Scotland Towards the Russophobic Campaign in UK

Last Friday (23/3/2018) thousands of Scots demonstrated next to the Scottish Parliament in Holyrood, Edinburgh, protesting against any British attempt to take some power and competences awarded as part of the devolution process back to London.  After this big national event much smaller group came to Melville Street, really far away from the town centre.  And staying at the doors of the Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Edinburgh - members of the radical Scottish Resistance expressed clearly their indignation with the anti-Russian campaign in the UK.  Russia has friends and allies in the Islands and should remember about that.

Just a Business 

Outside the United Kingdom ii is hard to understand all the circumstances of Skripal’s affair.  You have to know exactly the specifics of British policy, language of public disputes and especially typical British weird mixed of seriousness and distance, insolence and tongue in cheek.  I apologize for the cliché, but in fact it does not matter if anyone in Britain really believes in Russian guilt.  It is important why and what for all this false flag action is provided.
From the Eastern-European perspective we have to notice, that in the UK, the anti-Russian campaign is planned and served cold. I.e. the goal of the whole operation is obvious, everyone who plays their part does it according to the long tradition of British politics, without emotions, but also without suggesting that it is not for real.  Because it is – not because of any dead body, but within the framework of a well prepared, considered pro-war political plan, almost certainly agreed with Americans (or at least with some fractions within Washington establishment).  We all have to understand, that Donald Trump, as elected by majority opposing war policy - has to make some gestures for internal use, but in the same time he is obliged to uphold the atmosphere of danger, needed by his present backstage.  So, making two steps back in American policy – he uses Brits to take over.  So now we are just witnesses as Theresa May, Boris Johnson etc. play the same role, as many times in the past Churchill, Chamberlain, Asquith and others. 
Of course, technics are different in the “NATO Eastern Flank”, where language of propaganda is much more serious, emotionally involved – in other words just pathetic and driving crazy – and results can be seen in some nervous EU decisions, like recalling ambassador from Moscow, what is supposed to be followed by Paris, Warsaw, Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn.  And that is the difference between a conscious contractor - and a blind tool.
But maybe even more important is, that there is almost no difference of opinion in any straight American colony in Europe (like Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia), but in UK, despite of huge public, political and propaganda pressure there are still significant circles and authorities saying: “Stop, that is/could be fake, who does it all serve to? What are you want to achieve?” and so on.  Of course, these are voices of varying weight and intensity, some just maintain healthy skepticism, a definite minority directly question the official propaganda line – but that is also true, that leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition, Jeremey Corbyn could stand and just ask about uncontested evidences of Russian gilt (for which he was announced almost a Public Enemy Number 1 – but he did not give in), main newspapers published also statements of influent authors, like Peter Hitchens, still repeating a question: “Is there Really a Russian Threat to Britain?”, criticizing pro-war policy and protesting against NATO strategy.  In states only ineptly imitating the British system - allowing such a lack of unanimity would be totally unthinkable!  But the ex-Empire once hosting both – Marx and Napoleon III – can still afford that...  With one, fundamental exception.

National Question

What is and will be most important for the UK in next years – that is national question.  Skripal’s affair is to not only to cover the BREXIT problems and a dead end of staying American land-aircraft-carrier.  This is a useful tool to put against the wall especially Scottish independence movement.  For at least several months Scottish nationalists, and especially ruling in Edinburgh Scottish National Party are accused of being “Putin’s agents”, or at least unconscious followers of Russian instructions.  Tory media counted how many times word “Scotland” appeared in RT, ex-First Minister of Scotland, Alex Salmond hosting his own talk show in RT was almost ostracized when he had denied resigning and even protested against proposal of banning Russian information channels in the UK.  Even author of this article himself, ordinary and unimportant member of Polish community in Scotland supporting Scottish independence – was attacked for his views and connections, what became a theme of parliamentary debate in the Holyrood!
Pressure is so strong, that present Scottish First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, still hesitating the post proper moment for calling for the Second Independence Referendum (#IndyRef2) felt forced to take herself out of all this affair, but also to announce her “support for the initial steps that the prime minster has outlined in the House of Commons”. 
As Mrs First Minister underlined: “Obviously as legislation is brought forward we will scrutinise that carefully.  But it is very clear that Russia cannot be permitted to unlawfully kill or attempt to kill people on the streets of the UK with impunity”.  As far as atmosphere in the whole UK is concerned that was toned voice, but even that one was protested by… members of her own party and other activists of the Scottish independence movement (much wider that only SNP).  Some of nationalists believe that following London is a huge mistake, and that is the time for Scotland to speak its own language, protest against pro-war British propaganda and express Scottish identity – also geopolitical one.  Almost all strongly pro-independence groups (apart from the part of the SNP leadership) publicly ridicule Russophobic hysteria in England and attack minister Johnson for his comparison between 2018 FIFA Cup in Russia with the 1936 Olympics.  - 25 million Russians died fighting the Nazis in the Second World War we were disgusted by the comments of Boris Johnson – said James Scott, leader of the Scottish Resistance. 

Scots look on Russia

But on the other hand, we must remember, that it is very delicate and important moment of Scottish history.  None wants to repeat mistakes from the previous 2014 Independence Referendum. Falsified or not – its results are warning, because there could be no third chance.  If the matter will be delayed after BREXIT ends – immigrants living in Scotland (Poles, Hungarians, Romanians and even… Russians from the Baltic States) will not be able to vote, and majority of them now support case of independence.  But waiting could convince disappointed with BREXIT results ones (especially fishermen and farmers, voting till now for Tories and against EU).  Scotland is on the historical crosswords and has to turn… right.  In this moment there is no organised power to represent voice of these all people skeptical about official London geopolitical line.  Scots have long tradition of anti-war, also anti-nuclear movement – so that is a question if they are able to overcome foreign and unwanted prejudices imposed on them and to take their rightful position among Eurasian nations.  But also Russians should think how to help this small but brave potential allies. 
Though when England plays with Sborna – all hearts in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen beat for Russian victory.  Let's not waste it.