The Origin of Human Robots

Dissolution of Languages and Tyranny of Numbers

In the world full of high-tech devices and endless communications, the only thing which really misses from the scenery is a human being. Presentations and representations appear instead. The human being is present either via screen or represented by the words, voices, images or nothing.

The natural born human being is brought to the role to be human material which serves in the process of the reconstruction of humanity. The science and tech lobbies which serve the globalists' agenda are openly advocating in favour of proven scientific disasters or bad solutions, for which it is obvious that are adjusted to some “now” to help their agenda survive and in those certain “nows” they secured themselves that their agency will not be disturbed. In the process of that wrongdoing, the laws, both natural and social, are neglected or avoided.

The West introduced empty, but endless talking in order to dissolve natural and social laws, Gemüth or Gemütlichkeit, as would Immanuel Kant say, although he was one of the main man to whom we could 'thank' for the millions of stupidities derived and accepted without questioning and used as the basis in the Enlightenment period and further.

Then, Western media culture created spectacles which cover the lack of essence and substance in what is called human life. That culture's only goal is to deprive humans of any real meaning, to alter human nature and to create human facility out of human beings in order to produce robotic “one world” nation which is to serve the new ultimate value – the greed, disturbed Weltanschaung, sick inter-human relations and to reverse natural cycles.

One of the first step is to make language senseless. Since it is not possible to simply cut it off, the next best way is to make it senseless, to attribute it relativism and to question concepts and terms, to change the meanings every now and then, to create parallel values to the existing ones in order to confuse, to introduce artificial words and syntax in order to overturn the traditional meanings and understandings.
People talking to the machines, if they need to get some information (press 1 for this, press 2 for that, etc.) is just an exercise to adjust human being to the new patterns of life in which lifeless robotized voices say what humans should do. Endless numbers in commercials (how many percent your hair is dry and how many it would not be if you use certain product), sales, discounts, household bills and strange count, streets named after numbers (in the USA), banks, codes for this and that, etc. The numbers are unquestionable. The language is.

Endless communications are mostly empty ones and their goal is not the exchange of thoughts, experiences, useful interconnections, doing something for real.. The goal of globalists' wild West capitalism is the illusion of all that. As long as human beings are busy exploiting the new and new options and versions of wired or wireless communications, having logorrhea, the new market fields are being developed as well and the new business and sustainable wild West capitalism is secured. While human beings are busy trying to have decent life, human robots are being busy helping wild West capitalism to survive. Being the servants and robots of wild West capitalism, human robots help the rotten matrix survive and continue in the same manner as it has been functioning for a long time.

The production of human robots appeared to be more lucrative for the sick and ignorant ruling quasi-elite, than the development of bio-technologies for producing artificial human beings.

Instead of scientific mastering and replicating human bodies, it appeared it is better to use the natural way for delivering humans and then, to brainwash their minds and cut off their consciousness. Replacing the language by images and sounds helps in the rituals conducted in the high-tech black science labs like CERN is.

The ultimate goal is to make language senseless and to make numbers even more unquestionable. Human beings are given reason and language as the natural assets. Numbers do not take any part in human reasoning – they are given as axioms and no one ever questioned them. Along with the development of different natural sciences and disciplines, the numbers have been becoming even more unquestionable and language was meant for dissolution.

The Western post-culture and post-human society, blindly directed to the measurement of values by numbers, replacing the category of quality by category of quantity, shows the inevitable destruction of humanity in the West.

Anglo-Saxons, Atlantists/globalists system of value can be written by numbers and that is all they are capable of. If there was not for numbers, they would be lost. The tyranny of  numbers has been developed for quit a while. Exposing human beings to endless combinations of numbers in every occasion makes language and ability to talk the tools to exchange the numbers' mantras and to robotize human consciousness.

Human beings are meant to become human facilities and production plants for the humanoids deprived of anything human – it is meant to use human beings to produce other human beings, but only as a raw material. The next step is to robotize them, deprive them from senses and feelings, destroy the consciousness and reason. Then comes shaping them into horde whose brains will be open for the imprinting of whatever is suitable for the greedy and bestial quasi-elite and their servants. As if they were accomplishing John Locke's stupidity that human mind is “tabula rasa”. Although Locke's statement is about humans beings when they are born.

But, since everything is upside down and backwards, the aim of sick Western values is to create “tabula rasa” at the end of the process of dehumanizing human beings.

The only unpredictable thing which might occur and ruin their plans is their short-sightedness and narrow-mindedness they are not aware of. It is simply not possible to change the species even in high-tech laboratories. If nature rejects them, they will be exterminated. The power of natural and social laws is not undergoing the changes in the ways created in high-tech labs. The scientists can not play God, even if they really, really want, even if they are overpaid, even if they lost any sense of reality in their “heavens” when they are ordered to create monsters. Celestial mechanics can not be copied and natural laws on the Earth do not ask scientists for any permissions. As for the social laws, they can be disturbed or cracked, but sooner or later, their overruling is inevitable. Natural laws and social contracts among human beings are not artificial content on the Earth, but high-tech labs are. It does not need a lot for them not to exist.