Once Again, Pakistan became a victim of Indian terrorism

After humiliation in Ladakh, Desperate India is frustrated to the extent that one may expect anything wrong, any moment, any where, from  War-Crazy India. Indian Army is disgruntled and morally ruined after a humiliating defeat in Ladakh from China. India lost land, lost soldiers, lost economy, lost morale, and became desperate and confused. India is not in a position to launch a full-scale war with any country but is in the habit of stabbing a knife in the back. India is using state-sponsored terrorism against Pakistan. The incidents of Indian terrorist attacks in Pakistan have seen a sharp increase recently. 
The latest one is an attack on the Pakistan Stock Exchange in Karachi on 29 June 2020. The brave and vigilant law enforcement agencies of Pakistan successfully foiled the terrorist attack. All four terrorists involved in the attempted attack were killed in the encounter. Four of our valiant law enforcement personnel embraced martyrdom. The externally-supported cowardly attack is another manifestation of the state-sponsored terrorism being perpetrated against Pakistan, which is highly condemnable. Pakistan has been consistently sensitizing the international community about the Indian leadership’s threatening statements to use terrorism as a tool to destabilize Pakistan.
Pakistan has already shared with the international community, incriminating evidence about the Indian Intelligence Agency RAW’s involvement in terrorist activities in Pakistan.
The comments made by the Indian Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) about the Karachi attack represent nothing but obfuscation and denial. India’s sophistry, however, cannot hide India’s complicity in acts of terrorism against Pakistan. The international community must take immediate cognizance of India’s use of state-terrorism to destabilize neighboring countries.

Security Council Press Statement on Terrorist Attack in Karachi, Pakistan

The following Security Council press statement was issued today by Council President Christoph Heusgen (Germany):
“The members of the Security Council condemned in the strongest terms the heinous and cowardly terrorist attack that took place in Karachi, Pakistan, on 29 June 2020, which resulted in several people killed. The members of the Security Council expressed their deepest sympathy and condolences to the families of the victims and to the Government of Pakistan, and they wished a speedy and full recovery to those who were injured. The members of the Security Council reaffirmed that terrorism in all its forms and manifestations constitutes one of the most serious threats to international peace and security. The members of the Security Council underlined the need to bring perpetrators, organizers, financiers, and sponsors of these reprehensible acts of terrorism to justice and urged all States, in accordance with their obligations under international law and relevant Security Council resolutions, to cooperate actively with the Government of Pakistan and all other relevant authorities in this regard.
The members of the Security Council reiterated that any acts of terrorism are criminal and unjustifiable, regardless of their motivation, wherever, whenever, and by whomsoever committed.  They reaffirmed the need for all States to combat by all means, in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations and other obligations under international law, including international human rights law, international refugee law and international humanitarian law, threats to international peace and security caused by terrorist acts.”
Pakistan is a peace-loving nation and will try its best to avert any armed conflict. Pakistan will approach and knocks all doors of the UN and the International community to exert pressure on India to change and abandon its unholy intentions of expansionism, and evil designs of state-sponsored cross border terrorism. It is appealed to all civilized world and peace-loving individuals to condemn India barbaric acts of terrorism. The extremist rulers of India are enemies of humanity. They kill innocent people in Kashmir, Punjab, Nagaland, Bihar, Assam, and all other parts of India as well as in all countries in its neighborhood. Either it is Nepal, Bangaladesh, Pakistan, Bhutan, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, or the Maldives, all are suffering from Indian evil designs and victims of Indian terrorism. India is involved in anti-human being activities everywhere. India is the epic center of all evils in this part of the world. The international community must take immediate action to fix India before it is too late.