights, consistently target Hezbollah and are ready to pay whatever price to weaken the resistance.
By the beginning of May 2018, particularly on the 6th, the parliamentary election in Lebanon was scheduled, after postponing it several times since 2009 due to internal political wrangling, security concerns and the war against Syria. Additionally after amending a new electoral law, which significantly changes the political calculus for the resistance’s favour.
The new law has replaced the former plurality system with a system of proportional representation. Hezbollah Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah has continuously urged his followers to pay allegiance to the resistance saying, “Your votes in favour of the Resistance’s candidates would preserve the blood of the martyrs who have fallen in the Resistance's path especially amid the current direct US interference in the region.” 
Obviously, the parliamentary elections were not only a political rivalry but also a strong referendum to renew and pledge allegiance to the Hezbollah resistance and its defence strategy against the American Zionist Saudist aggression. Thousands of Hezbollah followers have rushed to elect their candidates and to show their enemies that they are ready to sacrifice every possible thing in order to fortify their line and methodology. Remarkably, just under 50 percent of approximately 3.8 million Lebanese eligible voters cast ballots - a drop from the last election's 54 percent turnout.
The election’s results were not in favour of the Prime Minister Saad Hariri's Future Movement (FM); backed and financed by the Saudis, which lost various seats in its three strongholds districts of Beirut, Tripoli and Sidon. His parliamentary portion decreased from 33 to 21 seats; particularly in Beirut, where for the first time pro-Hezbollah candidates gained additional seats.
The capital city has long been dominated by the Saudis monetary and political dominance, consequently the defeat was agonising and tormenting. A city, which was dreamt to be a political friend and supporter of the ‘Arabs’ idiot resolutions and normalisation ties with the Zionist enemy, such as Riyadh and Manama.
Moreover, not only the Saudis were frustrated, the Zionist politicians have also greatly traumatised due to Hezbollah's ascendency. Naftali Bennett, the hawkish Zionist Education Minister was quick to weigh in, commenting on Twitter, “Hezbollah = Lebanon.” This indicates how greatly the Zionist and equally important the West were irritated over this immense political victory, which reserved a remarkable 29 seats.
Unequivocally, all Lebanese are now present in the parliament as the representation is proportionately accurate, compared to the actual distribution of political partisans. Hezbollah triumph would boost the resistance politically; allowing it to veto legislation. Sayyed Nasrallah said, “This election is a great moral and political victory for the resistance that protects the country. The resistance will continue because it has the trust and support of its people.” 
However, the future does not seem rosy as rosy as this preliminary victory seems. The arrogance Western as Saudi hostile policies would not leave Lebanon to enjoy its political stability unless all the Lebanese get together and confront all sorts of interference and manipulation. The coming era demands a national reconciliation and hard work to re-establish a strong government that serves all the Lebanese and to tackle the various problematic social and economic crisis.