Pakistan’s Cooperation is key for Peace in Afghanistan

Wherever on the planet, when there is war, an ultimate choice is gone up against the table as is Afghanistan. After eighteenth year of war, US is looking for tranquility on the table. Khalilzad the Afghan-brought into the world previous U.S. envoy to Kabul touched base in Islamabad on 4 Dec 2018 and held designation level chats with senior outside service authorities under the steady gaze of paying the obligingness call to Prime Minister Khan. The Trump organization has entrusted him to induce the Taliban to join Afghan harmony process for closure the extended war. In such manner, President Donald Trump has additionally kept in touch with Pakistani Prime Minister requesting Pakistan's assistance with Afghan harmony talks, despite the fact that US President blamed Pakistan for doing nothing against terrorism seven days earlier. President Trump likewise recognized that the war had been exorbitant for both the US and Pakistan. He accentuated that Pak and US ought to investigate chances to cooperate and reestablish the association.
US President Donald Trump wrote a letter to PM Imran Khan seeking Islamabad's assistance and facilitation in achieving a negotiated settlement of the Afghan war. This is the first direct communication between the two leaders since Imran Khan assumed power. Although the govt has not released the contents of the letter, however, reportedly, other important points of the letter include: cooperation for Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation AmbassadorZalmayKhalilzad’s trip to the region, remarked that Pakistan has the ability to deny the Taliban sanctuary on its territory, and mentioned that Pak’s assistance with the Afghan peace process is fundamental to building an enduring US-Pak partnership.
The news came as an amazement thinking about that it's going on only weeks after Trump affronted Pakistan on Twitter by guaranteeing that it utilizes the US for help while as far as anyone knows being deceitful in its expressed anti-terrorism duties, yet this volte-look by the US' famously obstinate head of state addresses the target essentialness of Pakistan's job in conveying harmony to Afghanistan. For all the populist logical focuses that he may have needed to score at home through his forceful tweets, Trump was eventually compelled to perceive that Pakistan's cooperation in the Afghan harmony process is key and that Islamabad's predictable help of a political arrangement rather than a military one is the main way out of this 17-year-long imbroglio.
In every practical sense, this letter is the nearest that Pakistan – or any nation so far as that is concerned – will likely ever get to an expression of remorse from the US from its President's unfriendly tweets against it, consequently speaking to a critical discretionary and moral triumph for the South Asian state. The planning of this occasion wasn't unplanned either, since it goes ahead the impact points of Moscow facilitating multilateral harmony converses with the Taliban without precedent for history and just before US Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad set off for an almost multi week voyage through local nations (starting with Pakistan) to examine the prospects for harmony in Afghanistan, consequently Washington's effort to Islamabad. 
Trump bashing of Pak has continued since he launched his South Asia and Afghanistan strategy despite multiple attempts made by the two governments to fix the cracks in their ties. Recently, a row that began with Trump's interview to Fox News led to a series of tweets by both the US head of state and PM Khan. President Trump, while talking about the reasons for ending the over a billion dollar annual aid for Pakistan, said the country didn’t do “a damn thing for US”.  However, Pentagon in an attempt to control the damage admitted its special ties with the Pakistan military. Such statements indicate that Trump and the US cabinet, institutions, judiciary, security agencies and the Pentagon are not in consonance and harmony with each other or atleast with Trump. It is appreciative that the sense has prevailed this time and the development could help ease tension between Washington and Islamabad – although historically such exhilarations have remained temporary. Pakistan has also welcomed the U.S. president's outreach and for understanding that no peace in Afghanistan would be possible without involvement of Pakistan. Pakistan expects that instead of censuring her, an atmosphere of congeniality would prevail between these decades old partners which would lead to maintaining peace in the region.
About that, Prime Minister Khan reaffirmed that his nation will dependably do whatever it can to encourage harmony among its brothers in the neighboring country, however one ought to recall that there's just so much that Pakistan can do in light of the fact that it doesn't control the Taliban like the US and some different states have affirmed. Or maybe, it – simply like China, Russia, and even the US itself – keeps up contacts with a few individuals from the association that could be used to urge them to take an interest in another round of harmony talks, however the Taliban may be hesitant to do as such after the US just slaughtered one of its senior commandants in an automaton strike a weekend ago. 
Accordingly, it stays to be seen exactly how effective this most recent American-drove harmony activity will be, and regardless of whether the US is even earnest in any case. It could simply be that Trump feels like he needs to make a show out of attempting to convey something unmistakable in this regard preceding the forthcoming 2020 races, seeing as how his "Military First" procedure has appallingly flopped there and no one even recollects the purported "Mother Of All Bombs" (MOAB) stunt that he pulled in spring 2017. The US is progressively being pressed out of the genuine Afghan harmony process streamlined by the Golden Ring of multipolar Great Powers and driven by the Russian-Chinese-Pakistani Trilateral, consequently Khalilzad's urgent endeavor to influence it to appear as though America still issues.
PM Imran Khan maintained that he responded positively to the request. “I have promised Islamabad will make all possible efforts to help resolve the Afghan conflict.” As Pak has always advocated a political settlement to end war in Afghanistan, the US suggestion has been welcomed. Pak reiterates its commitment to play a facilitation role in good faith. Peace and stability in Afghanistan remains a shared responsibility.