Satanization: Formation of a New Satanic Order


With the creation of man and the beginning of life, a great test awaited the children of Adam. At present, humanity is under such a test. The essence of testing is that a person should not commit sins in this world and should try to control his mind. But man is not without a soul, and Satan has access to the human soul. Therefore, Satan is the worst enemy of man in the heavenly scriptures. Satan seeks to lead man astray and fill hell with man. When man is subject to his own desires, Satan has dominion over him.

The coming of the prophets was to explain to mankind and to emphasize that man should not forget the mission of his coming into the world. God will never forget him. Understand that God created him on earth. Man has value and status in the sight of God, and it is not good to give up eternal happiness for the sake of worldly possessions. Absolute power belongs to God, and man is God's caliph on earth. If a person acts in accordance with God's law, he will attain a high level of enlightenment and knowledge. If a person deviates from the right path, he will undoubtedly be under the influence of Satan. This is an objective reality.

Of course, modern science is incapable of distinguishing between truth and falsehood, because the methodology of the ruling science is flawed. The methodology of modern science is under materialism and empiricism, it does not understand metaphysical values. How can the existence of God be proved by such a methodology? Until the Renaissance, physics and metaphysics were studied together in the Islamic world. According to Islamic teachings, man was not just a social being, but a spiritual phenomenon. There was no separation between religion and science. The main goal was to reach the truth and enlightenment and to find the mission of life. At one time this science went to Europe, separating physics from metaphysics and relying only on physics. Metaphysics became irrelevant because it was not empirical. Modern science is based solely on experience, for which metaphysics is alien. As metaphysics disappeared, a period of atheism began in Europe. In other words, in Europe, "God is dead."

They replaced religion with a new phenomenon called “political religion” - ideology. Ideology is purely secular and worships only secular values. Ideology was born out of emancipation. Society must be liberated from the law of God. What was forbidden in the religion is considered correct in the new ideology. The belief in eternal happiness, hell and paradise was destroyed, and man was considered an “intelligent animal”. If religion demanded that the mind be above the self, the new ideology considered selfishness to be the main thing. The essence of the new ideology is the worship of the self.

Liberalism acted as a secular ideology. Liberalism was the liberation of man from all restraints and frameworks. Liberalism once glorified human freedom and enslaved man to lust. If, according to liberalism, “man is the measure of all things,” then the human soul is the measure of everything. There are no restrictions on satisfying one's desires and wishes. Therefore, it is important that the state does not interfere in society and human life.

When the state interferes less, a person is liberated. Man's liberation leads to hedonism, nihilism, utilitarianism, selfishness. When a person becomes hedonistic, immoral and utilitarian, he will no doubt be under the control of Satan.

The truth is that if we look at the modern world from a diagnostic point of view, Satan has cast a shadow over society. This is because the people of the world are unaware of their Creator. Mankind is under the control of Satan. They do not know that Satan is man's worst enemy.

Mankind has forgotten its origin. Beginning with the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, and especially the French Revolution (1789), with the rise of Satanists to power, Satanism entered the world of science, philosophy, politics, economics, culture, and lifestyle. It was from this period that the old world system with satanic values began.

Thus, satanization became a political process. In the political powers of the world, only individuals were brought to power who conformed to the Western model. In other societies, Satanist values ​​were introduced and the place of religious institutions was restricted. Philosophy became purely materialistic, and wisdom and gnosis disappeared. Philosophy and theology were studied only from a satanic point of view. Theology has lost its essence and created religious indifference and indifference. Morality and spirituality became worthless. Freedom of conscience and tolerance are promoted as a means of manipulation. Freedom of conscience is a means of satanizing society.

The October Revolution and the overthrow of the Ottoman Empire marked the beginning of Satanism in the world. Thus, through science and culture, the people of the world were forced to adopt Satanism irrationally. Censorship and satanic monopolies were introduced in the fields of science, culture, cinema and economics. Religiosity and atheism were the propaganda of Satanism in the world. Destroying mosques, churches and religious books is nothing but the work of Satan.

In the new era, with the advent of the media, especially television, the satanization of public opinion has intensified. It was no coincidence that Satanists called television a god. In the making of war and pornographic films, it was the socialization of people with satanic values. The propaganda of Mass-Satanist values through the media is increasing, and children are being socialized in the framework of Satanism from an early age.

Of course, the groups that control the media and promote satanization are the bearers of Satan's power. If there is a reaction to their actions, it is called extremism. Thus, they remove such barriers and make society more and more ignorant.

A society that has no value other than eating and drinking is no different from an animal. At the same time, if it does not realize the mission of life, then it is useless. However, the satanic system of the universe does not allow man to know his destiny and origin. The new satanic order takes man out of God's way and makes him the worst creature.

Immorality and degradation are the most important phenomena of modern society. If the religion preached that a man and a woman should not marry illegally, then the children of the former Western countries are the product of adultery. In America and Europe, the number of fatherless children is very high. Naturally, this situation does not affect their future. This is the case in the United States and the European Union, and it is spreading to other countries. Satanist liberalism and this postmodern world have destroyed the most important unit of society, the family. In monotheistic religions, and especially in Islam, the family is very important, and adultery is a major sin.

Modern Satanism is a breeding ground for sin. It creates the conditions for more and more people to be guilty. When society is overwhelmed, the path to self-knowledge is blocked. Satanist society promotes drunkenness, adultery, betrayal, dishonesty, lying, corruption, prostitution, and bribery. These are all characteristics of satanic action. Alcoholism is one of the most serious problems in most countries of the world. Most accidents are the result of alcohol, but its use is still not banned. Most of the world's young people are drug addicts, but drug production is on the rise. Satanist TV channels spend thousands of dollars to promote prostitution. Most pornographic sites are owned by Western countries.

Modern capitalism with a market economy is an outstanding example of litigation, financial corruption. There is nothing lawful or unlawful for modern capitalism. Unfortunately, in the domestic context, people do not think of “honest food”. When people's food is obtained through haram, their thoughts, minds and instincts become polluted.

It should be noted that Westernization is in the true sense of the word satanization. As Western values are transferred to other countries, Satanism is spreading. It is important to recognize that Westernization and modernization are not the progress of countries, but a means of satanicization of societies.

The modernization of another society is the adoption of the Western way of life (american lifestyle). But from the point of view of common sense, the acceptance of Western values ​​is a transition to postmodern Satanism. God created man and woman to be together and to find peace and happiness. But the postmodern Satanist views all forms of marriage as valid. The doctrine from which it took postmodern form is purely Satanist. In Western countries, homosexuality is a human right. Efforts are being made to pass laws in other countries to protect the rights of homosexuals. This is the ignorance of the postmodern era.

Society as a whole is prone to immorality. But there is no effort to change society. In the framework of Satanism, people are socialized. The intelligentsia, the scientific elite, must study the phenomenon and the process and show the people the way. But what is felt is that most of the representatives of science are in the matrix of Satanism and claim the truth.

Where does satanization take humanity?!. It is possible to answer only from the eschatological point of view. The people of the world are hoping for a savior. But with the satanic propaganda of the West through various media, with the help of movies, cartoons, documentaries, books, etc., they rely on the Messiah, the Antichrist, the Dajjal. That is the consequence of Satan's work.

How to be saved? Only seeking refuge in God and righteous deeds, contemplation, abstaining from the forbidden, and building an anti-Satan system based on monotheism will save humanity. It is certain that truth always triumphs over falsehood. Therefore, it is necessary to take a position on the right side. Of course, the right side wins in Armageddon.