The possibility of war is very realistic


The possibility of war is this time very realistic. The same as in the moment of Georgian conflict in 2008 and unification with Crimea in 2014 and more probable.

The affair of Skripal was totally fake. Now there is confirmed information that he and his daughter are perfectly sane and healthy. From the beginning it was all bluff. The "chemical attack" of Assad is another bluff.

But put together both cases have sense only if there is serious preparation for the war against Russia. There is no other reason, because after concrete steps following totally false case of Skripal it could be camouflaged only by accelerated escalation of hard conflict.

But we have already passed red line. It is way with no return. If there will be no war it will mean end of NATO and Western hegemony. Very serious moment. If there will be war it could mean the end of all of us. A bit earlier than planned by the way.

Most of USA protestant fundamentalists believe that the Armageddon will start in the Holy Land with invasion of Israel by Russian troops. Russia = Gog and Magog. When everything will be almost lost for jews - brave born again Americans will step in and defeat evil Russians. After will come millennium and rapture. The generations of political elite of american right and christian zionists and all kind of conspiracy theorists were educated in that paradigm of Bible reading - starting from dispensationalists (Scofield Bible). Hundred thousands of people of ruling class - millions of simple born agains.
Teen years ago it seemed absolutely crazy - Russian troops in Holy Land? What a stupid thought!
What we can say NOW? If you call Armageddon it comes. It happens.

1.00 am (Moscow time) Trump will assemble US generals. The sutuation in Syria will be discussed. The answer will be decided. The Israeli attack makes soft and purely symbilic actions -unlikely -  the stakes are too high. Almost all Israeli political parties yesterday demanded USA strike Assad. Meanwhile McCaine has accused Trump to be responsable for chimical attack because of his declarion of American troops quitting Syria. 

It seems we are in war with Israel... And after midnigt (Moscow time) we will see may be not only with Israel...

Welcome to WWIII a bit too earlier than planned. The end of Kali-yuga is not far away...