The real story behind the Breedlove hacking


The war of exposure and compromise continues in the US. While all of Hillary Clinton’s correspondence has been discussed, the private correspondence of General Philip Breedlove has appeared. Philip Mark Breedlove is a four-star general of the United States Air Force who served as the Commander of the U.S. European Command, as well as the 17th Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR) of NATO Allied Command Operations. He resigned in 2016 and was replaced by US Army General Curtis Scaparrotti.

The Intercept published an article which reveals the e-mails of the former commander of NATO forces in Europe in which he discussed strategic issues with influential US politicians. The now retired general allegedly planned to by any means get around the reluctance of Obama to heighten military tensions with Russia over the war in Ukraine. Based on the published materials, it sic lear that Breedlove discussed pressuring Obama on the issue of Ukraine with Victoria Nuland, Colin Paul, Wesley Clark, as well as with some analysts, including Harlan Ullman (a Senior Adviser at the Atlantic Council), Natalie Crawford (a senior fellow and Distinguished Chair in Air and Space Policy at the RAND Corporation), and Dr. Phillip A. Karber (President of the Potomac Foundation). Thus the revealed network of warmongers comprises US military circles, neocons, the Atlantic Council, the RAND corporation and The Potomac Foundation. The latter is the enterprise of Dr. Phillip A. Karber and Wesley Clarke which is financed by The Boeing Company, the Soros / Open Society Fund and the Smith Richardson Foundation.

Who is spreading the news?

The information was disseminated by the website The Intercept, which is funded by the US ultraliberal magnate Pierre Omidyar, who is close to George Soros. Together with the Soros Foundation, Omidyar has funded a number of liberal media projects in the US and abroad. Like Soros, Omidyar was involved in the financing of the coup in 2014 in Ukraine. The site where the correspondence of Breedlove was posted also presents documents related to the activities of other persons. In particular, those of Hillary Clinton and George Soros. However, nothing seriously incriminating against them is to be found there. Basically, what is offered is a collection of materials based on the fact that they have already been made public. Clinton, Soros and other politicians and public figures are added just for the sake of appearances. The site was specifically created in order to provide a "stuffing" for Breedlove.

In order to understand the meaning of this action, let's see what conclusions the American public can draw from these materials:

1. Barack Obama was opposed to US involvement in a war with Russia.

2. The fears of those harshly opposing Russia have been confirmed.

3. The pressure on Russia is to be strengthened.

The warmongers are portrayed as really believing in aggressive Russian plans and not having any hidden agenda. Thus, the conservative audience will find more evidence to support their belief that Russia must be deterred.

It is no accident that the publication appeared on the eve of the NATO summit, where decisions on an unprecedented strengthening of the Alliance in opposition to Russia are expected to be adopted.

For the peaceful audience, such publications expose those responsible for inciting the Third World War as the group of warmongers, the very existence of which in the media has the effect of the Overton Window. Compared to them, Obama and Hillary Clinton are made to look like reasonable, balanced politicians (even though they are actually not). Thus, it is only logical that Breedlove’s reputation be sacrificed, since he resigned and is no longer in charge of anything important. Net-centric warfare is waged to shape the behavior of friends, neutrals, and foes in peace, crisis, and war. Friends as well as foes...

Omidyar retains the reputation of a fighter for human rights and freedoms who opposes neocons and warmongers. In fact, however, in Ukraine all of these forces have successfully collaborated to advance US hegemony.

In the event of the failure of the politics of pressure, he and Soros will still not lose because they can always say that they support the promotion of American ideology by peaceful means. And they will be right. After all, they in fact supported the strategy for using networks of influence against Russia. Saber-rattling policy is not their specialization. But now that they’ve captured the media and occupied the position of whistleblowers, the data can be easily manipulated in their favor.

At the same time, the US public the correspondence must draw the following conclusion from this string of publications:

The United States and its armed forces are controlled by ignorant elites who do not keep their correspondences confidential, but instead use mere personal email accounts. Breedlove corresponded with the address This is even more stupid than Hillary Clinton's use of a personal server for the transmission of classified information.

These clowns cannot govern the country. In fact, it is governed by other people - those who lurk in the shadows.