Regional Impact of PM Imran Khan’s visit to the USA

Mistrust and hostile environments were witnessed after the Abbottabad incident on 2 May 2011, between Pakistan and the US. Although both countries were a close ally during the cold war era and war on terror, misunderstandings were created and the relations between the two countries suffered the worst time in the history of 7 decades. The US was among one the first countries to recognize Pakistan after getting independence from the UK in 1947. And Pakistan enjoyed the status of the closest ally outside NATO. 
PM Imran Khan met President Trump on 22 July 2019. The meeting was very cordial and friendly. Various subjects came under discussion. Both leaders exchanged viewpoints. PM Imran Khan was very relaxed and full of confidence. He successfully explained Pakistan's narrative. President Trump was very much friendly, open and straight forward. He was convinced on PM Imran Khan’s narrative. 
Both sides agreed to cooperate on the Afghan issue. It is expected in the coming days a positive development will seem on the ground. Negotiation with the Taliban will be more positive, intense and fruitful. Military actions and bloodshed may reduce to a big extent. Political process may be initiated soon. People’s suffering may reach to an end. Development works may be initiated. Infrastructure, Health, Education and basic necessities of life may be restored. Afghan people have suffered almost 4 decades, forced to immigrate, there were around 5 million refugees at a time only in Pakistan, how many to other countries may be estimated in millions. Families were separated, children were lost, and parents aware lost, a huge crisis. No Electricity, no schooling, no health care, no basic necessities of life, the suffering of Afghan people were beyond imagination in the modern civilized world. The people of lesser God may find an end to this big disaster soon. 
A stable and peaceful Afghanistan will impact on all its neighboring counties positively. Trade routes in the region will be restored and access to Central Asia, Russia, and Eurasia to Gwadar port in the warm waters of the Arabian sea will be possible. It will bring development and prosperity to the whole region. A Stable and Peaceful Afghanistan is in the interest of everyone in this region. But vital for Pakistan, as Pakistan was a country, having the most adverse impact due to the prevailing situation in Afghanistan. Pakistan sacrificed 70000 precious human lives, an economic loss of estimated up to US Dollar 250 billion, drug and gun culture, terrorism and extremist, smuggling and trafficking, and the curse of corruption, etc. Pakistan will be the first country desiring for a peaceful and stable Afghanistan.
Both the leaders’ enjoyed the convergence of interest in resolving the Afghan issue. Both are convinced on a negotiated settlement of Afghan, war may not be a solution. Pakistan has offered to play its due role, as Pakistan has the capacity, capability and will to establish comprehensive peace and stability in Afghanistan permanently. A foresee a bright future for Afghanistan in the very near future. 
The same message was conceived from a recent meeting held in Beijing, China, among the US, Russia, China, and Pakistan’s representatives. The inclusion of Pakistan was a very positive step toward achieving the desired goals. Unlike previously, where the US wanted an Indian role, which was irrational and ill-logical. Finally, the US recognized Pakistan’s strength and instrumental role. 
On the other hand, President Trump has offered to play the role of mediator to resolve the Kashmir issue. Although India was upset and denied its request, we are optimistic that President Trump will keep his words and commitment to mediate in resolving Kashmir Issue. Kashmir is a dispute between India and Pakistan for 72 years, the United Nations has passed a resolution to solve this issue, but India has been denying to implement UN resolution. Kashmir is one of the most beautiful parts of the world and considered heaven on earth. It is a Muslim majority area and occupied by the Indian Army. To keep their hold, India has deployed around 750,000 regular troops, in addition to it outnumbered civilians and intelligence agents in the form of school teachers, social workers, district management officers, businessmen, journalists, academicians, bankers, etc. India has crossed all record of human right in Kashmir, excessive use of force, all dirty tricks to suppress the freedom struggle of Kashmiris, but failed.
I believe the meeting between PM Imran Khan and President Trump, will bring a positive impact in this region in the perspective of Afghanistan and as well as in the perspective of India. However, he is just beginning a lot of homework and implementation steps need to be taken yet. Be optimistic! Struggle hard!