Pak-US relations and derogatory joint statement with India

"Our relationship with Pakistan is a very good one. Thanks to these efforts, we are beginning to see signs of big progress with Pakistan, and we are hopeful for reduced tensions, greater stability and the future of harmony for all of the nations of South Asia," - US President Trump had said on 24 February 2020 during his official visit to India. 
Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi on 25 February 2020 said the importance of US President Donald Trump's statement during his visit to India — in which he said that the US has a "very good relationship" with Pakistan — cannot be denied.
Generally, President Trump’s remarks were welcomed in Pakistan, while they were unacceptable in India. Some extremists from the Indian ruling party BJB, especially the RSS, have over-reacted and launched anti-Muslim riots. Till this moment, around 40 lives were lost, nearly 300 people were injured, with many at a critical situation and may not survive longer. Muslims colonies were set on fire, houses were looted, and damaged, Mosques were attacked and damaged, Holy Qurans were burnt and destroyed, Muslim women were humiliated and raped. All this happened while the US president Trump was still in India and continued rill this moment. Indian Government has failed to protect the lives and properties of its own citizens. 
Muslims who ruled India for almost 800 years with Delhi as capital are forced to flee, leaving their houses, belongings, and valuables behind in search of safe places to hide from RSS trained terrorists. The Irony is that Security forces have not been preventing, but seems as facilitators. Delhi is burning, India is bleeding. Since the extremist hijacked India, Indian true face has been exposed and the world may witness India as no longer a Democratic state or Secular state. 
Refer to US-India joint statement at the end of President Trump’s visit, has embarrassed Pakistan. Especially the derogatory remarks in the last paragraphs are totally against the realities. While Pakistan is contributing toward peace and its role in Afghan Peace has been lauded publically by the US and its allies. Pakistan has defeated terrorism and achieved record success against terrorism. While India has promoted terrorism, its record human rights violations, its cross-border terrorism in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and the Maldives,  are known to everyone. Yet, in the joint statement, there is no condemnation of Indian terrorism, which has destabilized the whole region. 
Pakistan has no issue with US-India bilateral relations, but if something is against the ground realities and harming Pakistan, it may embarrass us. President Trump’s remarks and the joint statement are contradictory and have upset a common Pakistani like me. 
President Trump was supposed to advise India on its human rights records, Kashmir Issue, Religions Freedom, Minorities Rights, Caste System, it cross-border terrorism, arms race, its aggressive policies toward its neighbors, amended Citizenship Act-2019 and etc. 
A visible contradiction has been seen in his remarks and acts. On one hand, declaring relations with Pakistan very good and appreciating its role in Afghan peace negotiations, and on other hand issuing offering meditation on Kashmir issue, yet issue such humiliating joint statement, is beyond my understanding. 
Earlier, Alice Wells has also passed similar remarks that the relations between the US are very good. 
We value our relations with the US and the sincere utmost. We expect reciprocity from the US side too. We hope acts and words may show harmony and want to feel and see, practically the “Very Good Relations” on the ground. There might exist concerns from both sides, but with the convergence of interests, we are moving forward to over-come our differences. At this critical moment, the joint statement with India seems inappropriate and against the facts. Where all evils of India have hidden and wrongly blamed Pakistan only. This attitude may not be easily digested by a common Pakistani.