In my previous two articles, I explained with documentation that the PKK, the PYD/YPG and PJAK are all branches of the same terrorist organization operating in different countries under different names. 

The assigned mission of the PKK-PYD/YPG is to be the founding actor of the Great Communist Kurdistan planned to be established in the region. The state in question is projected to be a giant base and an outpost of the British Deep State in the very heart of the Middle East. At the same time, this state is planned to be a buffer zone to cut off ties and cooperation between the countries of the region. This is the first and the main goal of the Great Middle East Project, which has been tried to be realized for decades.

What is interesting here is that the true originator of this project, which almost everyone has assumed to be the United States, is entirely the British Deep State. A careful examination of the documents, evidence, and the course of events shows that US has not played a role in this comprehensive project, except for the fact that some US institutions and some administrators have been the chief subcontractors of the British Deep State. 

The colonial British Empire, which controlled over a large part of the world for over three centuries, has withdrawn behind the scenes in order to carry out its projects easier after World War II. Most of these projects have since then been conducted through the American Deep State – a sort of secret British colony and its largest subcontractor. 

Therefore, even though the US is a material and military hyperpower globally, the brain that governs this power, in other words, the mastermind, has always been the British Deep State. However, it should be noted that this fact, which is based on concrete documents, does not include the American Government or its people. Often times the established governments - and always the American people - have been trampled under the pressure of this deep state. Britain, who convinced the whole world that it had retired into its own shell after the imperial era, has never really stopped pulling the strings. It continued to govern its secret world domination through deep mechanisms, with the unlimited mobility provided by distracting the attention from itself. 

To sum up, the British Deep State no longer governs the world through an empire, but through secret organizations and communities, deep mechanisms, subcontracting actors and pawns. In fact, this tactic is nothing more than the materialization of an important secret expressed by the British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli in the 19th century. In 1876, Disraeli said:

“The governments of the present day have to deal not merely with other governments, with emperors, kings and ministers, but also with the secret societies which have everywhere their unscrupulous agents, and can at the last moment upset all the governments' plans.”

The millions of unscrupulous agents, working for the secret organizations and societies scattered all over the world that Disraeli spoke of are the branches of the British Deep State. Terrorist organizations such as the PKK, the YPG/PYD, and ISIS that are utilized in the design of the Middle East are also produced, governed and used by these secret branches.

Ocalan Exposes the Connection between the PKK-PYD and the British Deep State 

As it is known, Abdullah Ocalan is the founder and the natural leader of the terrorist organization PKK and its Syrian branch, the PYD. In this regard, Ocalan is obviously the person with the most comprehensive knowledge about the connections, associations, mechanisms and the forces behind the organization he founded and has been leading. Therefore, Ocalan's own statements regarding the connection between the British Deep State and the PKK/PYD are to be considered firsthand evidence. Again, his statements about the British Deep State's Middle East policies conducted through these organizations are also of vital significance. 

Ocalan clearly states in his speeches that the only power that plans and governs the Middle East policies is Britain:

“Britain is the country that has the wisest approach to our issue. … Britain builds the policies and makes the US implement them. I think Britain is the one building the main policies and gets its collaborators in Europe, but most particularly the US implement these policies. … one has to see that everything in Europe all comes down to Britain. It has a very deep attitude with regards to the issues.”

Since it is the British Deep State that establishes the main policies in the Middle East, it is of course impossible for highly organized and well-equipped terrorist organizations in the region such as the PKK, the PYD/YPG and ISIS to be independent forces acting outside the plans and policies of this deep state. Another important point to note in this speech is that US is only the "implementer" of the British policies. 

In another statement, Ocalan points out the fact that the United States is just a country acting under the governance of the true planner, the British: "One should read well the consequences of the British plans to bring the Middle East under control. The US was included in this plan later. But the British are the real planner.”

According to this statement, the British are the real planner. The US was only "included" in the plan later. Indeed, the US has neither the historical experience nor the accumulation of knowledge to hatch a plan in the Middle East and Islamic countries. The impact of the US on world politics and its development of trans-oceanic relations are only recent developments. 

The British Empire, on the other hand, has colonized and ruled many countries and societies throughout the Middle East, Asia and Africa for nearly 300 years, and carried out numerous plans, projects, operations and activities. It has much more information about the ethnic, social and cultural structures, customs, traditions, religious and spiritual values ​​of these regions than perhaps any other country. For centuries, it has lived together with the people of these regions. Again, millions of local agents among the people of the region who have been converted and subordinated have become the hands, arms, eyes and ears of the British Deep State.

To return to Ocalan, during his speech at the 10th Congress of the PKK, the leader of the separatist organization clearly pointed out that the headquarters where the policies of the Middle East are established is London: “Turkey is currently going through disorder and turmoil; no one knows what they are doing. When the reasons behind all these policies are investigated, it leads to many ends. London is the headquarters."

The PKK's 10th Congressional documents of May 2004 include the following comments from Abdullah Ocalan on the centuries-old plans carried out by the British Deep State around the world:

"Since the 16th century, the British are planning the future developments of the world in London and serve it to the world. They serve it to us like a bowl of soup... They even laid their hands on the six-hundred-year-old Ottoman Empire."

On the other hand, Ocalan expressed how the British Deep State used the PKK in line with its deep policies in his statement given in the prison in Imralı: 

"We need to properly understand Britain's approach to the PKK. My personal opinion is that, Britain has its own agenda and intricate policies regarding the Kurdish [PKK] movement. They befriend some and sacrifice others. They act like they support you but as soon as they achieve their goals, they look down upon you."

In the same congress, Ocalan said: They plan everything in London. They monopolize everything. Now it is Turkey's turn. They have besieged Turkey... And now they are forming a small Kurdish state in the South. These are all planned by Britain."

These words are clearly a confession that the communist Kurdish state, which is desired to be established on the Syrian territory in the south of Turkey, is a direct plan and project of the British Deep State. In this case, it would not be wrong to say that the PKK, which has for decades desired to establish the communist Kurdish state in question, is a part of the British plan. Therefore, it is no doubt true that the PYD/YPG, which is the Syrian extension of the PKK and which has been trying to establish the western wing of a communist Kurdish state, serves the same plan.

Undoubtedly, the Kurds are one of the oldest populations of the region and especially after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, they have been subjected to massacres, especially in Iraq and Syria. However, the YPG/PKK, which is today shown as "the Kurdish freedom resistance and movement" in the Western press, has nothing to do with freedom or Kurdish rights. The organization is one of the many tools that are used to set the people of the region against each other, to divide the countries, and to build a Middle East suitable for the interests of the British Deep State. 

As a result, by being in close contact with them, Ocalan has directly witnessed the plans, methods and interventions of the British Deep State in the region, and their connections and relations with the PKK and the PYD. Ocalan's statements inarguably reveal the fact that the main mastermind behind all policies in the Middle East is the British Deep State and that the PKK and the PYD are also acting directly in line with these plans. 

Support Campaigns for PKK-PYD/YPG by the British Media

The relationship between the British Deep State and the PKK is a fact expressed by the members of the separatist terrorist organization itself. One of these reports was an interview with Cemil Bayik on 25 April 2016 published by BBC, titled "Kurdish PKK warns Turkey of long fight for freedom". 

One of the founding members of the PKK, Cemil Bayik, said in his interview that they are in direct touch with the Americans and the British, and that they will wage a long and fierce fight against Turkey.

This statement is extremely important. This confession by Cemil Bayik again reveals that the PKK is an organization which is in direct contact with the British Deep State.

One of the founders of the PKK's youth branch YDG-H and its Istanbul official Kerem Berti's confessions on the connection between Cemil Bayik and the British Deep State are also very important in this respect: "Cemil Bayik is still a supporter of the British and he is very powerful in the organization... We need to read the British well... I have met with the British intelligence on behalf of the PKK many times."

The words of other PKK leaders on the importance of the British Deep State for the PKK also shed light on this issue. In an interview, Murat Karayilan's statement that "Only BBC Turkish is listened to on the radio at Qandil " is a striking example of the PKK's deep loyalty and commitment to the British.

Not hesitating to assume the role of a patron to the PKK in the face of this loyalty and commitment, the British press blatantly publishes the threatening messages of PKK members, who are the perpetrators of thousands of murders. In 2010, Murat Karayilan, who was one of the top officers of the PKK, made an interview published in the British Daily Telegraph, which included the threats that "The PKK strategy will target major Turkish cities, rather than just army patrols and bases … These are likely to include the metropolises of western Turkey."

 Hundreds of threats like the ones included here have appeared in the British press; likewise, television and radio programs regularly broadcast complimentary and protective propaganda for the PKK. Interestingly, the British press that praises the terrorist organization PKK-PYD/YPG on every occasion sees no harm in making libelous statements against Mr. Putin, Mr. Erdoğan and Mr. Trump.

The British press carries out an intense systematic whitewashing, a so-called legitimization, or even heroizing campaign for a flock of murderers who were used by the British Deep State in the design of the Middle East.

The Race of Some British Politicians to Aid and Abet the PKK-PYD/YPG 

The support and lobbying activities of not only the British press, but also some of the British politicians, lords and parliamentarians do not go unnoticed.

One of these politicians, the late Eric Reginald Lubbock, Lord Avebury, met with the terrorist organization leader Ocalan three times in Damascus in 1998. Due to these illegal activities, Lord Avebury was not allowed entry into Turkey since April 22, 1994.

In the same year, British parliamentarian John Austin-Walker had a meeting with Ocalan in Damascus.

The following dialogue took place between the Presiding Judge and Ocalan during the 5th Imralı Trial in June 1999:

Presiding Judge: "For how many times did you meet with the Lord?"

Ocalan: "Three times. All of them took place in Damascus."

Presiding Judge: "Does this person write for British newspapers?"

Ocalan: "Lord is our friend. He writes in our favor too."

Regarding this dialogue, Ocalan said, "Look, Britain is the country that has the wisest approach to our issue. I have met with some of the Lords and they said, 'We support you'. I mean, it is just like the Sheikh Said issue, THE GREATEST SUPPORT IN SECRET IS ALWAYS FROM THE BRITISH."

Terrorists from the PYD/YPG are treated like high-ranking diplomats in London. In last November, Salih Muslim, co-chairman of the terrorist organization PYD, was even allowed to make a speech in the British Parliament.

London is also famous for aiding the various shell institutions of the PKK terrorist organization. DPI (Democratic Progress Institute) and KHRP (Kurdish Human Rights Project) are some of these institutions. Both operate out of "11 Guilford Street, London".

DPI's director was Kerim Yildiz, who attended the PKK's Oslo talks. KHRP was founded by Mark Muller, the lawyer of Abdullah Ocalan, who attended the Oslo talks with Kerim Yildiz. The Honorary President of KHRP is Lord Avebury. Sir Kieran Prendergast, who was the British Ambassador to Turkey in 1995-1997, is also on the DPI Board of Experts.

Again, the London-based Centre for Turkey Studies (CEFTUS) is another of the shell institutions of the PKK. The director of CEFTUS is Ibrahim Dogus, who is also the chairman of the community center in Haringey, London, which is virtually used as a PKK base. Dogus has been at the forefront of many PKK activities; he is also a suspect in various terrorist attacks. It is known that people who are in close relationship with the PKK are hosted by Dogus during their visits to Britain. 

On October 9 last year, CEFTUS celebrated its fifth year at the 1,200-seat Westminster Park Plaza Hotel which was attended by more than 50 British parliamentarians from different political parties, as well as a large number of mayors, councilors and members of the House of Lords.

Support for the YPG from British Homosexuals

The British Deep State is trying to spread the deviancy of homosexuality within the PKK-PYD-YPG organization just as it has been trying to spread and legitimatize it and make it look natural around the world. By this means, it thinks that it will be able to bring societies, which have been isolated from moral values and have lost their self-respect and self-confidence by being subjected to all kinds of degeneration, under its control and governance more easily. As a result of systematic propaganda, there has recently been a dramatic increase in the number of British homosexuals who have flocked to Syria from Britain and joined the YPG's ranks. These British perverts live with their homosexual peers in the PYD/YPG as if they are husbands and wives, and they are having so-called homosexual marriages.

The marches of PKK supporters in London with YPG flags in their hands reaching Trafalgar Square are frequently reported by the press. However, one of these protests was particularly striking. One of the British supporters of YPG during the protest in March last year was Peter Tatchell, one of Britain's leading advocates for homosexuality.

Tatchell shared provocative content on social media by falsifying facts and writing "Turkey aids ISIS by attacking PKK & Kurds" regarding the Turkish Air Force's operations against the terrorist PKK.

Tatchell is one of the known homosexuals co-operating with the Quilliam Foundation. Tatchell also works for the Tell Mama organization, which has its ties with the British Deep State. He is working hard to legalize homosexual marriages in various countries.

Mark Campbell, who uses the nickname of “Hevallo” and participated in the protest in March last year, is also an advocate for the PKK and homosexuality, like Peter Tatchell. In a social networking site, Campbell wrote, "Victory for Gay people, atheists and the PKK!" in a message defending the PKK.

The PKK, which has deployed a battalion of homosexual militia to the mountains in recent years, is also promoting homosexuality. Newly admitted young militants called Shervans are deliberately brought into the ranks of homosexuals. The organization has two important battalions that include homosexuals. Particularly Şikefta Birindara (Wounded Cave) stands out as the area where the camps of homosexuals are located. Likewise, there are homosexuals in the Ertush camp, in the so-called province of Zab; both battalions have around a thousand militants. 

The Most Healthy and Safe Model in the Region is Securing the Territorial Integrity of Syria and Iraq

As explained so far, the PKK-PYD/YPG is one of the most useful tools used by the British Deep State in terms of their plans regarding the Middle East. The function of this tool is to be the founding element of a Communist Kurdistan planned to be built on land snatched away from Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran. 

Certainly, this communist state will not really be an independent and self-contained entity. It will be a satellite state that houses the military bases, facilities, vehicles, aircrafts, drones, missile ramps and army units of the British deep state and its subcontractors.

At the same time, it will be a center at the heart of the Middle East where the intelligence agencies such as MI6, the CIA, GCHQ, and the NSA will be free to deploy in a comprehensive manner with all their technology and equipment. In this way, the British Deep State will obtain a new critical location where it can closely observe Turkey, Iran, Russia, the Turkic states, the Middle East and the Islamic world in general, and where it will be able to instantly monitor all the traffic in the region.

Meanwhile, this PKK-PYD/YPG corridor will also serve as a gigantic buffer zone that will cut off all manner of political, social, strategic, economic, commercial and cultural ties and relations between Russia, Turkey, Syria, Iraq and allied neighboring countries in the south. This large corridor will of course affect Iran negatively in all respects. In fact, the interests of the British Deep State are in direct proportion to the damage and destruction the countries of the region and of the Islamic world.

Following the establishment of this puppet state, the British Deep State will conduct its expansionist policy at every opportunity, citing ongoing terror and turmoil (which it will artificially create, much as it does today) to justify its actions. By these means, it will aim to systematically capture the underground wealth, energy resources, and strategic points around it. 

This state will be composed of members from the PKK-PYD/YPG who have a Marxist-Leninist, atheist-materialist world view. With this social structure, it will be a nest of malice where all kinds of immorality, deviancy, degeneracy, drugs, and homosexuality will be exported to the surrounding countries and societies.

For all these reasons, this threat, which is speedily approaching its target, must be stopped at any cost. Once this evil buffer is established and becomes official, it may be too late to act. It may be a cause of terrible regret to stand by and allow for this structure to achieve its goal, which is a clear threat to Russia, Turkey, Iran and all the countries of the region. 

Allowing the PKK-PYD/YPG to operate due to spontaneous policy decisions and temporary strategies may lead to much larger and lasting damage in the near future: For this reason, one should not be fooled by the warm messages the PKK-PYD/YPG gives to every group in order to reduce the tension and carry on with their mission. Neither the British Deep State would afford to lose its tool, which it has built itself right from the start, nor the PKK-PYD/YPG would dare to engage in any betrayal against its true master.

Therefore, the protection of the territorial integrity of Syria and Iraq, which have been the friends and allies of neighboring countries such as Russia, Turkey and Iran in every period of history, is a vital issue for all of us. The creation of such a physical barrier between Russia and Turkey and their southern neighbors should never be allowed. Every step taken to the detriment of this cause, every concession given to the PKK-PYD/YPG, will do nothing else but bring the British Deep State one step closer to its sinister goals in the region.