I am absolutely convinced that the opposition of Russia and Romania in the Moldovan society is completely false, unproductive, destructive

Yuri Rosca: — In your opinion, how would the Moldovan society could transcend their stereotypes, to move past the misunderstanding of what this cultural fusion is actually winning. I once said that this is a special advantage of being a Moldavian, I can draw at the same time the culture of Russia and culture of Romania. I said it was just happy to breathe the two cultural and spiritual light. From your point of view how it can be better to present to public opinion the Republic of Moldova?

Alexander Dugin: You know, I am absolutely convinced that the opposition of Russia and Romania in the Moldovan society is completely false, unproductive, destructive, since it splits the population, the Moldovan people, on completely false grounds. I think it’s just some form of ideological Subversion, if you will, because if people do not feel their unity, but if we Russians will not feel unity with their Slavs, if we do not understand this broader identity than we, then we just turn into a shard of some sort, in the part of the Slavic world, oppose themselves to the whole. Or the same against the Orthodox world.

If we, the part of the Orthodox civilization, we begin to reject other Orthodox peoples and close, and to say that we only … this is not true, and at the same time absolutely can not forget about their roots. The Moldavian who feels no kinship with the other part of a single nation, the Romanian people or the Moldovan people, whatever, is part of a single culture, a single whole, linguistic, historical. And one who does not understand this identity, rejects her, he is not really fully simple.But those who try to oppose, you have to be either with Russia or Romania, no, it’s the wrong position. Need to be with Russia and Romania. But what Russia? With the Russian Orthodox, with traditional Russia, with Russian culture and spirit, with Russia-depth and with exactly the same Romania, Romania, which, by the way, and Church Slavonic was spoken in Romanian is the Church. And even many in the Romanian language Cyrillic, ancient alphabet written in ancient books. Centuries these ties were created, therefore we can not assume that Romania was part of the West, and Moldova — is part of Russia.Romania and Moldova is a part of the Orthodox world, where the influence of Russia and Romania’s influence on the Russian and Romanian Orthodox churches on the Russian Orthodox Church, remember Paisius Velichkovsky, the Hesychast tradition.

We connected a huge number of strands and levels, and not only Russian, Moldovans, Russians and Romanians, because Romania is just a part of one, as it is not called the Moldavian, Romanian people, please. What is more important, important is the unity of this nation, a common cultural identity, which should not clash with the Russian identity. But the problem is, and it not only lies in the choice between Romania and Russia.The problem is, the problem in choosing with whom Romanians and Moldovans together now will bind their fate: either with the liberal, globalist elite, with the Europe, which is becoming less and less European, which itself is losing its European identity or location of the Romanian-Moldovan companies will be among those countries and peoples who choose identity, Tradition, conservatism, in the end, a normal family, religious values. Here the problem is real, it exists and there is a choice internal.If a person wants to be a Romanian, if one wants to be a Moldavian, he can’t be a supporter of globalization, which destroys all forms of identity, religious, ethnic, national and state. Here the issue is quite different. It’s not a choice between Europe and Russia, it is a choice between in order to maintain this identity, and beating Russia.

After all, Russia actually is subject to such attacks today. She is forced to resist and to answer simply because we choose the preservation of the sovereignty, identity, the preservation of traditional society and traditional values, including family, and religion. And here the question is: to be with the Russians or with Europeans, and there is a choice in Romania, and in Moldova, to be with the globalist, transnational sect, which even the us President is trying to throw.

Yuri Rosca: — Who, by the way, well said, how the Russian nation was enslaved by Bolsheviks, and today the American people are enslaved by the globalists. The first victim of communism was Russian, and the first victim of globalization, today’s Americans.

Alexander Dugin: — Absolutely. And we see what is happening there now. Trump came on the wave of anti-globalization, he put forward antiglobalist thesis and was supported by a majority of the American population, but the elite do not give him the opportunity to pursue an independent policy. That is the question today. This problem is solved Russians, the Europeans, the French, Moldovans, Romanians. There is absolutely no matter whether to be with the West or with the East, the Russian or the European Union.It is important to be with his people, with their roots, with their history, will remain as a people, to preserve the statehood, to preserve the sovereignty and identity, or to part with it all. And here of course the question, in my opinion, almost a religious, or even deeper, ideological, and religious. Liberalism and globalism (which is almost the same thing) involves the destruction of peoples, Nations, religions, even gender itself.