"Self-determination": why Kosovo will never become part of Albania


Thanks to the second count of votes took place after the early parliamentary elections in the so-called "Republic of Kosovo", new data on voting results were published. As a result of the June 11 elections, the most votes were received by the Albin Kurti's movement "Self-Determination" advocates the full integration of the "country" into Albania. The "military coalition" led by terrorist Ramush Haradinai received only 80,000 votes, despite a full-scale campaign of support from the government.

Such a development was quite expected. Economically impoverished Albania, developing independently, turned out to be much richer than the "Republic of Kosovo", which is kept by the EU and the US. It is logical that most of the almost completely unemployed population of this "country" wants to join the "big brother". It is another matter that such a development of events is completely unprofitable for the political elites, neither the first nor the second.
Tirana uses the illegally torn away territory of Serbia as its trade center. Through the airfield "Slatina" around the world diverges Albanian skunk, Russian "Kalashnikovs", Chinese RPG-7 and European money. So-called "refugees" from Kosovo operate in many European airports and help in the transportation of goods. Our ancient land became the shadow economic colony of Albania, which through her willingly makes his black affairs with criminal groups and Arab monarchies (mainly with Qatar - Tirana's largest creditor). Political elites of Tirana do not want to lose such a source of budget revenues and their pockets.

The former commanders of the so-called "Kosovo Liberation Army", despite any proclaimed slogans, consider the illegally torn away territory of Serbia as a cow that they milk. They receive numerous European loans and share money (mainly in the budget of Pristina - "icons" of the new "free" "Kosovo" - or in their pocket). If Kosovo becomes part of Albania, the money flow will be stopped, and they will be in the best of the local elite, among whom will be quickly cleaned up. 

That is why Albin Kurti, led by his party, can propagandize the idea of "reunification" as much as possible - a similar idea for the "Republic of Kosovo" is something of a political suicide. And perhaps - and physical. The Government of the Republic of Serbia, under pressure from the UN, the EU and NATO, was forced to look at how Kosovo proclaimed its "independence". But will Belgrade see how its territory becomes part of another state? Or does the Serbian Army fulfill one of the requirements of the Constitution - the protection of citizens and the territorial integrity of the country?