Only strength can save Russia

In May 9, 1945 the WW2 In Europe came to an official end. It was replaced by the "cold war" within a few months. Actually this new war against USSR/Russia was planned years before Hitler attacked the CCCP. Churchill ("our partner" then), had said that it would be good (for the west) if USSR and Germany attacked each other.
And before WW2 we had WW1, Crimean War, Napoleon war, Nordic war and so on - all of them by the west against Russia. The west has been obsessed with the destruction of Russia, all the way back to the middle ages. And the reasons are obvious: Russia represents the only true alternative to the west and Russia/USSR has repeatedly stopped different western powers from achieving world supremacy. Russia is different from the west in mentality, history, religion and society. Russia is rich and big, something that is annoying to the west.
Because the west could not defeat USSR militarily they achieved a temporary victory by fooling Gorbachov and by placing the traitor Yeltsin in the Kremlin. He allowed the breakup of the USSR and even the (temporary!) loss of territories that were always russian, like Novorossiya, Malorossiya, Belarus, Kazahstan and so on.
When Putin was elected president he stopped this process (thus becoming the enemy of the west), but he has not repatriated the lost territories - yet. But this is a historical and irreversible process - what is russian will return to Russia sooner, rather than later!
The main question now is: will it be peacefully or not? Russia could be safe and content if the lost territories were pro-russian contries, but the west (USA + EU) destroyed the peace by placing a criminal fascist regime in Kiev after a violent coup against the legal government! The war against Russia did not stop even during Yeltsin-time: NATO immediately broke their promise to Gorbachov not to expand east-wards, and Yeltsin was too drunk to even notice this! When Putin showed that Russia will not roll over and die quietly, the attacks from the west against all that is russian accelerated initially: apartheid against russian people in the baltic pseudo-states, "color"-revolutions in Georgia, Moldova, central Asia and most important in Kiev, in former "Ukraine", in the heart of the Russian World, in the birth-place of Russia! This is what "our partners" are doing, and of course they also attack any country that is friendly to Russia such as Serbia, Venezuela, Syria, Brazil, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Iran and so on. It is Russias tragedy to always have to fight for survival. It is Russias blessing to be - Russia. It is Russian destiny to win! We cannot allow over 20 million russians and russian-speaking "ukrainians" in Novorossiya and east of the Dnepr to be occupied by the Kiev nazi junta!
 Russia has always been attacked by her enemies when she was percieved to be weak, but never when she was strong like in the mid 1700, mid 1800 or during USSR time. This continued after USSR, during 1991-2005 the west expanded NATO and attacked russian friends and former soviet republics - always under the pretext of "supporting democracy", (see above). Only with the Georgian war this came to a stop. But then, at a moment when Russia was not alert the west installed a nazi regime in Kiev and unfortunately the russian reaction was not decisive: the liberation of Crimea was regrettably not followed by the liberation of Novorossiya and Malorossiya, at least not yet....
Following the pattern above, when Russia showed strenght and liberated Crimea everyone in the west expected the liberation of Novorossiya and eastern Malorossiya too. When Russia hesitated, the Kiev nazi junta attacked the people in Donbass, in Odessa, in Mariupol. When Russia paraded some tanks and artillery in Donetsk and helped the militia - the Army of Novorossiya - to liberate Debaltsevo, the west and the fascists immediately retreated again and expected the liberation of Novorossiya, then nothing happened so they started to attack civilian areas in Donbass again! The pattern is obvious.
The same can be said about Syria: when the russian operation started the world was amazed by the results, then Russia anounced a partial withdrawal and the USA-sponsored terrorists attacked Aleppo - only to be defeated. When Russia had a considerable naval fleet in Syrian waters (adm. Kuznetsov, Pjotr Velikij, adm. Grigorovich), the west kept their distance. But when these three ships withdrew, then came the american missile-attack! 
It is childish of Russia to believe that the west understands diplomacy or international law; they only understand one thing: force. And they understand it very well: everytime Russia shows strength they back off, every time they suspect Russia is weak (or hesitant) they attack. They have been at war with Russia for a long time, unofficially. Maybe Russia should now return the favor - unofficially, and help to liberate Novorossiya and Malorossiya - officially