Protests in the US seems endless

Encrippled with widespread protests and demonstaration, the US is facing worst violent in the recent history. On 16 July 2020, Oregon Governor Kate Brown has accused US federal agents in unmarked cars who apparently detained protesters in Portland of a "blatant abuse of power". Federal officers, deployed by President Donald Trump, have also fired tear gas and less-lethal munitions into crowds of demonstrators. Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum said that the state justice department was filing a lawsuit against the federal government over the detention of protesters "without probable cause". Whereas, Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf called the protesters a "violent mob". Whereas , the acting secretary of homeland security defended the agents against the assembled "anarchists".
A report from Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) contained detailed accounts of witnesses who had seen federal law enforcement officers dressed in camouflage emerge from unmarked vehicles, grab protesters without explanation, and drive off. The last week has seen a violent escalation between protesters and federal agents, deployed two weeks ago by Mr Trump to quell civil unrest. Since at least 14 July, OPB reports, federal agents have been jumping out of unmarked vehicles throughout the city, and grabbing protesters seemingly without cause.
Video checked by the broadcaster shows a protester, Mark Pettibone, describe how on 15 July he was "basically tossed" into a van containing armed people in body armour. Mr Pettibone said he was taken to a holding cell in a federal courthouse, where he was read his arrest rights. After he declined to answer questions, he was released without any citation or arrest record. According to OPB, federal officers have charged at least 13 people with crimes related to the protests so far. Some have been detained around the federal courthouse that the agents were sent to protect, but others were seized streets away from federal property, reports the Associated Press.
Mr Wolf, blamed state and city authorities for failing to "restore order". He said their response had "emboldened the violent mob as it escalates violence day after day". As a matter of fact, "The city of Portland has been under siege for 47 straight days." 
Activists have been protesting against police brutality since George Floyd's killing in police custody on 25 May. In fact, the murder of George Floyed har turned into a movement for rights of Black People. The movement gained momentum and spread over many other countries, especially into Europe. Protesters demanded the end of racist poliliies and no discrimination based on color, ethnicity, religion or social status. 
UN charter also demand equal rights for each individual humanbeing, irrespective of race, color, religion, ethnicity or social status. All human beings are born through the exactly same biological process and all mothers have suffered the exactly same pains. All parents have grown-up their children with the same hardwork and sacrifices. A new borm baby can not survive, without the special mercy of his or her parents. Then, why discrimination among humanbeings? If you are born in Africa, it was not your choice, if you was born in a poor family, it was not your choice? If you was born in a different culture, it was not your choice? If there is no choice to be born in White Family, Rich Family, or high status family, then why discrimination?
Every one agrees to equal rights and respect to others. However, exceptional cases might happened, which needed to be dealt accordance to law strictly. The sate has responsibility to main tain equality, justice and respect for each individual, iresspective of race, religion or color, etc. 
Discramination by police, and state yet not addressing the issue appropriately, is beyong understanding. If, further delayed, the situation might get more complex. The protesters are committed till the reforms ensuring the ban of discrimination is achived. Their struggle might be continued till their demands are met.
Why the US failed to control protests? Simply, there was lack of will, lack of interest, lack of capabilities. The priority of the Trump administration is to be re-elected in the presidential elections to be held in November this year. His vote bank depends on white-supermacy, and he can not offend them. It is true, the majority of the US population is White people, and they play decisive role in the elections. Further more, the US forces were trained to sabotage, subversion, instigating iggitations, protests, insurgencies in other countries. They were totally unprepared to deal with domestic violence. They were trained to topple the foregn governments, not to maintain law and order in their own country. In South America, Middle-East, Africa, Asia, every where US role was in instigation violence and they are master of such missions. Unfortunately, it come true “You will reap, What you will sow”.
However, the loss of human lives is regretted and appealed to concern that appropriate measures may be in-placed to protect the precious human lives, not only in America, but throughout the globe. Human kind is the most precious thing in this universe. Respect humanity, protect humanity!