Russia is ready to enter Armageddon


Some people think, that the position of Russia on the last crisis in Syria is sometimes commented as a sign of weakness and geostrategic inability to effectively protect its ally and prevent another American bombing, regardless of previous declarations.

I don’t think that Russia has shown its weakness. If the weakness is not to engage into WWIII without the enemy passing the red line, so, I refuse to call it «weakness». The atlanticists tried to test Putin, and the result is in favor of Russia. No serious damage to Syrian defense system, no loss in the anti-missile structure, the majority of smart missile destroyed without using S-300. The credibility of Superpower is as well responsibility. Putin has decided that the red line wasn’t crossed, and that was correct.

The problem is: either it is all, or USA, Great Britain and France will continue to strike. If there will be other incidents, Putin can decide that the red line is crossed and WWIII will begin. That will be the only way to convince the mankind who is superpower and who is not – if something remains from mankind.

It is a great bluff, and Putin is playing the Apocalypse game seriously.

The war has began

But I am sure that in any case the answer will follow. The West has committed the act of aggression against us on fully unfounded pretext of double false flag operation – with Skripals and with staged chemical attack in Ghouta. The war has began. But the real nature of this war is no more geopolitical – the West against the East nor the Sea Power against the Land Power as it could seem.

Now we are dealing with vertical geopolitics: the globalists against the peoples. The globalists want to use American people and European peoples as their tools. They have succeeded finally by hijacking Trump who has lost his battle and his electoral – essentially non-interventionist – base. But the fact of his election is irreversible. The people of America has voted for Peace, anti-Swamp and conservative values. The same is the inner decision of European people that in spite of all propaganda is not in existential conflict with Russia. 

So vertical geopolitics is not the choice to be pro–American or pro-Russian. The vertical geopolitics is to be either on the side of the peoples – American, European, Russian, Arab, Iranian – or to be tool of globalist elites that need wars, interventions and total destructions of countries and states. Russia in not the example to follow, but Russian position in Middle East and elsewhere has advantage of minimal rationality and consequence. Russia struggles not for Russian interests, but for Multipolar World where many options and choices should be possible. And now the globalists and defenders of American liberal hegemony are wounded Dragon. They can hurt but their time is over. If we can avoid the WWIII that will signify the end of unipolar moment.

The Armageddon scenario

President Macron has “convinced Trump to stay in Syria”, meanwhile large American task force with aircraft carrier USS “Harry Truman” is heading towards the Middle East. So, the question is – can we expect that the West is determined to launch full scale intervention against Assad’s forces, and is there any line, which can’t be crossed by Trump because of the potential Russian reaction?

As I have explained, Russia will respond with our military potential including nuclear weapon if the red line will be crossed. The red line is direct attack against Russian troops in Syria by American, British or French missiles or different weapons. With Harry Truman or without it. Macron is zero, he is just small detail in the globalist machine, he can convince nobody. Trump is manipulated not by Macron, but by neocons who are the part of globalist center of decision. Macron is also a part of the same group that is losing its grip on the humanity. 

The question is: how bad is in the reality the situation of globalist elites? Nobody knows that for sure. If it is really bad, worse than radical critics themselves suppose, they could launch the Armageddon scenario. There could not be easy way to stop Putin: either WWIII or Multipolarity will progress, and Western liberal hegemony will decline. Dealing with Russians they deal with profoundly messianic people. We understand the eschatological stakes and we have inner knowledge that globalization is the plan of Antichrist. So we know what we fight against. The tricks, bargains and bluffs will not pass.

The place is very significant: the Holy Land, where Jesus Christ walked, the mountain where Cain was killed, the Umayyad Mosque tower where, as the Muslims believe, the Second coming of Jesus will happen and where the last battle of Mahdi with Messiah against Dajjal will take place. 

I don’t think all that is just coincidence. So, Russian reaction will be as Apocalyptic as globalist aggression will be.

Russian, Persian and Ottoman Empires begin to reappear

Possible consequences of the tripartite summit in Ankara has recently frightened Western elites, that Russia, Turkey and Iran are about to start serious cooperation and redraw geopolitical map of the Middle East. The three traditional Empires – Russian, Persian and Ottoman - begin to reappear. All of them challenge in different form the Post-Modern globalization, liberal hegemony and unipolarity. They fought in the history against each other weakening each other and helping the West and Modernity to destroy them. But we have got the lesson of history: we are going to stay together in order to reorganize the Middle East showing the world that only peaceful solution is possible, ISIS can be defeated and all that without and against globalists. Seemingly the globalists couldn’t let that happen. So they have chosen to attack now. 

Globalists themselves can take decision to enlarge the front line and to push Kiev to attack Donbass

Some experts suppose that Russian projection of power would be probably much more effective in its own regional, geopolitical environment. The answer for the question - are President Putin and political elites of Russia are mentally able to answer the West with new fait accompli in Ukraine - depends on what will follow now. The Russian answer surely will be given. But I suppose that globalists themselves can take decision to enlarge the front line and to push Kiev to attack Donbass and after that - Crimea. The protests in Erevan, Armenia, have already started. We can wait as well the intrusion of Afghan ISIS in Tajikistan and so on. The preparation for actual attack was so serious, that it is evident that globalists have prepared different scenarios. We did it as well. But initiative of aggression is on the side of the globalists. So, our actions will be a sort of asymmetric response – up to the certain moment, when the point of no return will be reached. After that we will start plan B that can include some preventive actions.