Pakistan A Victim of Terrorism

According to a recently released UN report on the activities of the terrorist groups, the Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and its splinter group Jamaatul Ahrar (JuA) are spreading terrorism in Pakistan from their bases in Afghanistan and Afghan soil being used for terrorist activities in Pakistan.
The UN report also says that the leadership of TTP is also operating from Afghanistan, claiming responsibility for various high-profile attacks in Pakistan and has facilitated others by JuA and Lahskhar-e-Islam. All of these terrorist groups are targeting Pakistan and are responsible for the killing of innocent civilians, it was pointed out.\
Giving further details, the UN says that Al-Qaeda is covertly active in 12 Afghan provinces and its leader Aiman al-Zawahiri remains based in Afghanistan. The UN has estimated the total number of Al-Qaeda fighters in Afghanistan between 400 and 600. The actual figures might be rather higher as the access to war-torn Afghanistan is not so convenient to compile data precisely.
On the other hand, the UN Report also identified Terrorist elements in India,  posing a serious threat to neighboring countries;
“The UN has also reported on the strong presence of ISIL-India in Kerala and Karnataka. ISIL-India first came into global limelight after the Easter bombing in Sri Lanka. The Investigators found links between Indian nationals and the terrorist attack in Sri-Lanka. The UN is concerned about the growth of ISIL-India, particularly in south India and its threat to the neighboring states, Sri Lanka and the Maldives.” It is believed that all neighboring countries are scared of this threat. 
According to diplomatic sources, there is now pressure on India to curb the financing from ISIL-India to its affiliates in line with the FTAF recommendations to prevent terrorist financing.
Pakistan suffered heavy losses in the form of 60,000 precious human lives, as well as an estimated economic loss wort US Dollars 250 Billion. Pakistan kept informed the International community about terrorism imposed on Pakistan. Finally, UN investigations reveal that Pakistan is a real victim of Terrorism. 
Pakistan is a peace-loving nation genetically, and our glorious past has witnessed it. Pakistan was considered a heaven for foreign Tourists till the 1970s, due to its excellent law and order situation. Pakistani food, hospitality, and acceptance of foreigners were recognized by most Western countries. The natural beauty of Pakistan, diverse culture, and the excellent climate were an attraction for foreigners. Friendly attitude, fluency in the English language, and affordable costs were the reasons to attract foreigners to Pakistan. 
Unfortunately, Pakistan was dragged into the Afghan war since the 1980s and the adverse impact on Pakistan was visible in the form of terrorism, extremist, intolerance, Gun & Drug culture. Pakistan’s economy suffered, developments slowed down, society deteriorated, international image distorted. 
India launched a campaign to damage Pakistan‘s image internationally. India spread fake news and propaganda against Pakistan, while itself was involved in terrorism. The investigations revealed that India was harboring terrorist groups based in Afghanistan, by providing them generous funding, training, equipping them with the latest weapons and ammunition. 
Even, NATO and allied, forces were stationed in Afghanistan, but just under their nose, terrorism against Pakistan was launched and no one bothered to take any action against them. Although the US is eager for a peace deal in Afghanistan, it aimed only to safe-withdrawal of its troops. The US is not sincere for permanent peace in Afghanistan. India was exploiting the unstable Afghan against Pakistan, and still resisting peace and stability in Afghanistan. A stable and strong Afghanistan may not suit India to use Afghan soil against Pakistan. Isreal is also similarly, opposing the peace process in Afghanistan, because a stable and strong Afghanistan, may not suit Israel. 
However, a stable, strong and peace-full Afghanistan is vital for the whole region to develop trade, economy, and prosperity. Afghanistan connects Central Asia, Eurasia, East Asia, South Asia, and can play in the promotion of trade, economic activities and bring prosperity to the whole region. It is time to join hands to bring permanent peace in Afghanistan. We must oppose the US, India, and Israel, who are not sincere with Afghan solutions and creating hurdles. 
Under the UN charter, terrorism must be condemned and eliminated by collective efforts. Having a stake with Afghanistan, all neighboring countries must speed up cooperation in their struggle to eradicate terrorism from Afghanistan.