Russiagate: Not Russia but CA/SCL Group Hacked American Democracy

 In this 21st century, hacking democracy has become common phenomena by using modern technologies and big data firms. Political parties and politicians are using data science to change the masses behavior. In fact, this applied science used to control the mindset of target group after analyzing sets of data (both biased and unbiased) which was collected from the population by applying scientific methods.   It is not only about the practical or empirical methods, it needs scientific foundations to draw the information after a detailed study of data. But now big data-mining firms have modified this data science by using the advantages of the cyber regime, behavioral communication, and information science.   
The hiring of big data firms for political and commercial business campaigns has become a new trend to achieve the target-oriented goal. The first time, former president of America Barack Obama used this data science for its political campaign. Emerging social media at that time played a vital role in the entry of Obama in Oval Office. Now recently, Donald Trump had hired one of world big data-mining firm Cambridge Analytica (CA) for a presidential campaign.  Trump’s political slogan ‘Make America Great Again’ was also invented by this firm.    
Chief Executive of the CA, Alexander Nix accepted the role of his firm in meddling American election as he says, “CA was able to provide the campaign with predictive analytics based on more than 5,000 data points on every voter in the United States. From there, CA’s team of political consultants and psychologists guided the campaign on what to say and how to say it to specific groups of voters.”
This is the loud acknowledgment of Trump data guru to change American voter’s behavior in favor for Trump victory in the presidential election but unfortunately, American deep state blamed on Russia for hacking the American democracy, which is totally baseless and untrue. Unfortunately, American mainstream media tried to link-up CA with WikiLeaks. Although it is also on the record that the founder of WikiLeaks Julian Assange rebuffed a request for help last year from the head of a data firm that worked for Donald J Trump.
American warmongers within deep state worked for the Hillary victory by using controlling American mainstream media but they were failed to elect her, so as a result, they blamed on Russia to accelerate hostility towards Moscow and to keep pressure own President Trump so that he could not establish friendly relations with Russia. They have succeeded in this regard as Trump surrendered in front of American deep state.  But the point is that the fight within the deep state between FBI and CIA also helped Trump to use the situation in his favor as FBI investigated Hillary after email’s leaks scandal.  
CIA blamed Russia for hacking Hillary Clinton emails through WikiLeaks. The purpose of this blame was to influence on FBI investigation against her and they also succeeded as she did not go to jail but they lost to elect her as a president. They propagated that independent whistleblower WikiLeaks worked for Russia but it is fact that Russia has no links with WikiLeaks as we all know that Julian Assange ambition was to expose CIA that how it is destroying the privacy of ordinary people because of it an organization that publishing information in the public interest. It was the WikiLeaks, who dared to tell the truth that the government agency has been spying on people through all kinds of everyday devices.
An independent journalist Suzie Dawson did a lot of research on Wikileaks and its founder Julian Assange. She said that one of her TV interview about Julian, “He has called so many conflicting things. He called neo-Nazi, and then he called the agent of Israel or an agent of Russia. Some people also called him an agent of America and CIA agent but Julian is none of those things. Julian is the agent of change and truth is only his weapon. He used truth to bring us change and there is no his fault that changes happen to Trump.” 
 During the research, I also found some reports suggested that CA was working with Russia but they did not mention any direct link except CA request to Wikileaks for obtaining the data of Hillary emails. As I wrote above that Julian refused to provide data to CA. besides this, the CEO of CA Alexander Nix also denies working with Russia as he says, “We did not work with Russia in this election, and moreover we would never work with a third-party state actor in another country’s campaign.” But Nix also denies Russia had anything to do with the campaign at all.” 
New York magazine claims that the final channel is the efforts by Cambridge Analytica, the campaign’s data firm. This channel is less well known to the public, in part because reporting about it has been dominated by The Wall Street Journal, and its stories hidden behind a paywall. But Cambridge Analytica’s role has come into much clearer focus.
I am well-aware about CA data-driven campaign for its clients because now this firm has turned to Pakistan as its services were hired by ousted Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to rescue his political career and to make sure his political party PML-N win in the upcoming general election. CA firm was hired during the Panama scandal case, as part of the campaign to smear the judiciary. However, after disqualification from public office by the Supreme Court of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif also instructed CA to promote his PML-N party throughout the current election cycle. Being the Pakistani citizen, I am closely monitoring ongoing well-organized campaign against Pakistan’s judiciary and state institutions. This firm is working closely with Pakistan’s media godfather Mir Shakeel Ur Rahman as it is using his experience to manipulate Pakistan’s in-house affairs from his Dubai based office. 
During the research, I tried to find the thread of Russia behind the CA but I failed because Russia will never support CA to meddle Pakistan’s domestic affairs because Russia and Pakistan after a long time, both countries are coming close to each other and Russia has no any single interest to rescue corrupt Nawaz Sharif because Nawaz is very much close to global neo-liberal manipulators as he was working in Pakistan to accomplish the neo-liberal agenda by changing the constitution of Pakistan, which is anti-liberal in nature. While Russia as the victim of liberalism appeared only resisting force against neo-liberal agenda.  Besides this, Russia has very close relations with Pakistan’s left-wing political parties, especially Pakistan People Party. So Russia was never behind the CA during Trump Campaign nor behind its data-driven campaign against Pakistan.     
This entire described scenario is enough to tell that Russia did not hack US election but it was CA, who interfered at the behest of Trump because American deep state wished to install Hillary in the oval office by manipulating people opinions through American mainstream media. Hence why Trump hired this firm and he used social and alternative media to counter mainstream media. Truth cannot be hiding through propaganda and fake news. Although the study of fake news reveals that false information travels alarmingly faster than truth. But it does not mean that Truth can be crushed by propaganda and fake news. In the end, truth always prevails.  
Here it is necessary to mention that CA was created by the SCL (Strategic Communication Laboratories) Group for political campaigns. It is a private British behavioral research and strategic communication company working closely with NATO and the US State Department. In many countries, SCL group was also used for regime changes and to bring color revolutions in targeted states.  Even NBC news reported that the Company was awarded State Department contracts last year (2017) to help fight ISIS recruitment and has taught behavioral change science at a NATO-affiliated training program. Really it is unbelievable that the company which works for Russian rival NATO can also work for Russia. So this is enough to expose the western media allegations about Russiagate. Even it came to knowledge through western dominated social media Facebook that it has suspended CA/SCL Group due its political, government and military work.  
American investigators of Russiagate failed to get any single evidence about Russian involvement in hacking American democracy. Even they did not get any concrete clue that Kremlin is behind the WikiLeaks and CA because it was an inside job. It is very easy to put blame on Russia for international and domestic failures to hide the truth from the public because they hypnotized their public with Russophobia. In fact, the ruling regimes of the US-led Western countries weaponized this Russophobia to spread hate against Russia in their masses. For this purpose even they staged false flags events intended to put blame on Russia. They openly used huge amounts of money to topple elected government in Ukraine and even this SCL Group was used to change the mindset and behavior of Ukrainian people against Russia.  They installed the military coup with the aim at encircling Russia with NATO extensions to eastwards. But they blamed Russia about the Ukraine crisis by controlling global media. West was looking to boycott Russian hosted football world cup on the request of Ukraine but they have no solid reason to do so. Therefore, they falsely staged Skripal nerve toxin attack to blame Russia and now as result relations between Russia and West plunge into deepening crisis.         
Recently Russian President Vladimir Putin responded on such baseless blame talking to CNBC news anchor Megyn Kelly as he said, “we’re holding discussions with our American friends and partners, people who represent the government, by the way, and when they claim that some Russians interfered in the US elections. We tell them and we did so fairly recently at a very level, ‘But you are constantly interfering in our political life’. Can you imagine, they don’t even deny it, you know what they told us last time? They said, ‘Yes, we do interfere but we are entitled to do it because we are spreading democracy and you’re not, and you can’t do it’.  Does this seem like a civilized and modern approach to international affairs? At the level of the Russian government and the level of Russian President, there has never been any interference in the internal political process of the United States.”
President Putin further explains, “Not long ago President Trump said something, he said that if Russia goal was to sow chaos it has succeeded, but that’s not the result, that’s the result of your political system; the internal struggle, the disorder, and division. Russia has nothing to do with it.  Whatsoever we have nothing to do with it all. Get your own affairs in order first and the way the question’s been framed as I mentioned –that you can interfere anywhere you want because you bring democracy but we can’t –that’s what causes conflicts. You have to show your partners respect and they will respect you.”