The Silent Scream of the Neocons

Look where we are now. Look where we are now. – President Donald J. Trump

 What did President of the United States Donald J. Trump mean by this stark, repeated imperative during his February 16th press conference?

The President cannot have meant that America finds itself in a disastrous social or economic situation. Neither can he have meant that America stands on shifting sands politically or diplomatically. The imperative had to do with the phone calls of Trump’s National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, a former military man and the President’s cinch-pin for détente with Russia. President Trump did not describe where America finds itself, except to say that it is the result of former Presidents’ harassments, sanctions, and outright aggressions of and against the Russian Federation.

So former Presidents Barak Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton (all of them Neocons) somehow acted against the Russian Federation, which actions have culminated in “where we are now.”

But where are we . . . ?

The answer: “Under the gun”. The President’s exasperated tone confirms that this is exactly the place meant.

In other words, cold war programs such as the shock-treatment switch from communism to capitalism, NATO’s splintering of Yugoslavia, terrorism in the Caucasus, the Atlantic Alliance’s march east to Russia’s borders, the Georgian War, colour revolutions, and very especially the Western-organised Nazi coup in Ukraine have all forced the Russian Federation’s hand. Its secret March 4th through 15th, 2015, campaign planning conference grabbed the bull by the horns and initiated a countdown to actual nuclear war.

The United States quickly signalled its willingness to do all necessary to avoid this outcome. The resultant ‘treaty’ negotiated afterward by Secretary of State John Kerry is known as Yalta-2.  This treaty, Trump declared in his question and answer session with the press, must be negotiated, or renegotiated, in order for the US to get the best deal possible. In fact, the President accused the press of betraying America’s interests by making his getting the best deal possible more difficult.

Understand that there were no accusations of Trump contacts with Russia before John Kerry’s May 12th, 2015, grovelling visit to Sochi. Allegations got downright numerous nearly a year later, after treaty articles were, in Moscow, concretely and specifically hammered out. First came the rumours of Trump’s underlings going to Moscow, underlings such as Flynn, Paul Manafort and Carter Page. Then the White House asserted that Russia had hacked its communications. In June, Russia was accused of hacking the Democrats’ anti-Trump research files while Trump himself was described as having business connections in Russia. July would bring the famous DNC server hack complaint, and August saw the FBI announcing that it was investigating whether Russia was behind the New York Times media hacks. In October, only weeks before election-day, the US made an official accusation that Russia had hacked the Democratic Party and also state election systems. Hillary Clinton levelled accusations against Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin scores of times during the final months of her failed campaign. After the debacle on November 8th, President Obama ejected thirty-five Russian diplomats in retaliation for their attempting to gain advantage for Trump in the election.

It was this ejection that formed the substance of Flynn’s phone conversation with Russian Ambassador Sergey I. Kislyak.

It was Flynn’s resultant resignation that occasioned the seventy-seven minute long, February 16th, 2017, press conference in which the word “Russia” left the lips of the press and President Trump roughly once per minute. Since the mainstream media is the mouthpiece of the Neocons, this roiling, constantly resurfacing concern over a Trump Administration agreement with the Russian Federation reveals core truths underlying current events (as does, by the way, the Obama Administration’s wiretapping of Trump’s phones).

The Neocons, who were not privy to Yalta-2 and who have been designated a prime destruction target by that treaty, have discovered its existence and are shrieking about it. Wailing about Attorney General Jefferson B. Sessions is just the latest verse of this imperialist siren call.

Ironically, they cannot come out and openly cry, “We’ve surrendered to the Russian Federation!” To do so would cause their treasons against American and European security to be laid bare before the entire world.

According to sources, Yalta-2 will be followed by Nuremburg-2 (i.e., war crimes trials like those occurring after the Second World War).

Thus, all current convulsions are nothing more than the dust-dry, rasping, “silent scream” of cattle approaching the abattoir.

Despite the non-noise they’re presently making (and this includes a return of the “dirty dossier” and Trump’s impeachment on grounds of treason), the men and women responsible for American, UK, NATO and Israeli foreign policy from 1992 to the present will be arrested, set before the Hague, and tried. Many will wind up in jail. Some will die.

The secret articles of Yalta-2 require the Neocons’ obliteration; their demise is to be a lesson to all. This explains why President Trump refuses to compromise on peace with Russia. It’s not because, as a businessman, he sees conflict as a waste and – instead – wants in on the Eurasian Economic Union bonanza. A victorious America would develop the vast spaces of Siberia on its own terms and for its elites’ own benefit. It also can’t be the result of Secretary of State Tillerson’s estimation of the costs of cold war over the last twenty-five years. As costly as it’s been, a quarter century of cold war has subsidized banks with monies laundered for international narcotics, weapons corporations with new non-competitive contracts, hedge funds with investments seeking the stability of Wall Street (as opposed to areas in chaos), and politicians with gold and oil plays. Trump’s obstinacy, lastly, cannot be the flowering of a grand American isolationism. The proponents of this creed are reviled throughout Washington, New York, and America in general. President Trump refuses to budge because he was placed in office, from the very outset, to faithfully execute the terms of Yalta-2 (and thus to save the United States).

The United States requires salvation because the Neocons, in their arrogance, provoked the Russian Federation, which, since 1999, has very secretly built a military power (using EMERCOM as a blind behind which to accomplish this) that America has no chance of besting. The United States procures weapons not to accomplish missions on the battlefield, but rather to generate corporate profits. Consider the F-35! The Russian Federation, on the other hand, designs weapons that work on the battlefield, and that do so as reliably and as cheaply as possible. Just a few weeks ago it was confirmed that the entire territory of the Russian Federation is now protected by its S-400 air defence systems. Experts agree that, once the follow-on S-500 missile batteries roll out, the airspace above Russia will be completely sealed. Parallel to this, Russia’s hypersonic nuclear warhead, Object 4202, approaches serial production well ahead of schedule (thanks to Vladimir Putin’s personal involvement). The idea is to arm Russia’s gargantuan Sarmat ICBM missiles with these warheads. It is game over once that happens: the United Kingdom can be reached within a mere thirteen minutes; the West Coast of the USA can be reached in still less time. The Sarmat and Object 4202 are also designed to outfox American anti-ballistic missiles, coming from unexpected directions and at altitudes useless to their interceptors.

Given the certainty that Russian missiles will fly (perhaps as early as 2018) a genuinely frightened American ownership class ordered the manipulation of the 2016 national election, just enough to ensure victory for Trump. Election Day proceeded as everyone expected, with Hillary Clinton maintaining a slight lead, until, suddenly, as evening deepened, several states ticked over to Trump as though via signal. Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Ohio went to Trump, and, with them, the election.

The Neocons were shocked and dismayed at first, but then the implications of their defeat began to dawn. The suspect election confirmed what, previously, they had only feared – Yalta-2 exists. Their elimination from the corridors of power, moreover, meant their physical destruction and the death of American Empire (along with its adjuncts: the EU, NATO, and Greater Israel). Without a threat of American violence, other nations – whose memories are long – have nothing to stop them from seeking revenge. China remembers America’s bond with Chiang Kai Shek (an alliance causing nine million Chinese deaths) and the equally deadly American wars in Indochina. Russia remembers that Nazi Germany was fostered by the supposedly civilised West and aimed at the USSR (to the tune of twenty-seven million dead). According to conservative estimates the United States is responsible for the deaths forty million innocent people in the post-World War II period. The Neocons are not stupid; they surely realize that aggrieved peoples will soon be seeking them out.

And so they scream.

Because the ownership class of America wields actual power, instead of the delegated authority that the Neocons have mistaken for power, their screams of anguish will come to naught.

It matters nothing that President Trump makes a poor public spokesman and causes upset; he will serve his full term of office.

And so their screams are as silence.