Poland: Nationalist March Nationalized


The court in Warsaw lifted the ban on the traditional march of nationalists in honor of the Independence Day of Poland, which is celebrated on November 11. Earlier, the authorities of the Polish capital tried to ban it, and the country's leadership urged citizens to follow the same route, but led by the president and the prime minister. In response, the nationalists accused the authorities of “stealing” their march. However, after the decision of the Warsaw court, both events can take place simultaneously. Polish analyst Konrad Rekas, explained what was going on:

«It seems that we are witnesses of some double-skinned provocation. First stepping down president of Warsaw, Liberal Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz announced about intention of forbidding the March, what was straight a challenge called up to nationalists. Then she broke the constitutional freedom of periodic meetings and decided about cancelling the March. 

And at that moment Polish president presented himself as accidental hero, who just wants to save patriotic event, so organize his own in almost the same king. Almost. That means without original organizers, with politicians of ruling party on front line etc. Andrzej Duda has just nationalized the March of nationalists! 

Of course, some of participants take this trick for good and believe in good will of the President. But some more conscious understand, that PO and PiS in this case work together, just to prevent and use the most social, upward initiative since several years. Gronkiewicz-Waltz helped Duda to eliminate organizers, and now the March of Independence is to be another part of game between main political parties. 


Yes, some of fooled nationalists think how to overcome this trick, even if it means a threat of confrontation with officials, police and military. But I don't believe that in Poles are enough of determination to oppose the Government and system opposition all together. So, we can expect some small riots and provocations (like every year), but without any serious and permanent influence on Polish politics».