Satanization as Modernization


In modern conditions, countries around the world are trying to adapt to Western standards. No country is an exception to this rule. The nation is increasingly trying to move from a traditional society to a modern one. But what a modern society is, its example is seen in the image of the West. What criteria define modernity? What is in the West, it is considered modern. Therefore, other countries need to be modernized as much as possible.

It is necessary to pay attention to the anatomy of modernization, what kind of values ​​are spreading from the Western world to the world in this process. What are the values ​​of cultural, political and economic expansion? Finding the values ​​that are being imposed on other countries through modernization requires a rational approach. The scientific community, which is under Western values, is not able to diagnose modernization.

If nation-states do not have a national plan for modernization, but are modernized by Western values ​​and standards, then talking about a nation-state loses its relevance. Globalization obviously destroys national values ​​and reduces the status of the nation-state. In this case, it is important to consider the nature of such processes as globalization and modernization, outside the monopoly of modern science.

Globalists and engineers of the new world order are trying to establish a world government. It is a conspiracy and a pact with the devil. To lay the groundwork for a world government before the coming of the Antichrist. This view contradicts religious eschatology. Therefore, globalization and its values ​​are purely satanic.

Modernization can be done without westernization, but the national design of modernization is unique in the modern world. Often modernization is an outstanding reflection of Westernization. International experience confirms this. Depending on what values are propagated to the world in the process of westernization. In essence, they are Western values, but their real nature is Satanist-Masonic. Thus, the countries of the world are modernizing depending on Western values, which is in fact Westernization-Satanization.

Satanization is the process of disbelief of mankind by various means, at the beginning of which Satanists, Freemasons, Illuminati are at the forefront and will complete it before the coming of the Antichrist.

The newest stage of development is the logical continuation of imperialism, and is undoubtedly neo-imperialism. The world is still divided into the center and the province, the metropolis and the colony. The new conditions of development are being assessed by new neo-imperialist methods. If nation-states used to depend on the metropolis, now they are under the same forces. That is why the rest of the world (REST), the periphery of the West, must be modernized by Western values. Modernization in the new conditions is only Westernization. Western values ​​are imposed on other countries. There is no other option for the development of the process.

Every day people are manipulated about the transition society through the media. But they did not realize where he had gone. When we look at the scientific achievements of different schools, they do not understand the essence and purpose of modernization. This, of course, is the illiteracy of the bearers of science.

It is unknowingly said that developing countries are in transition. But where do they have to go? It is a means of manipulating public consciousness. At the same time, the countries included in the framework of Westernization have the same strategy. In fact, when we talk about nation-states, we need to analyze which of the values of the state are national.

In most nation-states, the dominant ideology of the state is liberalism. While liberalism is antagonistic to national values. A liberal market economy, a political regime, a liberal culture, a way of life that has come to every country from the West are at odds with national values.

Liberalism is the core value of modernization. Liberalism first blurred the distinction between lawful and unlawful. With the advent of laserism, the moral and religious framework disappeared. Everything was done. No action is sinful anymore because liberalism has severed ties with God. The root of the problem in modern societies is the loss of contact with God. Liberalism considers man to be the measure of everything, but in a liberal society the most insignificant is man. Man is valuable in the presence of God. It is not a social animal. When they turned away from God, man became inferior to animals. Liberalism has destroyed the human family. However, the main problem in the West is the lack of population and generation. Marriage was abolished by liberalism, which destroyed the institution of the family. Indeed, it is worrying that we see elements of this lifestyle in the domestic experience.

The banking system, which is a reflection of the liberal economy, prevails in the domestic context. At the same time, this banking system contradicts the beliefs of the people. Phenomena such as bookmakers, casinos, banks are a form of currency and corruption. People do not believe in these phenomena, but they are gradually adapting to such conditions, as they do not have a national claimant and supporter.

In such a situation, people are asked not to be xenophobic. This populist policy reflects ignorance. Alienation is seen when society has embraced all Western values. In fact, there is no criterion for determining alienation. This indicates that there is no national development plan.

The political regime of any country must be democratic. That is, another regime that is non-Western is unacceptable. But they do not believe in democracy. The main goal of Western-style democracy is not the common good. If so, why are America's main partners in the Middle East monarchical? In America, too, people's power is worthless. It is a form of plutocracy in the name of popular power. They are forcing other countries to adopt the American model of democracy.

The imposition of Western culture on other countries has led to the emergence of national nihilism in society. Society is trying to keep up with the process. But where does this process, satanization, take society? In particular, the younger generation has become vulnerable to the influence of Western culture and has become hedonistic and utilitarian. It is obvious that the domestic society is satanized.

Show business promotes satanic values, and society adheres to these values. The problem is that show business is showing signs of Dajjal. Because people have turned away from religion and religious eschatology, they imitate such satanic and anti-Christian gestures. The symbol of the Dajjal is placed in the subconscious of society. This is a great misfortune. Westernization through satanization creates the conditions for the preparation of the Dajjal.

Western science, Western culture, Western film do not fight against satanization. Therefore, it is necessary to liberate all spheres of life, especially science, from Western expansion. To do this, it is necessary for national scholars and thinkers who are committed to national values ​​to begin to create national teachings. Political science, for example, must be freed from the satanic-Machiavellian doctrine.

We represent the country as a nation-state, but satanist values ​​prevail in the country. Religious institutions and clerics who speak out against Satan have been censored. It is no exaggeration to say that the result of westernization was satanization.

Human exploitation, xenophobia, and brand-new slavery prevail in society. These are the signs of capitalism. Liberalism is the ideology of capitalism. Investors run the system. They bring society to a level that is no different from a “flock”. Influencing the weak points of the society, they make the society unbelieving and indifferent. Governments of nation-states turn satanization into a political process that dominates nation-states because they see progress in the face of Western society and are afraid of Western policies.

Capitalists and satanists have replaced everything that was within the framework of divine law with satan. The Western film industry, for which large sums of money are spent, displays only satanic values. Because national films are not competitive, satanic films fill the information space. Through the film, all satanic actions are advertised. Therefore, we can clearly see the consequences of this action in society. The film industry offers people a way of life. It is also an effective means of destroying the moral values ​​and luciferization of the world. Thus, in the name of modernization, they satanize humanity. This is not really a claim, it is the nature of modern society. The community that understood this process and the sedition and went against it, they were guided and did not despair, because eschatology is in their favor.