Putin is now forever


Everything has cleared up. The reform of the Russian Constitution was needed by the authorities in order to extend Putin's powers beyond 2024. Everything has fallen into place and the intrigue has successfully resolved. Putin will always be.

Today, Putin declared his support for the amendment, nullifying his presidential term and allowing him to participate in new elections.

Putin's current term expires in 2024. Under the current Constitution, he would no longer have the right to run for president. The amendments to the Constitution have made the document, in the eyes of Putin and his supporters, "new." This fact was expressed as follows: it is necessary to allow the president to run after the adoption of amendments to the Constitution.

At the same time, Putin had reservations: “In principle, this option would be possible [after the approval of the amendments by vote], but only on one condition - if the Constitutional Court gives an official conclusion that such an amendment would not contradict the basic principles and provisions of the Basic Law.” However, given the current situation, the decision is absolutely predictable.


Thus, on March 10, 2020, a historic decision was made to postpone the future for another 20 years and extend the present for the same period.