Pakistan Army: Savior of the Democracy and Peace

In contemporary scenario, South Asian saga has significant nature to alter the course of international system. The region consisted of volatile nature of geography, political trends, and economic opportunities, strategic interests of major regional and global powers. The competing interests of major powers in the region ignites controversial dilemma to cope up with their respective gains. In overall situation Pakistan, relatively progressive state, is going through a hard phase of strategic choices. The looming threats at eastern and western fronts along with internal political transition are the key factors to set up policy options. Given the critical nature of these subjects, civilian leadership and Pakistan’s military have understanding whenever the state of Pakistan is facing the challenges on realistic paradigm.
Unfortunately, this understanding has been seen as controversial issue to emerging democratic society for few actors. Despite the fact that such kind of understandings represents masses appeal, lobbying against Pakistan Army has always been remained mantra of pseudo liberals, Indian journalists, western propagandists and few not to mention. A recent demonstration of such kind of mantra appeared on January 23, when Aqil Shah wrote an article in the New York Times labeled “How Pakistan’s Politicians helped the military”.  The author’s academic work represents a biased narrative as well as anti-Pak army agenda to thwart the role of Pakistan in emerging strategic competition at regional and global level.
Mr. Shah urged Pakistan Army as a threat to democracy throughout its history. Unfortunately, the author does not have clear understanding of the political trends in the society. Pakistan has been in state of turmoil most of its political history. Since independence, the political elite, feudal lordships, and religious ranks played controversial role to malign the democratic transition. The core to backlash has been conflicting interests of political mafias. This mafia has always underestimated the nature of threats which their state is going through at eastern and western fronts. Pakistan Army played an important role for the survival of state which has been at stake throughout its history. For a state, its survival is attached to security. Given the situation at eastern and western front of Pakistan, it is the Army who managed to defend the borders. The course of actions taken by army should be applauded. Being a unique institution like any of security conscious state, army has sacrificed more than efforts made under the civilian leadership. Mr. Shah also argued about the former PM Nawaz Sharif is being victimized for misuse of public office under corruption charges. On this note, most of scholars have praised that the institution in Pakistan are progressing and working on the constitutional order. Nawaz Sharif is facing trial under the constitutional organs. The very constitution incorporated under the democratic regimes in Pakistan. The military did not outlined the constitution of Pakistan and never outstripped its powers as given in the constitution.
Given the extension of Army chief, Mr. Shah must be aware of the fact that state have moral authority and legitimate to entertain the professional experience. In most of the public and private organizations senior members are key to their success. Their experience and professional qualifications represents a great deal for the survival of organization. In case of Pakistan, army as an institution is set to manage the survival of Pakistan. Like any other military of major powers of the world, the matter of extension, a legislative process as given in the constitution was adopted to amend the Army Acts. The very politicians, Mr. Shah urged being victimized, favors the amendments. Why don’t Mr. Shah asked Civilian leadership that why they favors the amendments? He must ask PM Modi to remove Bipin Rawat for an accommodation which he made recently. Fact of the matter is that Mr. Shah is well aware of the fact that Pakistan is one when it comes to face the existential challenges.The civil military relations in Pakistan are progressing on democratic lines. The incumbent govt. has set up plan for overall restructuring of the economy and reformation of the society at large. Though it entails hard choices and tough economic aspects but will bear fruits in future. The military has always cherished public interests guided by the mass appeal. 
Pakistan geostrategic environment demands internal harmony of interest among all the competing actors. Fortunately, a sincere leadership with a progressive vision is exercising its functions with fruitful efforts. These efforts are inevitably attracting the peace and prosperity for the people of Pakistan. A vibrant economy, civil society, and media are playing an important role for the development of the society. Pakistan has several tourist attractions points in the Northern Areas. Perhaps Mr. Aqil Shah Spare some time for peace of mind and visit the beauty of Pakistan.