The Polish regime is turning Piskorski into a martyr


Mateusz Piskorski, one of the best Polish experts on Eurasian geopolitics, a bright and sophisticated intellectual and a soft-spoken and charming person, has been arrested by the Warsaw regime on charges of espionage for, among others, Putin’s Russia. The media has mobilized for a defamation campaign which aims to link Mr. Piskorski to the most outrageous elements of “imperialist” and “aggressive” Russia. The hate campaign was evidently pre-arranged. Although there has been no court decision yet (which was supposed to be announced on Friday, May 19th, at 10:30 A.M.), we know that the State Security Agency demanded his temporary arrest and that the investigation is to be kept secret.

The arrest was part of a wider action of searching the offices and homes of people engaged in the political formation Zmiana of which Piskorski is the president and leading intellectual force. Even some mainstream elements of public opinion and more independent politicians have expressed their concern that this is a political action terrorizing opposition elements which are critical of the aggressive, militaristic, saber-rattling regime and its Russophobia policies and war hysteria.

Piskorski is the most prominent figure among those discontent with this confrontational, anti-Russian stance. To this end, he has actively participated in a number of international conferences, lectures, and presentation. His intellectual and moral stance have become more and more dangerous for the puppet regime in Poland and its Drang nach Osten crusade, hence his constant prevention from access to big auditoria and his banning from the academic community.

The current regime formed as a result of the last elections is a kind of specific fascism strongly supported by the darkest elements of the Church hierarchy, US neocon ideology, zoological Russophobia, and domestic witch hunting. Much of the regime’s semi-religious beliefs are based on irrational phobias and insane theories, such as their backbone figure of sectarian fear-mongering’s conspiracy that Putin arranged the death of the ex-Polish (already sainted) Russophobic president L. Kaczynski. They have invented hundreds of theories as to how Putin and his thugs did such things as plant a tall birch tree in front of the airfield, deliver barrels with artificial fog, stuff the wings of the plane with explosives when it was serviced in Russia, or even provided wrong landing parameters to air control officers and had Russian soldiers kill those who survived the crash….and so on and so on. All of this nonsense has not only not been penalized as hate-mongering, but has been allowed to spread freely through the public space and media. Some powerful political actors decided to fuel Russophobia more than ever before so that the machine of mental chaos would run well-oiled in Poland.

In this context of the promotion of irrational, anti-Russian hatred, the secret investigation and eventual trial of “mega-Putinist Piskorski” will be presented to the public as a national spectacle and historical revenge. The timing of this absurdity is not accidental. Along with continuous NATO buildup, the encircling of Russia, and the establishment of a base for medium-range nuclear missiles in Romania, the next, even more provocative base will be operational two years from now in Redzikowo, Poland (a small village near Slupsk which was liberated by the Red Army in 1945). The ceremony of laying the foundational stone was spoiled by a small group of residents, but the whole operation could be disrupted or even stopped if Mateusz Piskorski and his comrades stepped in. And we are going to do precisely this. The chained, barking Polish dog  is flexing its muscles to aid NATO in transforming into a fully fledged Barbarossa II war machine in July. Hence the warning message that had to be sent to people friendly with Russia. They believe that the best way is to tame the bad boy Piskorski and frighten the herd. I believe that they have gravely miscalculated in neutralizing their foes. What they are doing is the best way to make Piskorski into a hero and great Polish political leader. The Russophobic backbone of the current regime is producing just the opposite results. Once the regime is overthrown, we will have a chance for the greatest restart of Poland, that is, a meeting between Poles and Russians at the common family table.