Pakistan; A Peace Cultivating Country


Ever since has division of the Indian sub-continent, the tensions always stay prominent in Pakistan-India relations. These two countries that were ‘One’ at some time in history have fought innumerable armed conflicts since their independence. There have been countless allegations against Pakistan by India.

In the name of Islam, Pakistan has been accused many times of terrorism, extremism, and political violence. The world has seen how Indian movies picturise Pakistani roles as enemy of the country. Wherever there is a blast in the movie, a man with a white beard and kohl in his eyes appears from behind the curtains. Is it necessary that a terrorist will always be a Muslim? Is it written in the fate that whenever and wherever a blast happens, there has to be Pakistan involved?

This is true that terrorism has been an unfortunate ally of many countries. Undoubtedly, it has created vast disasters in the world. But Pakistan has got its hands on it. We all knew that it had to be demolished in one way or another. According to the Global Terrorism Index Report 2020, it has been decreased by 89%. In 2017 there has been seen a major decrease in it. The report shows the 2% fall for terrorism in Pakistan with 7.541 scores. While India has shown no progress towards peace. The country is still maintaining the high scores in terrorism according to the report.

Global Terrorism Index (GTI) 2020 produces a report based on facts and figures collected from various sources, including media outlets. The data is produced by the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP). Collected data that produces an end report is helped by the Global Terrorism Database (GTD). GTI report is an annually produced report that focuses on the increment and decrement of terrorist attacks including kidnapping, bomb blast, and hijacking, etc.

By giving a comprehensive analysis of terrorism, the GTI report cover 163 countries around the world. All the editions up till now summarize 50 years of terrorist attacks in various countries. How it all started and which country is on the edge of tsm, GTI report counts on everything. The GTI has covered 17000 terrorist attacks from 1970 to 2019.

The information has been open-source in the famous newspaper, Times of India. The recorded data is being shared on different platforms including digital news media. Resorts have never been accurate and shown 100% results but somehow it indicates that Pakistan has improved its status.

From 2018-2019 a major fall in death rates in Pakistan has been recorded. As compared to 2009, a figure of -243 fewer deaths has been recorded. In this regard, India has shown the least decrease in the death rates due to terrorism attacks. As per GTI report 2020, India had 558 terrorist attacks in 2019 with more than 277 deaths recorded. While Pakistan has recorded a considerable fall in death rates with scoring 77 deaths in 2019. In the most affected. Every other country in the ten most impacted improved its 2020 GTI score, with the largest countries from terrorism, every country out of ten has shown a significant improvement. These countries include Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Nigeria.

Pakistan’s dossier against India attacks has asked the UN to probe India’s attack on UN observer Military Groups in India and Pakistan (UNMOGIP).

Pakistan is planning to draw attention to related UN bodies, specifically the Security Council. The mission is to encase India’s sponsorship of terrorism. Pakistan has given over a dossier on India's dread mission to United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, encouraging him to persuade New Delhi to halt from its illicit and forceful exercises.

But the situation may not remain as stable as people assume because of India’s involvement in terrorist activities against Pakistan,” Pakistani envoy, Ambassador Akram said at Pakistan mission, warned. “That’s why Pakistan wants the international community not to ignore the threat of a potential conflict between two nuclear-armed states.”

We knew of India’s hand in such attacks,” Ambassador Akram said. “We now have gathered irrefutable evidence that India is engaged in a systematic campaign to destabilize Pakistan through terrorist attacks, promotion of secession and subversion in what is called Hybrid/5th generation war.”

Most of the deaths that have been controlled in Pakistan is due to Military and LEAs actions taken against terrorist groups. The report that came out in recording deaths as per provincial level also showed a decrement of 77% death rate in 2019.