Peace or freedom? - No, both peace and freedom!

Is there a formula for peaceful settlement of the war in the former Ukraine or Novorossiya?
It is known that Russias (Putin's) official goal in Ukraine/Novorossiya is a "unified, neutral, federal" country. This would give Russia influence in the area.
This would meet Russias (Putin's) geopolitical goal of a NATO-free zone. But such a solution contains the constant threat of new fascist "Maidan"-coup and thus the risk of NATO troops at the Russian border anyway. It is also not a good idea to dominate the whole "Ukraine" as the western parts feel for Russia as Donbass and Novorossia feel for the Kiev-fascists.
Unfortunately, people in western Ukraine have become so indoctrinated. Better, then, that Russia will retain its influence over the healthy part of the area, ie, Novorossiya and all the land east of the Dnieper River and Transniestria. Anyway, Russia has been very calm and cautious in its actions to resolve the crisis peacefully. People want peace and not bombs. But people also want freedom. In this case, freedom from Nazi-battalions, from the fascist Kiev junta, from the crazy anti-Russian propaganda, from the falsification of history and freedom to use their own language in schools, television and radio and the freedom to decide about their future for themselves.
So here we have two basic principles against each other: the principle of peace and the principle of freedom. Both of these principles are desired by the majority of the people in both the "Ukraine" and Novorossiya, and therefore, Russia has tried to accommodate this. But the nazi/fascist Kiev junta is sabotaging Russia's efforts, with US support.
We must ask ourselves: can there be peace in the "Ukraine"/Novorossiya without freedom? We must also understand that this implicates different things for "Ukraine" and Novorossiya. "Ukraine" wants to dominate Novorossiya and deprive them of basic rights, while Novorossiya wants to decide for themselves, but not dominate over the rest of "Ukraine" - and that's an important distinction. 
History shows us that he who sells his freedom in order to gain peace will lose both peace and freedom. You must not be naive and believe that you will get peace by giving up freedom - this was known by our grandparents, and therefore they resisted the Nazis 70 years ago so we can be free and live in peace. Now Donbass and Novorossiya are fighting for the same cause, for freedom and peace, but also for us, because if they fail, we can be confident that we will be the next victim!
It is not freedom to live in a Nazi "Ukraine" as a second-class citizen. It is not peace to live in a Nazi "Ukraine" with the right-sector criminal-battalions, with arbitrary arrests and deportations. Yes, there is a war in Novorossiya now but the liberated parts of Donbass, at least have their freedom. The rest of the "Ukraine" and Novorossiya have neither peace nor freedom. To get freedom we must often pay with war, but then we get both peace and freedom after the victory. To have peace without freedom is impossible. This is the problem and we all know what the solution is.
 I want both peace and freedom for the "Ukraine" and Novorossiya, just like Russia and Putin and the majority of the people in Novorossiya want. Peace and freedom is not served on a silver platter, it is won through struggle. It would be very good if the Kiev-junta nazis and fascists suddenly said: "We regret our crimes, we regret the killings of civilians, we leave Novorossiya in peace and pull back to Galicia". Is there anyone who believes that they will do so voluntarily?