Russia May Play Leadership Role in Middle-East Peace


The situation in the Middle East is changing rapidly. The recent unrest in Israel is growing like fire and entering into a dangerous zone. The clashes between armed police and helpless Palestinians are witnessed everywhere. Here are signs of full-scale war, which may engulf some of the neighboring or regional countries.

Iran-Israel tension has reached a full-fledged war-like situation. It has crossed the limit of verbal threats and warnings, but practical attacks were also seen in recent days. Looking at the magnitude of their weapons and intensity of rivalry, one can predict a disastrous conflict.

However, the US has shown flexibility toward Iran for the nuclear deal but with strict conditions. It is still appreciated that the President Joe Biden Administration has considered the settlement of disputes with Iran. Iran is also willing to reach such a nuclear deal where sanctions would be removed, and its frozen assets may be returned back to Iran immediately, and trade sanctions may be removed. Itan’s ailing economy is under immense pressure due to irrational sanctions. There is a ray of hope.

Houthis in Yemen are getting stubborn and refused to attend the UN meeting, Which might complicate the Saudi-Yeman conflict further. The UN was trying to find a solution to end the ongoing war.

The situation in Lebanon is also not good; especially, the economic crisis seems more dangerous. On the political front, the power struggle and French interference are worsening the situation further. Lebanon might be a small country, but its geostrategic location is vital for peace in the whole region.

The direct contact between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Iran was a big surprise, and promptly opening up of diplomatic missions is encouraging. In fact, both are Muslim nations and sharing many things in common; It was the interest of the US to sell expensive weapons to the Oil-Rich Arab States, that is why they used Wester bais media to create tension between Arabs and Iran. President Trump was openly admitting that his friendship with Saudi Arabia was for selling more arms and weapons to support the rapidly falling economy of the US.

Turkey and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have also come close to each other and trying to overcome differences amicably. Turkey has huge potential to stabilize the whole region and promote developments. There exist historical, cultural, religious, and political relations between the two Muslim countries. There are more things in common than differences.

Egypt and Turkey are also in contact, which will smooth the ways of peace and stability in Libya too. Both countries are important states in the region, and cooperation among them will positively impact the region.

Qatar may be a small state but politically very active in the region. Qatar is a state, who hosted the Afghan Peace talks between Taliba and the US directly. Qatar’s balanced foreign policies are playing a significant role in bringing the regional countries closer.

Pakistan is the only nuclear power in the Muslim world with a powerful army. Pakistan’s visionary leadership is very active for peace and stability in the whole region and globally. Pakistan is playing a pivotal role in the peace process in Afghanistan. Earlier, the Pakistani Prime Minister visited Riyadh and Tehran to bring two Muslim brothers closer. Pakistan was silently playing diplomacy to defuse tension among the Muslim world and regional countries. It is a well-stated policy of Pakistan that we are partner with anyone anywhere any time for “Peace,” and we are not partner with anyone, anywhere or any time in the wars, aggressions, destructions, killings, etc. Pakistan is a peace-loving nation genetically and wanted to promote peace globally.

It is the first time when Prime Minister of Israel Netanyahu contacted President Putin, after desperate from the cold response from President Joe Biden. He might be facing severe challenges domestically and may not be able to keep his position within his own party or among the masses.

With this scenario, Russia has space to play a leading role in bringing peace, stability, and developments in the whole region. The Muslim world was victimized by the Western World (The US, NATO, and Allies) for almost a couple of decades. Millions of Muslims were killed, millions were made homeless, millions were forced to move into refugee camps either in their own countries or migrate to other countries. The Infrastructure was damaged, agriculture & crops were destroyed, Business was ruined, the economy was damaged, civic life was damaged, the social structure was damaged, and etc. There exist anti-America solid sentiments all over the Muslim world. At the same time, many of them are looking toward Russia, including the State of Israel. Let Russia avail of this opportunity and extend its leadership role.