Opernball 2019 - Political travesti show


In Vienna, the famous Opernball took place on the 28th of February. Representing Europe's elites since it's foundation in 1814/15 during the Congress of  Vienna, the ball was always used by it's high-ranking guests to enjoy the attention of the mass media and present new political agendas.  Therefore conservative oberservers from all over Europe and also patriots in Austria were shocked, when they saw minister of justice, Josef Moser together with the infamous travesty artist Thomas Neuwirth (publicly known as „Conchita Wurst“) posing at the event this year. 

An HIV-positive transvestite as role model for Austria?

The HIV-positive „public star“ Neuwirth is in Austria known for his pro-LGBT activism and fight for „European“ values. Internationally he's known for winning the European Song Contest in 2014. His apperance together with Josef Moser, current minister of justice, inside the ÖVP-FPÖ government is seen by many Austrians as a political statement. Bot Neuwirth and Moser used their public appearance to motivate the Austrians for casting their vote at the upcoming European Elections.

Invited by a former FPÖ, now ÖVP minister

Moser, who was a former high-ranking member of the right-wing populist FPÖ under Jörg Haider during the last ÖVP-FPÖ government from 2000 – 2002, and became minister of Justice in a ministry reserved for the ÖVP after the elections in 2017, is regarded as one of the most liberal ministers of the current government. During the first year of the new government he prevented a cut in budget for the Austrian asylum industry prepared by minister of the interior Herbert Kickl.

Members of the FPÖ in Vienna were enraged, but Strache remains silent

When members of the FPÖ in the 23rddistrict in Vienna (which is one of the party's strongholds in the capital) revolted and made a post about the scandal, it was quickly deleted. The party's head and Vice-chancellor Strache remained silent about the topic. Back in 2014 when he was not part of the government, Strache criticized Neuwirth's appearance at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Tom Neuwirth's appearance – a disaster for the Austrian government and reputation throughout the world

Neuwirth's invitation to the ball by the current government is a disaster for the Austrian government and the country's reputation throughout the world. Especially other patriotic parties throughout Europe will see this as an indicator for the Liberalist natur of the current government which is covered by a right-wing populist rhetoric inside the European parliament and foreign media. How much longer will the people remain silent about such scandals?