Secular Extremism


In modern times and in public opinion, there is a time when extremism is talked about, and it is still considered a religious affiliation. The informatization of public opinion in various sectors has contributed to the fact that the phenomenon of extremism is always rooted in religion. This level of attitude has led to the perception of extremism only in terms of religious extremism. In the next sense, religious extremism is more specific and is referred to only as “Islamic extremism”. The dominant doctrine in science does not allow for a broader understanding of the phenomenon of extremism. Because the engineers of the new world order are struggling with religious alternatives, extremism has always been given a religious-Islamic tone. At the same time, there is always the issue of tolerance in society, but it is always one-sided. Tolerance is always required of others, but they themselves have no initiative in this regard. Such an approach to the issue of tolerance and humanism leads to the emergence of non-systemic phenomena, in other words, the modern system produces extremism as a result of its activities. Violation of the values ​​and sanctities of Muslims and retaliation for such discrimination immediately raises the issue of religious extremism.

At the level of public opinion and scientific vocabulary, the phenomenon of secular extremism is not widely used and has no special place. However, it has a solid foundation. The terrorist attack in New Zealand in March 2019, which resulted in the physical destruction of more than 50 people in a mosque, opened a new window on the recognition of the phenomenon of extremism. This has led to the fact that extremism is not just a religious label. Many anti-extremism institutions were unable to describe the problem, as this was not the case in the methodology for studying extremism. It should be noted that similar acts of terrorism were committed with the same ideology and bias, but this act of extremism and terrorism was a new phenomenon in the understanding of extremism and terrorism. In this regard, the revelation of the content of secular extremism directly refers to the analysis of the manifesto of the individual terrorist and with what motives he committed this extremist-terrorist act, and conclusions are drawn.

Two consecutive terrorist attacks took place in the mosques of the city of Kreicherch on 15 March 2019. The attack on Al-Noor Mosque and the Linwood Islamic Center took place at 13:40 and 13:55 (UTC + 12), respectively, and were recorded by a GoPro cameraman and broadcast live on Facebook. The terrorist act was committed by Brenton Harrison Tarrant, who was arrested the same day. As a result, 51 people were killed and 48 others were injured.

The most important issue in recognizing this phenomenon of terrorism is that this terror was carried out on the basis of the ideological instincts of which worldview. Naturally, ideas motivate individuals to act. Therefore, Brenton Harrison Tarrant's educational ambitions can be seen in his manifesto on how he justifies his actions.

The preamble of the manifesto begins with the phrase “the problem is in the birth” and explains why the natural increase in the white race has been declining. Considering the prospects for natural population growth over the next hundred years to 2100, it suggests that the white race is in danger. However, the population of Europe and the United States as a whole, Australia, New Zealand is growing, and this is not at the expense of the indigenous population, but at the expense of people from other regions who do not belong to the white race. Legally, through migration, different peoples enter the Western world, and this is considered “soft usurpation” because the birth rate is higher among migrants. Thus, in the near future, the white race in Europe, Australia and New Zealand will decrease and non-whites will gain an advantage. This leads to a mix of cultures, races and ethnicities. Hence, the issue is migration. So this is white genocide.

It is clear from the content of the speech that racial discrimination is obvious. Giving preference to some people of color in the civilized world is a sign of ignorance. But, unfortunately, such a theory is being developed in Western scientific schools. However, such an attitude is condemned in religious teachings, and especially in Islamic teachings, and it is not a measure of a perfect human being. The continuing decline in the so-called white population is not an external factor but an internal cause of Western civilization. Clearly, the main problem in the West is declining population and not increasing it in elements of liberalism. Which factor does not allow the influence of the white population to increase. Other races have not been an obstacle to the natural development of the population in the “rich north”. It is this liberal-capitalist civilization that has prevented population growth. Phenomena such as hedonism, nihilism, and individualism have hindered the development of the white race. In fact, the process of depopulation prevails in all “rich northern” countries, which has become one of the most important areas of public policy. Demographic incentives are implemented in such countries, which, for subjective reasons, do not work.

That is why Harrison Tarrant suggests that the effects of hedonism, nihilism and individualism should be eliminated, but it is important that we do not have such a time due to the migration crisis.

Due to mass migration, there is no time to change the paradigm of white civilization, without which it is impossible to return to development. Mass migration poses a problem for whites, and before it is necessary to restore the birth rate, it has prevented migration and deported everyone living in the area. Due to these facts and possibilities, which are not able to solve the problem, the goal is to strike at non-white people in a non-peaceful way, especially terrorism.

Islamic nations have a high birth rate and do not belong to any race or ethnic group. There is an anti-Islamic motive behind this terrorist act, and it is an act of revenge against Islam for 1,300 years of war with the Western world.

In the manifesto, Harrison Tarrant notes that in 2019 we had the largest white population in history (between 760-980 million). But we lost the smallest city due to ethnic mixing. The main reason for the loss of land is not the lack of people, material assets or military power. This is due to a lack of desire. We have the opportunity to expel or physically exterminate the white population. We have all the opportunities, but we do not have a strong will. The high level of economic development, well-being, scientific and technological progress and military capabilities that we are proud of every day in the Western world is a deceptive tactic that can intimidate people and prevent them from doing what they need to do. None of these people will take the initiative until a powerful person emerges from among them. There will never be a better time for these people. So the best time to do this was yesterday, but the best time is now.

The issue comes back to Muslims. The emigrants are also Muslims, with the exception of some ethnic groups. The Muslims can be likened to occupiers, arguing that they usurped the lands of their white ancestors. Therefore, the physical extermination of Muslims for the sake of the survival of the white race is a legitimate act.

According to Harrison Tarrant, the Muslims occupied their land. However, this has never happened in the last hundred years. Occupation refers to migration, which is the movement of people from one region to another. The main reason for the migration of non-whites, and especially Muslims, is the military occupation of Western countries. The US military intervention in Iraq has led to the displacement of many of the country's oppressed people. This was followed by the formation of a group called ISIS, which intensified the migration process. The influx of Anglo-American troops into Afghanistan resulted in the death of large numbers of people and their migration to European countries. In the distant past, most countries in the Middle East and Asia were under European empires. So we have to decide who was the main invader ?!

The first initiative was taken by a terrorist himself, who was supposed to do it yesterday, but now in New Zealand at the Christchurch Mosque, he does not call his actions terrorist and calls it sabotage. This is despite the fact that the people inside the mosque were not military, but civilians. From an angle, this is not a military sabotage. This is terror, genocide and terror. It wants to do the same for children. According to him, these children are also the product of looters and will continue to be occupiers. Ideologically, he calls himself an eco-fascist, an ethno-nationalist, and considers himself a racist. He then hopes to win the Nobel Peace Prize and is proud to have started the fight against non-whites.

It should be noted that the terrorist position and the issues are very weak, and its justification is unacceptable. In this sense, there are not only non-Muslims in Europe, but also other nations, including Jews, to whom the terrorist refrains from saying in the manifesto. In his interview, he cites two factors: immigrants and capitalists, considers capitalists (meaning Zionists) to be secondary, and considers immigrants to be difficult. It follows that the anatomy of the modern world and the engineers who shaped the world and its rulers do not know what brought the world, and especially the “rich North”, to such a state. In this regard, it is important not to take a one-sided approach to all issues. If we want to have a truly scientific approach, we need to organize the facts and factors well. Unfortunately, when there is talk of extremism in the scientific community, relations are one-sided, which reduces the status of scientific knowledge. It is necessary that scientific knowledge is not monopolized by the ideology of a certain group, because in this case there is a “murder of the truth”.