Russia is occupied!

Yes, Russia is occupied - not by foreign military forces, but by foreign companies and organisations, by international banks and by her own, domestic liberal traitors, the 5th column. They oppose Putins reforms, but there is hope: in the latest elections, the non-patriotic parties got less than 5% of the vote. So the big majority of the people supports the move for national liberation from foreign influence. Unfortunately these 5% are over-represented in the powerstructures of government and society: enterprises, mass media, TV, business, banking system and so on. And most of them, do not act in the best interest of the people or of Russia - they act only in the interest of the USA and for filling their own pockets.
This is a reason why the russian economy must be "disconnected" from the west, from USA. I do not mean a total break of interaction, but russian economy must be made independent from "our western partners" to the extent that they cannot influence our foreign policy with their favourite trick: sanctions.
These 5% are also over-represented in the government, they are almost as strong as the patriotic forces and compete for the presidents "ear". Of course it is very dangerous for Russia and president Putin to have such traitors in such positions in the power-vertical. Also the leadership of the central bank, Bank of Russia, is not what we can call patriotic as it is governed by foreign bankers and foreign financial institutions. The russian banking system and the rouble should be detached from the dollar and the euro and russian trade should be denominated in rouble or gold or some "international monetary unit". The west of course does not want that because then they will lose control of the russian central bank and their sanctions will become even less effective. But smaller countries like Cuba, North Korea and Iran defied US sanctions for decades without giving up their sovreignity and without having 2% of the power and resources of Russia, so why should Russia not defy them?
In the economy and in the society, foreign products of all kinds should be exchanged for domestically produced products or imports from friendly countries - and the currency of these transactions should not be dollar or euro! This is of course not easy to do over night, but it is important and imperative. Only then can Russia be free from the foreign occupation. Russia must also cooperate more closely with BRICS, the Customs Union, and CSTO to become truly independent. 
In financial dealings, first of all Russia must stop buying US treasury bonds! The USA made up this game and the rules, so they can just give the FED a "US-Treasury bond", and they will get newly printed dollars! But Russia needs to sell oil, gas and other things to get these US dollars or Euros. She must accumulate foreign capital to make investments in her economy. If Russia should invest more than the foreign capital accumulated, she will have to devalue the rouble under the current system. These are the so called "Basel rules", and they hinder russian development. Now, China pretends to obey the Basel rules, but they understand the scam behind and they don’t care about how much extra they print. Russia can, and should do the same!
The american "experts" and "consultants" that during Yeltsin-time wrote the russian constitution for him made sure that russian economy was controlled from Wall Street. This bondage must be broken, and it may require a change in the constitution to do so. This is the second most important task for president Putin - the first is to help to liberate Novorossia and Malorossia from the Kiev nazi junta. And both tasks must be completed quickly because the president is not getting any younger...
The current Russian Constitution and system of government is a product of the US ‘advisors’ which allowed Yeltsin to ruin the country until 1999. President Putin inherited this problem and now he has to solve it. The main obstacle to a reform are the 5th column pro-USA traitors in the Kremlin. They want some kind of "deal" with the west even though it is obvious that the outcome would be very bad for Russia. Of course president Putin understands that, but so far he has not acted decisevly.
The 5th column must finally be expelled from the powerstructures in the russian government and in the central bank and their control over main stream media must be broken. The control over russian state institutions that the World Bank, the IMF and the WTO has got with the help of such traitors must be recalled.
The main names of these 5th columnists are well known:
Deputy Prime Minister Arkadii Dvorkovich, "presidental advisor" Vladislav Surkov, First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov, First Deputy Governor of the Russian Central Bank Ksenia Iudaeva, Governor of the Russian Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina, Minister of Economic Development Alexei Uliukaev, Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov, and outside the Kremlin but still dangerous: Former First Deputy Prime Minister Anatolii Chubais and former Minister of Finance Alexei Kudrin.
Considering that the West has already done all it can to destroy Russia with the help of such people, this is the perfect time to finally get rid of the 5th column!