Public Announcement of Episcopal Council of Serbian Orthodox Church in Montenegro

In the Public Announcement of Episcopal Council of Serbian Orthodox Church in Montenegro from December 29th 2019 year of the Lord, the reasons for urgent resolving the problems and stopping administrative violence and godless behaviour of the institutions of Montenegrin state, after legalizing and adopting the law which would deprive Serbian Orthodox Church of its properties and relics on the territory of Montenegro. There are many other ways foreseen in the law, for supressing Orthodoxy in Montenegro. 
Perspective and attitude of Serbian Orthodox Church, as well the facts about the on going situation in Montenegro are elaborated. The reason for absence of Episkop Metodije was outlined and mentioned again – that Montenegrin police brutally physically attacked him at the Bridge of Djurdjevića Tara on the eve of December 26th. Episkop Metodije is now at the Military Medical Academy in Belgrade for treatment. He suffered severe inner wounds. 
Beside detailed explanation and clarification of the ongoing events in Montenegro, Episkopal Council of Serbian Orthodox Church declared ex-communication of Milo Djukanović and all those involved in preparing and voting for disgraceful Law on Religious Freedoms.
Quote from the Public Announcement:
Passing this law is not at honour and blessing either for those who proposed that law or to those who voted for it. By doing this, all of them who consider themselves Orthodox Christians, ex-communicated themselves from Orthodox Church, so they are deprived of Sacraments and we order our Godly Priesthood, following the words of our Saint Peter of Cetinje to “not to perform any ecclesiastical services” until their repentance, for which we pray.
The Announcement is signed by: 
Arhiepiskop of Cetinje, Mitropolit of Montenegro and Littoral Area, Sir Amfilohije
Episkop of Mileševa, Sir Atanasije
Episkop of Budim and Nikšić, Sir Joanikije
Episkop of Zahumlje and Hercegovina, Sir Dimitrije 
Retired Episkop of Zahumlje and Hercegovina, Atanasije