Pandemic: Precious Human Lives at high risk


According to Worldometer, on 18 April 2021, the Number of Coronavirus cases is 141,292,671, and the death toll has reached: 3,023,138. These figures may increase over time. It is one of the biggest tragedies of the modern age; precious human lives are at risk. In addition to Number of deaths due to Coronavirus, the economic loss has also put human lives at stake. The industry is suffering; businesses are shrinking, social life has been disturbed, all leading toward more suffering for humankind.

Almost all countries and nations are victims of the Pandemic, but some countries are entering into the dangerous stage. The US is a superpower, and one of the most advanced and developed countries has become the largest victim of the Pandemic. It was expected that being the world leader, the US will rescue other nations and come forward to help at least its close allies and friendly countries in case of Pandemic. But unfortunately, the US could not protect itself and even not think of rescuing others.

With all hi-tech, modern Industry, Research and Innovations, the US could not produce face Masks, Toilet papers, Senitizers, testing kits, Ventilators at the beginning of the Pandemic, which caused the rapid spread of the Pandemic and become out of control.

Even the Vaccine produced by the US is not so successful, and side effects are witnessed on and off. That is the reason why the public is avoiding American Vaccine. Even, Pentagon's forced, compulsory campaign for vaccinating Servicemen is facing massive resistance.

The situation in India is pathetic, which is the second-largest country hard-hit by Pandemic. The last several days' records revealed that the Number of new cases has crossed 200,000 each day for consecutive severdays. At the same time, the death toll is almost 1500 every day for the last several days.

It is worth mentioning that India has a population of around 1.2 billion, the poverty hit the country, lacking sanitation, hygiene, and healthcare. The hospitals are overcrowded, and especially the ventilators are over-occupied.

Only in Maharashtra state, the Number of cases has crossed one million. The state government has been blaming the Modi-led central government for not coping with the situation. Limited funding may not be enough to fight the Pandemic, but India has different priorities. Indian defense expenditures are out of proportionate.

The hostile and expansionist policies force India to spend more on weapons, leaving no fiscal space for public welfare. India has aggressive and evil designs for all of its neighbors, either Bangladesh, China, Nepal, Pakistan, Maldives, Myanmar, or Sri Lanks; India has disputes and adversaries. Under such hostile environments, Indian defense expenditure can not be brought under control.

India is acquiring costly weapons from the US amd its allies in Europe. Traditionally, India was a close ally with the former USSR and was meeting iyts defnse needs from Russia, either donation, assistance, or concessional price; there was no extra burden on the Indian economy. But, the US is a typical Capitalist country and selling weapons at a higher price. Since India shifted into the American block and signed series of defense agreements, and became a "Major Defese Partner" with America, the Indian budget is facing severe challenges, and the economy is under tremendous pressure.

Further, the extremist policies of Prime Minister Modi have pushed the nation into more crisis. The Provocation of Kashmir of 5 August 2018, the Introduction of the amended citizenship act, atrocities, and brutalities against minorities has deteriorated the country. The state-sponsored hate, intolerance, and extremism have damaged the fabric of the whole society.

Indian Vaccine has failed, and the Number of deaths due to Vaccine is growing, the complaints of Vaccine's ineffectiveness are increasing. Indian Vaccine has been rejected and banned in some other countries. Under this scenario, the situation of Pandemic is much more harmful.

Some other countries are also suffering seriously, and the Pandemic is posing threats. As a matter of fact, the Pandemic is a disaster for humankind. It is such a colossal disaster that no single country can win against this severe threat. It is time to unite and defeat the Pandemic. We must think above nationalism, race, religion, ethnicity, or ideaology and focus only on rescuing precious human life worldwide. It is desired that rich and advanced countries should contribute more voluntarily. Humankind must win against Pandemic.