A real revolution for Macedonia!

After so many fake Soros’ “revolutions”

Despite all the provocations, pressures, threats, and dirty tricks, Macedonia is continuing with courage, determination, and vigilance to restore its independence and national sovereignty. The mobilization of the people of Macedonia continues and grows and the last emissary of the “International Community,” Hoyt Brian Yee is not expected to  improve on the embarrassing failures of Federica Mogherini or Carl Bildt.

The next stop of the train of revolution is the inevitable elections, where this revolution will find its institutional arrival point: a national government that must guarantee the interest of the citizens and their national sovereignty. Nobody will be able to prevent a democratically elected government. The Soros’ puppets, from Zaev down, have lost any credibility and respect from the people of Macedonia. The so-called International community will not be able to prevent a government of the people, by the people and for the people!

It is a real war of independence that the world is witnessing every day in the cities and towns of Macedonia. The lies of the international media are not anymore able to cover the reality of a people that said no to the vicious octopus of George Soros and to the so-called international community that thought they could scare, undermine and cut into pieces this small country.

No, the apparently sophisticated cyberwar (the “Bomb”!) commissioned by a “powerful Western intelligence agency” to Zoran Verusevki in order to create a bloody “Ukraine Scenario” failed!  No matter how many assets and political mercenaries in the Balkans, in Europe, and elsewhere were mobilized by the now defeated Obama/Clinton/Bush ancient regime! Slowly but surely, the details of that treasonous operation begin to emerge in Italy and other countries, haunting and terrorizing its puppeteers and its puppets.

No, the Tirana Platform brought to the Albanian capital by the emissaries of the defeated Obama/Cinton/Bush establishment and subcontracted to Edi Rama… did not work! The stay behind operation set up by the Washington super-corrupt regime that was defeated in the last US elections crashed against the wall of the popular will. The plan to trigger the violent creation of a Greater Albania is not working. Actually, the countries that were set up to be the victims of that criminal scheme are going, instead, towards an unprecedented alliance against the common enemies. Countries that had been condemned by the old British imperial geopolitics to fight each other in unending self-destructive wars… are now reacting against the Divide and Conquer of the balkanization. Countries like Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Moldova, and many more… now see well who is the common enemy. Even Albania, that has been used with utmost contempt by the International community and by “powerful western agencies” as a pawn to be used and discarded at the pleasure of the master – even Albania is now beginning to see that Soros, Brennan & Co. are as friendly as a viper under your shirt.

No, the unprecedented provocation of illegally nominating the old UCK terrorist Ali Ahmeti as chairman of the Parliament… was not taken well by the Macedonians, or by any honorable, and self-respecting country in the world! There is no doubt that the action of Zaev and his accomplices was meant to insult and provoke the people who are defending day and night their country whose elected government was arrogantly targeted by Soros. In the same way that the idea of dismembering the country to create the illusory Greater Macedonia is a provocation against any country of the Balkans and beyond, so the nomination of Ahmeti as president of the Parliament whose soldiers were assassinated in the most brutal way, was also a calculated provocation. 

The international community was ready to consider those terrorist crimes as a legitimate “protest” and to degrade the people into accepting the foreign sponsored and controlled terrorism. How different it is now, the music coming from these shameless forces, when the Macedonians reacted to an attempted coup d’état inside their own parliament! The blood and the terror of the Soros’ Color Revolutions were celebrated as the triumph of democracy. Who can forget how Gauleiterin Victoria Nuland was instructing her puppets to take over by violence the government and the parliament of Ukraine?

Not now! Now nobody should be allowed to react to a coup d’etat. A coup d’etat accepted immediately by the still nominally Ambassador of the US, Jess Baily. A coup accepted by the various Mogherini, Bildt and the whole long list of the factotums of Soros and Wall Street.

The truth is that the Soros gang is desperately trying to provoke an explosion inside Macedonia and a broader war in the Balkans. They have their orders, but are not able to execute them. 

The people of Macedonia are determined and their elected leaders -statesmen of the caliber of Georgi Ivanov and Nikola Gruevski – couldn’t be bought or intimidated. The philosophy of the Soros gang is: you destroy what you cannot control. But this time it doesn’t really work. The power of the sorosoids is decreasing in their until now secure den, Washington. These mad dogs who cannot trust anymore their master are trying now to regroup. And to gamble whatever they have left on the roulette of history. They are going to lose, and lose bad!

See the old leftover from the Victoria Nuland time, Hoyt Brian Yee, the U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs. In the usual fashion this gentleman of a past regime invited himself to Skopje. Why? Obviously to keep pressuring President Ivanov and the Macedonians to surrender, and surrender not to the US government, but to the corrupt Obama/Clinton clique that is now rapidly falling into the garbage dump of history.  

There is not a serious observer who does not see the coincidence of the Yee frantic landing with the Zaev/Ahmeti provocation.

No, it’s not going to work, Mr. Yee. No, it’s not going to work, Mr. Baily!

Macedonia is mobilized, vigilant, determined inside. Provocations will not work. And Macedonia is absolutely not isolated outside. More and more countries and movements in the Balkans and beyond are enthusiastically observing the magnificent resistance of the Macedonians. A network of friendly parties and countries will express more and more concretely their sympathy for the country. The Soros octopus is, instead, facing scrutiny and disgusted aversion in an increasing number of countries. Many media and organizations in the US are now denouncing Soros loudly. Soros is scared of the Trump administration, especially for what it fears in the immediate future.  And this is what the Foreign Ministry of Russia had to say on the last attempted coup in the Parliament of Macedonia:

We are very concerned about the latest developments in the Republic of Macedonia. On April 27, the opposition that lost the parliamentary election basically attempted to seize power in the country by electing the Speaker of the Assembly (Parliament) basically by force on its own initiative and in violation of established procedures. People were injured during an ensuing fight that involved protesters opposing the “impostors,” and some of them were hospitalised.

Official representatives of the European Union, the ambassadors of some European countries and the ambassador of the United States unhesitatingly praised the new “Parliament speaker” who is, incidentally, a former field commander in the so-called pro-Albanian National Liberation Army. This well-coordinated and quick response, doubtless, attests to the fact that these developments had been planned in advance, with the covert connivance of “foreign curators” of the Macedonian opposition. This once again confirms the fact that the current domestic political crisis in the Republic of Macedonia has been mostly caused by blatant interference in the domestic affairs of this country. We are witnessing an impudent tampering with election returns through the removal of the legitimate government from power.

Subsequent developments along this scenario, attempts to change the country on the basis of the so-called “Tirana platform” are fraught with even greater risk, and the situation might escalate into a conflict, including an inter-ethnic conflict… the West is obviously pandering to the advocates of a Greater Albania.

No, Hoyt Brian Yee has already failed in his plan to scare the elected leaders of Macedonia.  He should be worried, very worried, instead, for his future career. Even Soros will soon be unable to support all his operatives. The Zoran/Ahmeti provocations definitively failed.  The people will express its will with the coming elections. Even the electors of SDSM can see now who really was their fake leader. All the free people of the world are watching with pride Ivanov and Gruevski. Macedonia is reconquering its freedom and its future!