Poland as a Scum of the World?


During last few weeks, Americans have used their European colonies to escalate conflict with China and Iran. Hunting on the “Huawei Spies” in Poland (and earlier in Czechia and Canada), the same as anti-Iranian, pro-Zionist summit in Warsaw, planned on February 2019 - are the final proofs, that Eastern-European countries are just puppets of USA, even if it hurts their own interests. 

Typical Polish media commentary to almost every internal and external affair and problem is: “in Kremlin champagne corks are a-popping”. So, would it start now in Beijing, or in Teheran? Because certainly nothing what happens in Warsaw - it is not distressing either the Chinese or the Iranians, but possible costs for Poles are real. Following actions of American Federal Prosecutors - Polish Intelligence (Agency of Internal Security) has arrested one of regional managers of Chinese company Huawei and Polish higher official, accusing them for espionage for China. Just after a few days Mike Pompeo, United States Secretary of State has announced, that anti-Iranian summit will be organised in Warsaw, in February 2019 – and no one in Warsaw had been informed about this decision earlier! 

Recent events are a brilliantly transparent confirmation of the completely colonial, dependent status of Poland. It was enough to move the stick in Washington - and the local country management in Warsaw has immediately jumped from the anti-Russian campaign - to anti-Chinese and anti-Iranian one, even without simulating any Polish interest. This is how Poles are undergoing the accelerated course of geopolitical reality: from dictating Polish laws by the Knesset[i], through the manual control over the country realised by Mrs Mosbacher (American Ambassador in Warsaw), up to acting as the American bumper in relations with China and Iran - and all this not only for free, but at real, political and economic expense of Poland. Unfortunately, our country is treated like a colony, like international junk - because we allowed it and, even worse, we continue to tolerate it.

Who is the Host in Warsaw?

The United States and Poland will co-host the conference on the situation in Iran and the Middle East, which will take place in Warsaw in February" - - said… the US Department of State. This is how we learned at least who is a co-host in Polish capital… And somehow it is not surprising that this happened in the context of the Middle East.

It is not only about the principle of state sovereignty which is annihilated in present Poland. China and Iran are one of the few World actors with whom we have had no conflicts so far, with whom we have no bad experiences, and - so far - reasons to argue[ii]. Neither are they completely irrelevant and exotic countries for Poles and other Eastern-Europeans. On the contrary, a few years ago, even the rulers of the Americans colonies in this part of the World have admitted, that Iran can be a very promising partner in the field of energy, an alternative supplier of cheap, high-quality crude oil, and a very developmental area of joint investments. Unfortunately, contacts that had been perfectly started were brutally interrupted by the unmasked demand of the American Embassy. Currently, the Government announces that Polish success is not to buy cheap fuel but to provide accommodation to American agents discussing about the global duty to defend Israel and destroy Iran. It is not even about thinking in terms of national interest and raison d'État, let us not demand too much. It is simply a renunciation of obvious profit - for joy that we have a guest who has defecated in a living room.

And When It Comes to China…

The Belt and Road Initiative this is just the culmination of nearly two decades of growing Chinese presence in Europe and on the entire Eurasian bridge. Even the most blind and geopolitically naive, full of doubt, resentment and fears about potential new opportunities for Poland and all Europe - they agreed that the Chinese direction seems to be perfectly obvious and safe at the same time. Chinese infrastructure investments - both the transcontinental rail network and the famous hub objectively would only strengthen the potential of this part of Europe, especially the economic one, without this embarrassing and unnecessary ideological superstructure, imposed from other geopolitical directions. A sudden cooling of relations, felt in Warsaw, Bucharest and other local capitals, along with the growing anti-Chinese rhetoric and practice of Washington - has also been recognized as an aberration of the authorities, unjustified by the European interest. It has turned out that it could be even worse.

Poland voluntary joint the anti-China campaign at once on a high note. Ordinary (but not less brutal and full of noisy accusation) competition between American and Chinese companies – in Poland, Czechia, and earlier in Canada is presented as the “Threat to the National Security” and the great “Spy Scandal”. Of course, at very first glance it is childish – because how else could we describe the discovery that telecommunication, social-media, communication companies have strong connection with the intelligence agencies all over the World? Not only with Chinese one, we can presume… 

How Much Can Be Lost?

Meanwhile, the basic question should be not to establish whether foreign intelligence agencies are active in Poland, Czechia and other Eastern-European countries, because first, this is a task for the counterintelligence, and secondly – it is almost optimistic, it means that there is maybe some hope for us, if anything is left here to be spied out. No, the most important thing is what we can gain and what to lose by taking part in foreign geopolitical/economic campaigns.

We already understand that Trump's America knows only one type of doing business: to take what it wants, give no receipts and nothing at all in return. The United States engaging others to the secondary roles in its actions – do not offer any compensation for losses, no equivalent value. Or maybe we'll find out soon that is the US Army win its trashy trucks, who is protecting us against the "Yellow Peril" and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard marching to Warsaw and Prague…

The rise of Poland and the whole Eastern Europe into sovereignty cannot be based only on one geopolitical direction, like a rudder permanently attached to the ship's side. On the contrary, the countries of our sizes, the nations of our experiences and the economies (or rather its remnants...) after such transitions - we must demonstrate smartness, caution and above all the multi-vector nature of our interests. It is necessary to build contacts, networks of connections, multilaterally beneficial interests, gradually raising not only Polish/European profits, but also our political significance. Relationships withChina and Iran are extremely important wings of the whole Eurasian project, and this is a hope for the World. Meanwhile, giving up all opportunities in advance; tacitly, and in the extreme, Government version, even enthusiastically accepting the role of someone else's drudge - we condemn only ourselves and our children to remain just a scum of the World. Forever. 


[i]In case of the novelisation of the Institute of National Remembrance Act, penalizing unjustified accusation of Poles for participation in the Holocaust. Under Israeli and American pressure, it has to be changed and deleted.

[ii]And even the opposite - 398 years ago, after the defeat in the war with the Ottoman Empire, it seemed that Poland was lost. And only one country in the World has helped Poles. Shah Abbas the Great attacked (despite the unfavourable situation in Persia) the Ottoman Empire, relieving the fighting Poles. Turks, faithful to the principle of not fighting on two fronts – finished the war quickly. Perhaps it would be time to give the Persians some repay ...?