Orthodox Christians and Muslims must become allies

The United States is a country that is pivotally important for those who seek to impose the political dominion over all the mankind. And as a consequence they are now targeting Russia, forcing them to submit to their dictate. The United States is the most important country in the world for them at this time as Britain used to be once upon a time. It was the time of Pax Britanica. And now mysteriously it has transformed from Pax Brittanica into Pax Americana. And we see, again mysteriously, the United States is now in the state of irreversible decline and that another Pax is coming to replace Pax Americana – Pax Judaica.

But of course it is not “Pax”, not peace. It is only war and a mountain of lies. So at this time the United States is the most important country in the world for that judeo-christian-zionist alliance that wants to impose its rule over the world. Another consequence is that it is necessary for them to intimidate and to silence whatever dissenting voices there may be within the United States first of all, and then outside the United States. And of course the two most important communities to be targeted will be number one – Islam and number two – Orthodox Christianity. And then comes number three, which should be secular scholarship. This is why we have the war on Islam, which they call the war on terror.

The purpose of this is to intimidate and to silence any dissenting voices within the world of Islam in the United States of America. Islamic scholarship in the United States of America does not dare to offer any contrary opinion concerning 9/11, for example, other than the official version. And this is why I had to leave the United States. Because I knew I would not have the freedom to preach Islam as it ought to be preached in the United States. They call themselves the world’s greatest democracy. They call themselves the free society, the free world. But that’s a lie because there is no freedom in the United States of America, just like there is no freedom in Britain, and the freedom is declining in France to speak up and to declare any dissenting view from the mainstream view established by the Zionists.

Current events in the Middle East and all over the world, including Russia, in our opinion cannot be completely and accurately analyzed without eschatology. And our eschatological view is that in order for the transition to take place from Pax Americana to what we anticipate to be Pax Judaica or Israel’s replacement of the United States as ruling country of the world, and I hope that the Russian people are listening to me, for Israel’s replacement of the United States of America we need big wars. Israel is too small to rule the world.

So either Israel has to expand and become a really big state or the world has to become smaller. Which of these two will it be? Answer: the world has to become smaller, thus, nuclear war. Russia does not want nuclear war; the armed forces of the United States of America also don’t want nuclear war because they much prefer to wage war on Libya and then go home and have dinner. But waging a nuclear war on Russia means that most of mankind is going to perish.

Our eschatology tells us, our Prophet said (Allah blessings be upon him) that 99 out every 100 in that big war will be killed. There never has been a war like this. Only a war that uses weapons of mass destruction, not conventional warfare, can kill so many people. Events which are now taking place, unfolding in the Middle East and in the rest of the world and, in particular, the relentless targeting of Russia, are intended to take the world into a nuclear war that nobody wants except the Zionists. They want that war because at the end of that war the two major powers in the world, the NATO block and the Russian-Chinese block, would mutually destroy each other. That’s what they are hoping for.  And the world will be substantially smaller as a result. Additionally, in a post-nuclear war world it would be possible for Israel to impose their rule over the rest of the world. This is our eschatological view.

But their understanding of what a post-nuclear war world would be is wrong, because our Prophet has said so (Allah blessings be upon him). Only a prophet can speak like this, not political scientists, not even in Russia, no analyst of strategic affairs in the world could speak as our Prophet spoke and said that after the big war the Christians will call Armageddon, the Muslims call it the Malhamah and we know it to be a nuclear war.

The next most important event that we look for is the conquest of Constantinople. They are so scared about that they even changed it. They also prohibited the use of the word “Constantinople” today. But we don’t care a fig leaf for Mustafa Kamal and we don’t care a fig leaf for the prohibition of the use of the word “Constantinople”. He can get lost. Since our Prophet (Allah blessing be upon him) used the name Constantinople, it is a Sunnah that every Muslim must follow, to use the name Constantinople. And so we know that Russia will survive the nuclear war. The Russian people must be happy to hear this analysis. Russia will survive the nuclear war that’s coming. Why? Because the only way we can understand a conquest of Constantinople to have any meaning or significance or importance is that such a conquest of Constantinople will free them from NATO control. And so the Russian Navy will be able to pass through the Bosporus and enter into the Mediterranean Sea. And thus Russia will still remain a naval power in a post-nuclear world.

The relentless attacks on Russia have been taking place for so long, and I am sure that many Russian people are aware of it other than those of us who worship the US. All the rest of Russian people know that the attacks on Russia have been relentless. The latest attack was the 1917 Jewish-Bolshevik revolution that saw to destroy the spiritual foundation of Russian society with communism and the Soviet Union as an atheist state waging relentless war on Orthodox Christianity. And then came a surprise in 1954 within 6 years after Israel was born and the Soviet Union became the first country in the world to recognize the new state of Israel. The Zionist created Soviet Union and I hope that Russians are listening to me.

The Soviet Union transferred the territory of Crimea to Ukraine – at that time a socialist republic. The reason for that was to stab Russia in the back. But today Crimea is back in Russian control. I don’t think that they will ever stop their relentless war on Russia, in the same way they will never stop their attacks on Islam, because these are two forces in the world that threaten their dominion over the world. These are the two forces – Orthodox Christian Russia and the rest of Orthodox Christian countries and the world of Islam they perceive to be threatening them and their goal of ruling the world. It is natural that these two forces should come closer to each other in friendship and in alliance. We were very happy to see that the Russian government built the biggest mosque in Europe.

Attacks on Russia are going to continue until the Son of Mary returns. And because these attacks are going to continue, not only Russia, but also the world of Islam must come together in a greater friendship and closer ties, leading to an alliance.