The Orlando shooting was a hoax


Morris Herman is an independent journalist explains why he believes the Orlando shooting was not real:

"Okay I should just begin and say that I don't believe it really happened. I don't believe there was really shooting and really killings. There is enough evidence to suggest this, or I should say a lack of evidence to suggest that it's believable. There were no ambulances and they supposedly spent three hours before the police made an assault. Perhaps your other questions might ask me about those issues. But, your question is who do I think is behind this type of event, and I think there are many events of this nature and this is fitting a pattern. And people refer to intelligence agencies or that the government is behind it and I think it’s more accurate to say there are gangs behind it. The government has to be complicit, the government has to keep its mouth closed and not speak the truth. But I don't necessarily think the government is actually organizing it. I think it is really organized by gangs and it is a very fine line - the definition of an intelligence agency and a gang. I mean they're all essentially really only involved in criminal activities. And I think there are special interest groups that pull these off. But by the same token, just to repeat myself, the government keeps its mouth shut and the media obviously goes along with the narrative that's given to us.

I distinguish it, myself. It is correct to distinguish between a false flag and a hoax. A false flag is when somebody else does something and pins the blame on the third-party. And a hoax is actually when nothing happens in reality - it’s just a film set. And I think that's what we're looking at. It is not so much a false flag as a film set. In the old days we had studios where films were made. But now they're just made on the street and made to appear like news - a news documentary or news video.

They [gun control, LGBT propaganda, and the presence of American troops in the Middle East] all get boosted as it were, as there will be more justification for US intervention in the Middle East, because they inspire or create such supposed atrocities. Gun-control is a similarly ongoing campaign. The forces that be want weapons removed from the American population. And the LGBT issue is just a continuous obsession that we’re given on a daily diet.

Having said all of that, and it's true that 99% of people are probably busy with survival and busy with their immediate concerns and are not assessing and investigating the news, nevertheless that very small minority that do – the critical thinkers – I think they’re also growing in response. There are people who are quicker now to say hoax or false flag or become aware that such things exist. And that wasn't true 20-30 years ago. So with each event there is also a growing critical voice prepared to question the official narrative.

Well you know we are not sure of the reasons for the attack. Certainly the three issues raised will get fuel and be useful. But the timing of the attack – we don't really know why it happened just now. Generally they’re very clever and astute these people, so they probably did it to distract us from other events. One hypothesis is that there was a terrorist attack in Tel Aviv immediately previously. And it was exposed as being unbelievable. Maybe this was made to distract us from the Tel Aviv terrorist attack. We don't know just why they chose to do it at this time. But as for Middle East involvement and LGBT rights and gun-control, I mean that’s a daily diet. Every week the government or the president or someone is talking about these issues. But there was a reason for the timing of it which I think no one really understood at this moment.

There is already a long list of events that are not believable if you investigate them. I think Sandy Hook is perhaps the most famous and the one that the most people are prepared to accept “no one died.” It was just a drill and the FBI recorded no deaths at that event, and we’ve never seen the corpses. There's been a whole lot more. Without you asking me, I'm not going to give a long list. But I think this is just a normal pattern. We see them every month or two and we are going to continue to see them every month or two. Maybe there'll finally be a backlash or maybe a heroic government somewhere in the world will say: “Stop telling us lies!” But at this time it is just very much fringe people that try to challenge the official narratives. They are lying to all of us. And I am not so clever - all the news editors know exactly what I'm saying. All the government intelligence agencies know exactly what I'm saying. I have no great privileged insight into affairs. It’s blatantly obvious that these stories are unbelievable. There are tremendous videos being made on YouTube showing the mistakes, showing the unbelievable part of these supposed narratives.