Radicalization of Indian Society


The radicalization of Indian society is at its peak under the reins of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The ultranationalist Hindus are roaming everywhere in India and making the life of general masses especially Muslims miserable. Their brutalities against minorities (lower caste) not stopped there. With every passing day, Hindutva ideology is being expanded in the country. The goons of armed organization called like RSS are beating, vandalizing and targeting Muslims and other members of lower caste (Dalits). All this is being done under the patronage of nationalist and warmongering Indian government. Those who questioned Indian government’s fake claim are being killed and tortured publically in BJP-led states. Despite all these biased tendency of Indian government, Indian officials are still talking about the mantra of so called secular India. But the fact is that Indian democracy is under severe threat due to the rise of Hindutva across the country.

The rise of Hindutva is going at much faster pace than it was expected to take place. All credit goes to the hawkish Indian politicians including Prime Minister Modi. With all these disparities, BJP’s leaders are busy in defending democratic values and secularism in India, which is in reality far far away. To show the so-called secularism, India’s military might and democratic values, India observed 26th of January as the Republic Day. On this day, Indian constitution was approved, which defined the true, democratic and secular values of the country. But since the arrival of BJP in the helm of affairs, the idea of secularism has been completely vanished from Indian society. As of now, India is now an extremist society with barely any semblance of secularism and democracy as Hindu supremacist RSS and BJP tighten control over state organs.

Every year, Indian government invites world leaders as a chief guest to see India’s military muscle in a show of strength in New Delhi. Last year, Brazilian President was the chief guest at the military parade and republic day celebrations. But, this year’s Republic Day in not normal for Indian government as thousands of Indian farmers are staging agitations and given tough time to the government of Modi. Indian government has refused to bow down before the farmers and instead threatening them. Farmers’ union in different states of India have announced counter rallies on Republic Day. They are on the strike since last 65 days. Govt is now threating them with dire consequences. Dozens of farmers have died due to the anti-farmers policies by Indian government.  

With increasing social and political disparities, the image of India under PM Modi is at its lowest ebb. Nationalist policies of Modi government are creating serious security and strategic concerns for its neighbors also. The military might of India under the Modi-Shah-Doval trio is being designed to become the hegemon of this region which we called South Asia. But, this is not going to happen as China possess serious and strong challenges to Indian hegemonic designs. The ultimate victims of the nationalist and warmongering approach of Indian government are Indian people. They are suffering socially, economically and politically. The people in Indian Occupied Kashmir are also among the worst affected who have become the target of Hindutva policies of BJP.

BJP’s government is going all out to suppress minorities such as Muslims, Sikhs and Dalits. The upper class of Hindu community is considered themselves as the superior. This superiority complex is the major reason behind the radicalization of Indian society. The overall response of India as a federation to the issues of Babri Masjid, CAA, NRC, Delhi Riots and Farmers protest reflect that Indian society has changed forever for worst under the incumbent Modi and its BJP. The leaders of ruling BJP are also raping girls of lower caste and police is not even arresting them. This shows that in Modi’s India, girls are no longer safer. Thanks to the international leaders, states and organizations who have spoken against Indian brutalities and Hindutva ideology’s consequences. What they should do more is continue to pressing Indian government and its policies. They must not see Indian through the lenses of economic market when it comes to criticizing Human Rights Violations taking place under the ambit of Indian government.

Despite all social injustices and to become a leading international player, India is now trying to re-align its foreign policies. It is changing its strategic pivot and now moving more closely to United States as compare to Russia. It is pertinent to mention here that China factor is also behind the strategic re-alignment of India. The Indo-Pacific approach of United State is compelling India to join hands with Washington, Australia and Japan to provoke China and contain its hegemony in the region. The new strategic pivot of USA in South Asia is favorable to Pakistan as it came Russia, China and Pakistan close to each other.

Likewise, India projected unity at Republic Day which was pre-planned and aimed at boosting Modi’s image as a statesman. But, everyone knows about the facts. The fact here is that farmers have posed major challenge to Modi government. Indian ministers are misleading the people and demonstrating that Pakistan is behind the farmers protests and given them financial support. These Indian allegations are part of Indian state-sponsored narrative against Pakistan. The reality is very different from Indian version. At the end, I would must say that India has nothing of pride to showcase on Republic Day 2021. World must not listen to more Indian lies.