Our Everyday Ashura


4th November 1979 – what has meant to the World? In my and not only my opinion – first of all that was hope. Not just a vision, but a brave realization of the obvious but so questioned truth, that political reality can be based on values, not on empty power and ideology - however, if these values ... are supported by the force applied in the right place. By storming the American embassy in Tehran, Iranian youth showed the weak point of global Satan, while proving that his real enemy is not the great communist Cheater. It has been proved by an action that there may be a third solution - based on faith as well as on the fundamental, Platonic principles of our Aryan civilization!

Of course, breaking the Den of Espionage was of key importance for the peoples of Iran, for all the faithful, for people of value all over the World. It is thanks to these events that the Islamic Revolution, based on the great work of Imam Khomeini(may His name be blessed) took place not only in Iran, but also in the consciousness of Western and Eastern societies, everywhere where the fame of the fighters and the thought of the Imam reached, and even much further.

However, we must also understand that such a severe strike against the Great Satan could not remain without his response. This is the greatness of our common struggle - that we lead it against absolute evil, against the US-Zionist Empire of Evil, which is still dangerous, which learns and evolves, which makes use of all our weaknesses, which, when weakened, pretends omnipotence, and hides under the appearance of strength. This Evil lost in Tehran in 1979/1980 and lost everywhere and whenever it tried to face the Islamic Republic of Iran. However, the final battle is still ahead of us.  “Every Day Is Ashura and Every Land Is Karbala!”

We must also remember that although the Great Satan disgraced himself, he showed his nothingness in reaction to taking the Den of Espionage - after all, he reached measurable conclusions from this defeat. The events in Tehran were used to reshuffle the US establishment, strengthening the War-Industrial sector and giving new impetus to American imperialism. This is also what we must take into consideration - the Great Satan always exploits if even for a moment we entrust in his good intentions, when we sign some agreements worth nothing for him, when we give away any part of our own strength. But at the same time – he learns from his mistakes. When we cut off one of his paws - two others grow back immediately. When Carter's regime collapsed - Reagancame, to this day, both faces of Satan are spinning around and exchanging like puppets in Washington - and the threat to the world and all humanity remains unchanged, whether they call themselves "Democrats" or "Republicans". It is also a lesson from those events 40 years ago ..

When fighting a snake, you must be a sword that will cut his head - but sometimes it is also worth being like an eagle, think and act faster, smarter and with ruthlessness equal to a snake one. By conquering the Den of Espionage Tehran students combined strength and wisdom - and it is no accident that the World is again looking at Iran today expecting the same example as it was 40 years ago. But expectations and waiting are not enough. It can't be that Iran again will stand against American imperialism alone, that Islamic Republic would be the one bravely and uncompromisingly challenge Zionism, standing up against Saudi plutocrats and provocateurs, liberating Syria, giving brotherhood help to the faithful  in Iraq or Yemen – and we still remain only passive watchers or even silent supporters!

The World needs Iran, needs the Islamic Revolution, needs the teachings of Imam Khomeini (may His name be blessed) and needs a new November 4- but also the World, its conscious part must have its own share in all this, it must deserve to be saved. This is a cause that we have to complete after 40 years together.

That is true that every American embassy in the World is still the Den of Espionage, each deserves to be occupied by the faithful and conscious. Every trace of Zionism on Earth should be exterminated, and not in some great war that the instigators and provocateurs themselves dream of - but in our daily lives and work. Global liberal capitalism and the so-called "Open Society" are nothing but childreen of Zionism. What the other elements of American World domination, the new Dens of Espionage today - these are demoralized mass culture, pornography pouring out of Hollywood, atheism and uprooting. And they are our common goal today to overcome, just like all other components of the Great Satan: Zionist occupation in Palestine, Saudi plutocracy, godlessness, liberalism and communism. We will destroy them all - and this will be our November 4, this will be our revenge for Karbala. Now and for eternity.

Position hold during the conference “Decline of US Empire” organised to mark 40thAnniversary of Iranian students’ uprising by the Iranian Union of Islamic Association for Independent Students (IUIAIS), 4th-8th November 2019, Tehran, Iran