Prometheus unleashed: the monkey of God


“Mister Bond, there is a saying in Chicago: once it is chance, two it is coincidence, three times it is an enemy action.” So Goldfinger said to Agent 007, an ingenious invention by Ian Fleming that has become a cinematic legend. Let's start lightly a “heavy” reflection. It is time to take the “culture of cancellation” that is advancing on all sides very seriously. It is not just an operation of power or a misdirection: it is a precise project of long-term domination, the main means of which is the anthropological reconfiguration of humanity. His auctioneers are a handful of exceptional personalities plagued by sociopathy and delusion of omnipotence. Their goal - no less - is to remake man and the world. A new creation, on the assumption that the “old” one is wrong, imperfect, unable to respond to the expectations not of man, but of a tiny portion of humanity: they, the exalted, the enlightened.

We became convinced of this by observing the moves and actions of personalities such as Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates. These are undoubtedly geniuses, individuals of superior scientific and practical intelligence, united by the iron will to overthrow the world, to the point of redoing it from head to toe. Bezos has turned world trade upside down, becoming the richest man in the world, but his dream is to colonize space. Elon Musk, the visionary of science, the man of electric cars, the one who realizes the extraordinary insights of Nikola Tesla, the Serbian scientific and technological genius, has similar goals. Bill Gates, through vaccines, inaugurates the era that goes beyond biopower (Foucault), penetrating the sinister territory of biocracy, that is, total domination over life.

Through mysterious preparations, he inoculates into “vile” bodies substances intended to immunize against a virus, or is there more? Is he perhaps trying to modify human DNA, or to introduce substances into organisms for purposes that only he and a few enlightened people know, the masters of the gnostic workshop? Among the research he funds, there are techniques to “darken” the sun in order to cool the temperature of the Earth. Another “enlightened” is George Soros, the financier of every movement and idea tending to overturn the natural order of things. Others (but, at the end, they are always the same...) spread from Davos, the enchanted mountain that serves as Vulcan's laboratory, the slogan of tomorrow: you will have nothing and you will be happy. I, you, us, you, but not “them”!

It is now evident: Prometheus was unleashed, he stole fire from the gods, opened Pandora's box and became God. Monkey of God, of course, since these sociopaths with very high IQ are not what men. We are sure that this is their biggest worry: obsessed with (their) death, they work to overcome the human to transition into the transhuman. Hybridizing man and machine to go beyond themselves. In the words of Dante, they give “wings to the mad flight”. They surpassed even Faust. No pact with Mephistopheles. Prometheus works on his own, he knows no demons or gods: he replaces them.

They understood that to change the human being it is necessary to act on ancestral fears. For this reason they have awakened, supported by the pandemic (unexpected help or a criminal act?) the terror of contagion, hatred for the Other, homo homini lupus, but above all “virus” the other man, a mysterious enemy and invisible bearer of death, to be kept at a distance. Of course, they also evoke, through science and technology - their Demiurges - salvation, the drops of miraculous potions. They need slogans that can unite humanity around generic objectives, believed by compulsion to repeat: the ideology of the climate is ready. The power of man is so great that in a few years he has changed the climate for the worse. Arsonists and firefighters united in the same people: schizophrenia.

The unproven myth of “anthropogenic” global warming works very well, other than pollution or greenhouse gases, but the confusion is artfully fueled. With equal “human” power, since Prometheus handles and manipulates the fire that he stole from Zeus, they will change the climate. The dream of omnipotence, the radical strangeness towards other men is all too clear. It scares not only the project, but also the total materialism they profess. For them God is not dead, he has only changed his name: theirs. They remake creation, reformulate the laws of nature (life and death, male and female: old stuff), darken the sun. They no longer need, like Mephistopheles - an old-fashioned devil - to buy souls: they abolish them. They are not at all like him, “the Spirit who always denies”, but the opposite, the matter that affirms and triumphs.

Prometheus stole fire from the gods, now the question is what to do with it. The whole world, nature, creation, man, must be “reset” and rebuilt from scratch. It is not the first millennialism that comes to the fore in history, but it is the most powerful. They have penetrated many secrets of nature: postmodern alchemists can turn iron into gold, but that is not their goal. Anyone who thinks that the new techno-scientific and financial oligarchy points to wealth is wrong. First of all, it already has it, since it has managed to monopolize the creation of money. Furthermore, they know better than we do that money is only a means. The end is such a great dominion that it is transformed into creation.

For this reason, the reconstruction of the “culture of cancellation”, against the “white” and European civilization, in an exclusively nihilistic and vindictive key of the past, is partial and wrong. It is no coincidence that the destroyers, the iconoclasts, call themselves “woke”, the awakened ones. Prometheus needs “awakened” hallucinates since his job is not just to destroy. The principle is always the same as the old alchemy solve et coagula, dissolution and recomposition on a new basis. It is also the ultimate goal of initiatory Freemasonry: ordo ab chaos, order from chaos. Whoever set fire to the library of Alexandria, or who, in more recent times, destroyed Palmyra and razed the Buddha of Bamiyan to the ground “only” wanted to erase the vestiges of adverse civilizations. The objective of the Monkey of God is more elegant: it is the whole creation, it is the whole man who must be transcended, overcome. He is nothing more than a biochemical mass, an imperfect machine, a mechanism that can and must be reset, manipulated, modified.

One cannot fail to see the radical secularization, the cult of power disconnected from limits, the “technical” scientism in which the very notion of man loses meaning. Man must stop questioning about himself and Being: Prometheus takes care of it. They produced an impressive leap backwards, a regression of thirty centuries, from the eighth Psalm of the Bible, the idea of ​​man, a fragile reed in the wind, but the only being able to “understand creation”, as Blaise Pascal observed.

In the time of the virus, they hauled the long-cast nets ashore. For example by moving life from the terrain of bìos (spirit, body, soul, self-awareness) to that of zòe, the mere biological survival to which everything (freedom, rights, dignity, principles) is sacrificed: non-commensurable, therefore non-existent within the framework of materialism extreme. At the same time, they worked to popularize, even making desirable, death. Ours, mind you, not theirs. The postmodern “good death” is called euthanasia and does not consist in preparing for the passing away, purifying the soul of passions and bringing it closer to a further dimension. No, it is a question of making it the only way out in the face of suffering, illness, disability, the tedium of living, decadence. Euthanasia that has become law in some countries - others will follow shortly - was accompanied by thunderous applause: a ferocious hymn to nothing, the trivialized fulfillment of Heidegger's “living for death”.

A French intellectual, who is also an atheist, Michel Houellebecq, explained it splendidly. The principle of euthanasia made law constitutes an unprecedented anthropological break. A civilization that legalizes procured death loses all right to respect. They overturned the meaning of the words: they speak of compassion and dignity by substituting the physical being to the moral being that is (should be) man. For Houellebecq, “once I reach a certain situation of physical degradation, I will end up convincing myself that I no longer have any dignity”.

What about the human person, let's not say about the divine spark that he (she) has in himself or (herself), but simply about his (her) status as a sentient and moral creature? The (Western) man accepts to disappear - as a race, as a civilization, as an individual subject – and he applauds his own death in the name of non-pain, of non-suffering. Death as a solution to “non-lives”. And to think that modernity was inaugurated, in the American constitution, under the banner of the “pursuit of happiness”. The immense cognitive dissonance between zòe (pure life at any cost) and the “being-for-death” whose symbol is euthanasia, legal death, escapes. A sign that the zoological and zootechnical humanity project conceived by Prometheus is advancing.

The lack of culture of the Monkey of God is worse than the most sinister Marxism. For the Bolshevik Georgy Pyatakov, the true revolutionary, if the Party demands it, is willing to believe that black is white and white is black. On this point too, the student (the self-styled “open society”) has surpassed the teacher. Through politically correct language, with the expedient of not causing offense, it is forbidden to call things and concepts by their name up to the logical absurdity of disbelief to our own eyes, which see white and say black. Much worse than the secular communist religion, which limited itself to affirming the opposite of the truth: it lied knowing it was lying. Prometheus wants us to firmly believe in lies: it is a qualitative difference of immense significance.

Prometheus knows that, no matter how hard he tries, a certain amount of spirituality remains rooted in man. This is why he replaced it with the “energy” scam, generic cosmic or primordial spirits, managing to infect the Church too, which has stopped looking up. It resembles what remains of the Gypsy (sorry: Roma) and Indian (Native American) populations: stripped of their original culture, deprived of their dignity, reduced to ghosts in the reserves and in the wagons, between material filth and spiritual nullity.

Those who denounce the scenario of commodification - reduction to things - of turbocapitalism, designed by Prometheus with the thunderous applause of the Orwellian obsessions, police and censorship of terminal progressivism, are right. Of course, they need a human type devoid of identity, reason, thought: the consumer, the satisfied slave, the serf locked in a cage. But the explanation is not enough, just as it is not enough to oppose the culture of cancellation, the will to impotence widespread in the most intimate fibers of our soul. The correct question, it seems to us, having taken note that the project is biocratic - total domination over life - therefore criminal, is: why they have chosen us as guinea pigs for the project of annihilation of man 1.0 and its replacement with a docile animal species, instinctive, not thinking? Why do they take so much care to replace community and collective identities, spiritual and material traditions, with a myriad of resentful minorities, armed, closed and totalitarian against each other?

The answer is complex, but it can be summed up in an observation: European civilization is that which “invented” the individual, the consciousness that becomes a “person”, the pact between man and a being that transcends him and is superordinate, which he called God. It is the only truly “humanistic” civilization, in which, like the concentric circles that widen into the water when we throw a stone into it, man recognizes himself in various complementary identities. We are men and women, workers, members of a family, of a city and of a nation, of a religion, of intermediate bodies and interest groups which, harmonized, constitute the largest community, State and civilization.

Better to deny the “person”, namely the self-awareness, the sense of self and then separate the individual from himself, choosing a piece of our identity to make it the only one, the angry corner of ourselves that becomes the paradoxical “totality by subtraction”. I am no longer an Italian, male, with a family, a father, children, a job or profession, principles and legitimate interests, but I have to be “only” a piece of myself, through the emphasis of one only characteristic: sexual orientation, gender, ethnicity, belonging to some group, better if oppressed - today, yesterday or in prehistoric times - the propensities to consume. In short, “dividual”, the split of the whole.

The effeort, in other civilizations, is simpler. In the Orientals, for example, the sense of wholeness (ying and yang) is more vivid, but also a very long tradition of despotism and obedience. Cultures impregnated by Islamism will behave according to the dictates of the Koran and the interpretation that the religious leaders will give. Only the European lives on critical thinking, complexity, discussion, they invented “rights”. Defeat heir civilization and that's it.

The Monkey of God knows this well because it comes from the same root. It’s strange that the standard-bearers of the culture of erasing “our” civilization are themselves heterosexual white males. They are highly educated, not just highly intelligent. For their creation, they need to annihilate a specific form of culture: the classical European and Western one. All the rest is an alibi and widespread imbecility for the foolish, the naive, the non-thinking. Prometheus knows that we are his enemy, the ones who, since the time of Greece, have chained him after he freed himself and stole fire from Zeus. Prometheus knows that we invented philosophy, that is, the free thinking, that we preferred reason to irrationality, Apollo to Dionysus, spirit over matter, and defined virtue, moral order, self-control, law as good, justice, duty.

In short, we are the ones who possess the cultural tools to unmask his deceptions. Homo Sapiens does not want to regress to a simple animal with an upright position and an opposable thumb. Equally, the reduction to a breeding species and its apparent opposite, the appendage of the digital machine governed remotely, by the Matrix of the Apes of God, frightens. Here then the censorships of Aristotle (slaver!), of Physics and mathematics (too assertive, precise, with the pretense of defining a right or wrong operation, moreover “white”) are justified. Newton was a colonialist and his laws of mechanics are true, but “unjust” because they were enunciated by a heterosexual white male believing in God. Indeed, in contempt of the idea of ​​an individual / person responsible for his actions, but only for those, it is claimed that the white man kneels for the “crimes” of his ancestors, whose sins are inexpiable, imprescriptible, hereditary, even if he no longer considers himself as such, since inheritance, or the transmission of values, has been abolished. But only for the “whites”!

The “will to impotence” has been implanted in us by force: there is nothing more unnatural than to hate themselves. Yet oicophobia (self-hatred) has become the main feature of what remains of our civilization. Ethnic hatred, first of all: they managed to make us hate even our appearance and the color of our skin! And then “civil” hatred, the belief that a glorious and three times millennial history is a heap of violence and misdeeds. Hate also for our natural sex: if male, as violent, rapist, bully. If woman, because she carries within her motherhood, the immense and primal power - yes, truly divine - to give life. Without this insane self-harm, we would not listen to Prometheus and would easily recognize the Monkey of God, keeping it at a distance. Cultural hatred, as if the enormous, infinite contribution of our civilization, our race, our spiritual tradition were the bilge of every evil in the world.

All this for the sole reason that the culture, civilization, the vision of the world of this part of the world has within itself the forces, the antibodies, the filters to say no to Prometheus, to ask questions and give oneself answers, that is all this which makes a human being a Person.

In Macbeth, the tragedy of power and the will to dominate, the engine of the story is not Lady Macbeth who instigates her husband to pursue the dream of the crown. They are the three witches, whose words express the precipice to which she leads overturning truth and nature: “ugly is the beautiful, and beautiful is the ugly”. And they flee “up, through the fog and greasy air”. However, Shakespeare must be censored. There are plenty of excuses: he was racist (Othello is “the Moor of Venice”), anti-Semitic (Shylock), male chauvinist (The Taming of the Shrew), he hated the disabled (Caliban in the Tempest, Richard III the cripple, absolute evil). Better to delete the bard too. With him, Kant and Plato are forbidden, grammar - an “ethnic” imposition - the Greeks who hated arrogance, the hubris of Prometheus and, of course, that strange crucified Palestinian who assigned an individual soul to each man and proclaimed that it is the truth that sets free, not the consumption, the meal or the immediate pleasure.

They hate knowledge, culture, criticism, thought. Because it unmasks them, because it mocks them, because, in the end, every thought is always critical, judgment. The Monkey of God, the postmodern Prometheus, seems very powerful and immediately it is. But its supposed omnipotence carries within itself the germs of the fall. He will fall as an inverted Lucifer. The angel wanted to be light instead of God, Prometheus wants to put out the sun. He will not succeed. The Monkey of God can win today, at most for a generation, the last of the West, a grotesque self-punisher. No more: his death subculture will end up reigning over Nothing. Even for Prometheus, in the end, the evening of the feast day will arrive, “to think how everything in the world passes, and almost never leaves a footprint”.


Original column by Roberto Pecchioli:

Translation by Costantino Ceoldo