Pakistan’s Approach to fight against COVID-19 got recognition

United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) President-elect Volkan Bozkir has termed Pakistan’s strategy against Covid-19, a “good example” for the world to follow. Pakistan was passing through the worst crisis in its history of Seven-Decades, where COVID-19 hit the nation. Just like the rest of the world, Pakistan was not prepared well in advance, and suddenly, it engulfed almost all parts of the country. But visionary leadership in Pakistan, kept on a close liaison with WHO and other countries, seeking advice.
There were two visible models in practice in the world to fight against COVID-19; i) Comprehensive lockdown, with a conservative approach, and, ii) Liberal Approach, where personal freedom was prevailing.
Pakistani policymakers studied both models and analyzed the pros and cons of both practices. The conservative Approach – Comprehensive lockdown was implemented by China and overcame the COVID, within two months with minimal casualties but significant economic loss. It is worth mentioning that China was the first country to fell victim to COVID-19 and also the first country, who gt victory over COVID-19. The other model in practice was rather liberal, where personal freedom prevailed, and people were not left to their choice to opt for preventive measures. They face quick spread, of Coronavirus, and high causalities. The U.S. was the worst-hit country, with the highest number of infections and the highest number of the death toll.
Pakistani policymakers under the visionary leadership opted for a middle-way, “Smar- Lockdown.”
The health official was very vigilant and compiling data from all parts of the residential area and implementing a strict lockdown on in the localities of high risk. Maintaining partial lockdown in a particular area is much more convenient and successful, as, on the one hand, officials have limited capacity to implement on in certain localities; on the other hand, the resident of other areas were free and kept on their routine life. 
According to Wordometer, the total number of cases has reached: 20,298,153 and death toll: 740,095. (By the time you will be reading this article, this figure might have been changed).
 Where the U.S. with the highest number of cases: 5,253,743 and death toll: 166,273, followed by Brazil with a number of cases: 3,057,470 and a death toll of 101,857, and India with the number of cases: 2,277,191 and death toll: 45,456, respectively. And Pakistan the total number of cases: 285,191 and death toll: 6,112, and stands at 14th place in the whole world. 
Pakistan stands at 100th position in the whole world, with the number of cases 1,288 per million population. And at 97th position in respect of the number of death per million of the population, with a figure of 28 only. 
The encouraging aspect is that the number of new cases has been decreased to a few hundred only,  and the number of death has reduced around 15 each day. The trend is very much optimistic and moving toward eradication visibly. 
The government has already opened the picnic spots, and commercial activities have been resumed. The Government ministries, departments were functioning for long. The only thing which has nor returned yet is schooling, as the young children are the most critical assets for the nation, we might want to protect them from any hazard. It is expected that by mid-September, the schools may also resume a regular routine. 
Pakistan kept close liaison with WHO and the international community. Many friendly countries extended a hand of friendship and donated medical materials and financial assistance, where China-led among all friends of Pakistan, with the highest donations in the form of medical supplies, and financial aid, in addition to expert advice. 
Pakistan is a responsible state and understands its global responsibilities. Pakistan is willing to share its experience and expertise with any nation whosoever desires.