PizzaGate: a Downfall hidden in Plain Sight

The PizzaGate pedophile scandal as the final stage of the political decay of the West

On November 3rd, a few days before the US elections, Julian Assange’s Wikileaks released PHASE 3 of their election “coverage”, a package of about 357 FBI files, added to what was already known as the “Podesta files” containing different e-mail correspondences of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff John Podesta, who was also a counselor to Barack Obama until February 2015.

Practically at the same time that the files were released, an anonymous online identity known as “4chan” first published via internet some explosive findings. In his e-mails, within some sentences that make no real sense, Podesta used code words, previously fixed by FBI as related to pedophilia. The words are the following: pizza = girl, hotdog = boy, cheese = little girl, pasta = little boy, sauce = orgy, etc. Hidden in plain sight.

From that moment on, an unseen viral online exposure started not only about Podesta’s dark connections, but also about the Clintons’ involvement. Information on this subject comes from the most different sources online with many bizarre, terrible details. There is a strong aspect of “citizen journalism” and internet detective work in all of this, showing the frightening deepness of this morbid scandal. It is clear that some FBI people gave these files to Assange (soon after, one of the “suspected” was found dead), especially after the statement of a highly positioned FBI official that they have proof of both Clintons being involved. Based on this, most of the research work is being done by ordinary people who have provided us with insights into what was obviously the greatest American public secret. Meanwhile, a mass campaign against so-called “fake news” has been initiated through the controlled mainstream media. Interesting timing, to say the least.

From what is known so far from the “fake news” sources, there are strong indications that highly positioned US officials, high-up politicians, former and present, elite circles, as well as “ordinary” citizens are involved in obviously the biggest scandal in history. Numerous sources indicate that child pornography, child abduction, sex slave traffic, pedo-sadism, ritual sacrificing, dark occultism (staring the infamous “artist” Marina Abramovic as a master chief of her “spirit cooking” dinners), and even cannibalism are most probably involved. Podesta’s messages are only the tip of the iceberg. One should only see his “art” collection. One should only see how many people are connected in different ways in a disastrous network that constantly leads to high political and public circles. The entertainment industry is very much involved. Some actors, inspired by the scandal, have already spoken openly about Hollywood’s tradition of pedophilia related to child actors.

The Comet Ping Pong Pizza Restaurant 

In a broader context, some Western countries have already legalized pedophilia and incest, while the most progressive are considering bestiality as well. There is a social engineering methodology known as the Overtone window (aka., the Window of discourse, or Window of opportunity) established by Joseph Overtone and used mostly by media pundits for political and other reasons. He described how even the most bizarre and strange ideas can be taken from the swamp of the social scorn, then “washed” and included into the legislature, thus becoming official policy. All hidden in plain sight.

Pedophile rings aren’t unknown in US and Western policy and structures in power. A few decades ago, one of the biggest scandals emerged, namely about after-midnight visits by underage boys to White House, but everything was covered up without serious political consequences.

Recently, in Australia and Norway, dozens of “prominent” citizens have been arrested for being involved into pedophilia rings. There are also long-lasting indications of members of the British Royal family performing some dark sexual escapades. Furthermore, from 2001 to 2010, 3,000 catholic priests have been registered as being involved in child abuse. (A great reference is the 2016 Oscar Best Picture, “Spotlight”, based on true events of how Boston Globe journalists uncovered massive child molestation).

Some of the details are plain creepy. The name of one of two the central PizzaGate locations (both in Washington DC, close to each other) have emerged so far. This concerns James Alafantis whose restaurant is named Comet Ping Pong Pizza (the other is Besta Pizza). The name ‘Alafantis’ is derived from the French expression “J’aime les enfants”, meaning “I love kids”. His ex-boyfriend David Brock is one of the key operatives of the Democratic Party establishment, leading the influential media supervising organization called Media Matters. He was formerly prosecuted for pedophilia. Both are hidden in plain sight.

Another detail: It is now proven that John and his brother Toni Podesta were in Portugal on May 3rd, 2007, the day when the 4-year-old Madeleine McCann disappeared from a hotel in Praia Da Luz. The Podestas were present in this city at the same time. The police photo-robots of two suspicious persons are more than similar to the brothers.

According to the Comet Pizza website, this place has some hidden doors for separate, isolated rooms. Furthermore, there is info that Alafantis paid five visits to the White House, and has captured and published photos of Obama playing ping pong with kids inside the White House. Some investigators claim “ping pong” may be another code word. Well, there are photos of the noble Prince (Charming) Charles playing ping pong with kids as well. Podesta organized private dinners with Alafantis and Hilary Clinton. In an e-mail by the White House kitchen stuff, there is info about president Obama spending $65,000 for a ‘pizza and hotdog private party’.

And guess what: an interesting organization is documented as financially supporting some party events at Comet Pizza on three occasions. This organization is backed by George Soros. Philanthropy as usual.

You see, we aren’t speaking anymore of isolated pedophile rings. This is a bigger and deeper horror. It is a global ring. Actually, a global pedophile system, deeply involved within some power structures of the West, mostly with “liberal” and “progressive” ideologies. These two can probably be also used as code-words for this devastating moral abyss the whole world is witnessing. Many of the people connected to the Comet Pizza and its owner through social networks have posted “strange” photographs of them with kids, along with bizarre symbolism that is connected with occult aspects of the so-called New World Order. They don’t even hide themselves anymore. 

Beyond Geopolitics

It’s been a long time ago since the German philosopher Oswald Spengler published his master work The Decline of the West in 1918, representing a reaction to Anglo-Saxon capitalism that is based upon Adam Smith’s “Bible of capitalism”, Wealth of Nations, from 1776, where Smith outlined a society system completely dependent on and controlled by the ‘invisible hand of the free market’, while itself being controlled by nothing, which is total dehumanization. In his other famous work, Theory of Moral Sentiments, Smith plainly states, “Pain besides, whether of mind or body, is a more pungent sensation than pleasure, and our sympathy with pain, though it falls greatly short of what is naturally felt by the sufferer, is generally a more lively and distinct perception than our sympathy with pleasure.” 

Somewhere here are the roots of the infamous ‘all is allowed’ principle, widely used by (neo)liberals in their attempt to morally support the deranged policies, economics, and behavior they practice. We don’t believe all the members of the political and other elites in the West that are included in pedophilia darkness feel guilty conscience concerning their non-human acts.

Most of them believe that this is the way of power. They are such sick psychopaths that they can’t see how sick they are. And they try to make their way our common way.

America and the world are standing in front of something that goes beyond (geo)politics. We are faced with the very justification of our existence as human beings, able to maintain the world in a way that will prevent us from becoming a deep, dark shadow of the universe. Do we deserve all the beauty and love we are gifted here on Earth? Do we as humanity have the strength to overcome the evil which threatens the whole world with its nihilistic abyss, or will we all become victims of inverted values that question the very core of our human nature? It seems that the utmost goal of this evil is to minimize value, meaning, and the potential of life itself by constant destruction, by perverting the purpose of life, and by glorifying violent death. This can’t be named otherwise than demonism.

As it is clear that the political Western civilization as we know it is arriving at its final phase of total degeneration and downfall, we’d like to believe that there is still enough light in the West to rise and overcome the patocratic darkness by which it is ruled. Yes, there is still enormous military and financial power controlled by the elites that can make big problems, but it is also a fact of life that a social/political entity based only upon physical/materialistic power is doomed to entropy and inescapable fall, which is only a matter of time.

It seems that this time is now. The latest political changes as a result of the November elections in the US as the main representative of the West give hope. The East supports this. It is still not completely clear whether this hope is justified or not, but there’s hope. However, if not now, then the next time. This is unavoidable. Now, when hell is being brought to the surface for even the blind to see, it will die by being exposed to the light. 

For many people, it’s hard to believe that all of this, this most likely biggest and nastiest scandal in the history of the world, can be true, due to the omnipresent cognitive dissonance.

The controlled mainstream media doesn’t report on this at all. But other, smaller and independent media, do.

And it’s true. Just hidden in plain sight. As many other crucial things are hidden.  

For them, the blind, let us provide a simple proven fact: Each year, around 500,000 kids disappear in the world without a trace. Half a million. Some say more. Kids. Each and every year.

Where do they all go, the kids of our common destiny?

Research the internet and get ready to cry. The swamp is deeper than it seems at first sight.