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Mohsen Abdelmoumen: In your book "Coaching & conflicts", you talk about the concept of hybrid warfare. Can you explain this concept of hybrid...

Clearly,  the Serbian Army is unique in modern military history

Thanks to the second count of votes took place after the early parliamentary elections in the so-called "Republic of Kosovo", new data on voting...

One of the best known philosophers, sociologists and geopoliticians of today, Professor Alexadr Dugin had given a lecture at the University of...

There is an army of people in Serbia, popularly called “bots”, who, or perhaps it is better to say "which", are in charge of defending their Supreme...

Since NATO wars are always shady and cowardish pirates operations, with no real casus belli, NATO always needs some accompanying non-military tools...

Damn NATO. Damn Clinton. Damn globalists. Damn Soros. Damn BHL. You will repent.

Since the fall of the Soviet Union Balkan is not a stable area, the reason is simple - it is not in the interest of the Globalists. In accordance...

Together with Serbian Krajina (territory in today’s Croatia) Bosnia and Herzegovina represents the western part of the Serbian ethnic map, which in...

Albanian separatists prepares provocation against Serbs in self-proclaimed Kosovo

On the 30th September 2016, formal negotiations related to the creation of free trade zone between Serbia and Eurasian Economic Union started....

The US Vice President is bringing instructions for the new Serbian government.

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