Prometheya. Media “Nazification” of Serbian People

A Short Overview by the Author

Humiliarists are the atomic shell of globalism. Although acting like internationalists, they spread the wildest chauvinism. It is neither tied to Stoicism, to “citizens of the world” nor to international brigades in Spain which sang Si me quieres escribir or Ay Carmela.

Humiliarists surpassed their role models in many ways, but also surpassed their protégés, the Nazis - especially in manipulating the media and humiliating people! Anyone who has the will and strength to read Prometheya will, I believe, get a clear picture. Prometheya is also a case study which can reveal the matrix for blaspheming peoples and states by the collective West.

Since many media, especially in the part of the world which calls itself the West, are controlled by the members of Jewish people, it was necessary to first identify Serbs as Nazis (at the beginning of 1990s). That very same “West” places Serbia now in the “Western Balkans”, without ever explaining where and what the "Eastern Balkans" is. In order to create an odium towards Serbia and Serbs, as great as possible.

The Ruder and Finn agency, owned by David Finn, played a special role in all that. The real name of David Finn is David Finkelstein, but in the world of white, Anglo-Saxon Protestants (WASP), mimicry is always desirable. The main contractor in all that was James Harff, who later created own agency Global Communicators, which is very interested in China today. He closely cooperated with “targeted” politicians and media, as well as with American-Jewish Committee. That Committee was infiltrated by Jewish families Schiff and Warburg in 1930s, while at the beginning of media nazification of Serbian people, the Committee was headed by Alfred Moses and David Harris. It was in 1994, when William Clinton, then USA president, appointed David Harris as ambassador to Serbia’s neighbouring country, Romania.

There were several phases of the media campaign to portray Serbs as genocidal. Various lobbying groups has been working against the Serbian people, without a sense of justice, but exclusively for the sake of greed and selfishness, and for the interests of their bosses who issue orders to be fulfilled by own mercenaries and without questioning (lobby groups, media, politicians, diplomats, etc).

Machinery works continuously, because media manipulation is one of the basic techniques of modern rule. The media war that culminated in the nazification of the Serbian people can be divided into several phases: campaigns during preparation for the breakup of Yugoslavia, legitimization of the secession of "pro-Western" republics of SFRY (Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia), preparation and implementation of NATO aggression on Federal Republic of Yugoslavia - Serbia, first and foremost. But, that was not the last phase - more sophisticated campaigns are led after 2000 and after the so-called "October Revolution", which was coup d'état, in reality.

Public relations agencies worked (and still work) at full speed, they coordinated their activities with the mainstream media, and that coordination created information smog, which suffocated us, and still suffocates us today.

For example, journalist Roy Gutman "reveals concentration camps in Bosnia” and publishes about them in the tabloid Newsday. The tabloids always come as vanguard in media war – because, if something goes wrong and against the initiators of such "news", as non-existing “concentration camps in Bosnia” are, initiators can always find an excuse and blame "yellow press" for spreading lies.

Roy Gutman faxed his shameless story about fictional concentration camps to hundreds of politicians, media, lobbyists, etc. So, this unverified story "shocked the world", somehow just before the London Conference in 1992, when Eagleburger directly labeled Serbs "aggressors and the main cause of war" (Lawrence Sidney Eagleburger was USA diplomat who served shortly as Secretary of Statе under President George H. W. Bush, from 1992 to 1993). Much later, the former director of the Harff agency would tell Dutch TV: "When NATO took action [aggression against the FRY], we opened champagne."

The already mentioned agency’s Ruder and Finn owner, David Finkelstein, "deserved" his place in the so-called PR Hall of Fame - although a more appropriate name for this house would be the Hall of Shame. David Finkelstein passed away a month ago as a centenarian.

In terms of visual media performances, Serbs were ridiculed in caricatures, Serbs were presented as "tattooed" with an iron cross (Hakenkreuz) both on their shoulders and foreheads, especially in countless racist caricatures. One of the flagships of the anti-Serbian tirade, FAZ (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) took the lead in making racist caricatures against Serbs. FAZ is the part of big media empire called Axel Springer. That media empire was built by Axel Cäsar Springer, by "friends from the USA" and help by Stephanie von Hohenlohe, whom Hitler called "my princess". Stephanie von Hohenlohe was born a commoner, allegedly of Jewish origin, but married into princely family of von Hohenlohe.

If bearing in mind the melting-pot of various actors in the media war against Serbian people and state (united new generation of Nazi supporters and Jewish PR agencies, then human rights advocates who drink champagne and celebrate NATO’s bombs on Serbia, various religious and other extremists united with film and advertising industries, …), then it is inevitable to come to the following conclusion, which will certainly be a disappointment for fans of Greek mythology: Europe was not abducted by Zeus, but by BAAL.