Outbreaks of Violence –The Indian State of Gujarat

Photo - Picryl
Photo - Picryl

Whenever it comes to illegitimate acts done by man, it is unfortunately linked with his religion as well but the reality is contradictory. No religion would teach radicalism, fanaticism, assassinations, homicides or anything immoral. It is just the manipulative nature and voracity of man that makes him to do anything evil to satisfy his malevolent instincts - since such things are done in the name of religion; it defames and associates religion as well. Similar is the case with India, specifically the Indian state of Gujrat where the extremist Hindus did the worst possible crimeson the earth in the name of Hindutvathat points out the 2002 Pogrom – Killing innocents, raping woman, butchering people and burning masses alive. The fatalities include people from each and every sphere of life including students, laborers, farmers, writers and the people from underprivileged class.The riots ended with thousands dead and several missing.

In Gujrat, the situation is same even after two decades. Police protection is provided in some areas of the state but still Muslims and other minorities are scared. There are students who are escorted in police vans to their centers in order to give them protection from forcefulness. Even if the locals want to protect their fellow inhabitants, they feel frightened because of the narrow and pre-occupied mindsets of extremist Hindus which are entirely unpredictable. Everyday several FIR's are lodged against the culprits responsible for ferocity but all in vain. Some of the offenders have strong political background and they are not stopped because this propaganda is done for a set purpose - that is dominance of extremist Hindus in the state, and others are backed by the government itself. Also the sluggish judiciary system is found responsible for the propagation of such heinous and stern crimes.

The state is witnessing dominance of BJP since 1995. Narendra Modiis the longest serving CM of the state who assumed power in 2001 but when Modi yielded power as a PM, Anandiben Patel was made the first lady CM of the state. The faces of the BJP leaders kept on changing but regrettably the fate of the state couldn't be improved and it had the worst kind of discrimination that escalated to riots and destabilized peace circumstances. However we still have a ray of hope that is, even after a huge vote bank and manipulate skills like exterminating opponents, BJP loosened its grip in 2017 polls so the ongoing Lok Sabha elections are crucial to decide the fate of the people of Gujarat.

India is a safe heaven but only for Hindus because the ruling BJP is an extremist Hindu oriented party which will never promote the development and welfare of any other party or people of different caste and creed. Not only India - but the whole region of south Asia is not safe in Modi's hands as he along with his party BJP can exceed any limits even warmongering with neighbors (Pakistan) at the risk of nuclear war. The party could do a lot to reduce or completely end the communal violence against Muslims but surprisingly it was never embarrassed for such tragic crimes done in its era, with their jam-packed support, rather the wounds of victims are freshened again and again by exploiting them brutally. The government is not accountable, transparent and trustworthy at all due to which the community's trust is deeply shattered.


In a recent tweet by BJP’s official Twitter account, the party aimed at cleaning Muslims and Christians, which seems totally insane and inhumane. These narratives again prove the validity of Two Nation Theoryand shows that Hindu extremism has such deep roots in the state that are too difficult to completely eradicate but the effect can be diminished if the hold of BJP is loosened and there would be proper law and order situation in the state. Also the Indian voters should critically evaluate their current situation and should decide their future accordingly.