Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

What is the difference between Americans and yoghurt?
 If you leave yoghurt alone for 200 years, it will grow a culture.
   Unknown author 

Freudian Fraud (Syndrome of Exceptionalism)

Freud was a fraud launched into the public in order to snick into the minds of ignorant Northern Americans, who were illegal settlers in American Northern sub-continent (as Shqiptars are in Serbia and Southern Balkans, as Israelis are in Palestine, as Kurds are in the entire Middle East). 
It was easy to persuade ignorant progeny of (mostly Western) European societies’ leftovers about the new paradigm of a new ‘trinity’ painted in Freudian fraud of id, ego and superego. Not to specifically mention Christian sectarianism which leftovers of Western European societies brought in from Europe – Catholicism and Protestantism are the roots. In general, Catholicism was for later general USA public, while Protestantism and millions of its sub-sects, were for the so-called elite, although they were rather lumpen-proleteriat. Their involvement in spiritual equals blurry idea even of their own beliefs. 
So, ignorant Northern American illegal settlers, who slaughtered millions of Northern American   natives (Indians), in order to ‘settle’ were very good human material to serve to ‘something new’. Some cause, some goal, something, some business and success, ‘the star is born’, shopping malls, cinema is theatre (who told them that?), TV dinners, fake smiles, big pharma, artificial food - whatever it is – it is distorted and augmented self reality, founded on slaughter and crime toward people and nature. The other ethnic groups, races, tribes who ever settled later (for whatever reasons) simply accepted the given perspective. Maybe they were chasing ‘American Dream’, but were given a nightmare - new built society and its institutions, media, education…everything - were there to keep the dream alive. Entire bulks of more and more sense data make sure that the American dream is alive, although it is the naked truth that it may exist only in dreams of androids, when the evil scientists succeed to make them dream nice dreams only. Id, Ego and Superego and American dream - the new ‘holy trinity’ and a dream for ex-humans beings. 
Entire daily reality of whatever social or any other kind of group of whatever origin and purpose was founded on banal ‘mechanical introspection’ whose aim was to dismantle human mind and divide it into three ‘particles’ of self – id, ego, superego -  to dissolve into them and then to be reshaped and trained by served, mediated reality. Mediating was achieved by various means, they were all targeting human psyche in order to bring it away from any possible reason or spirit. The new language preserved the forms of archetype inherent to the quasi Christian society in USA, but the content was entirely different. Tele-evangelism became the most powerful tool of quasi Christian society in USA. Self-analysis, prayer or any kind of spiritual human agency were mechanical introspections or performances, shaped by previously inherited sectarian approach to Christianity. 
The churches are formal make up. Diversity of the churches is also make up. The real preaching comes from TV sets in forms of films, series, short commercials or other programmes. The real preaching is expressed in a new language which addresses ‘the new self’. TV ‘programme’ is meant to develop the new Freudian ‘self’ stuck in between self dissolution from the inside (divided new trinity) and self building from the outside as an continuously empty form – kind of reverse tabula rasa. That form follows some aesthetic rules and it looks like Benedetto Croce’s ‘aesthetic of ugliness’ had won in the USA.
That ‘new self’ considered Celestial Mechanics being explained in Star Wars, Star Trek, Galactica – especially in TV series, which were lasting for years.
If spiritual comes with Yoda, Luke Skywalker, Dart Vader, Hal, David Bowman, NASA, Area 51, Jabba The Hutt, space cowboys,… then, no wonder that so-called ‘national interest’ of USA goes all over both Atlantic and Pacific, spreads all around and on every spot on the Earth, which North American illegal settlers probably never heard of and could not find it on a map. But this is what ignorance and self-importance makes out of human. Science fiction appeared to be a good tool for producing humanoids out of natural born humans. In-dividuum becomes dividuum ready for shaping. At the same time those humanoids are living in complete oblivion of Dasein. Martin Heidegger warned of cold technological night.
The ‘new self’ was based on exceptionalism of it-self and of USA in its entirety. The new Freudian trinity which was “sold” to North American illegal settlers, shaped the final look of an (in)dividual of überliberal society, completely ignorant, falsely religious, under the well packed colourful and glossy Nazi dictatorship. The new Nazis are not building Übermensch, the new Nazis consider themselves übermensch. Now they are building themselves Überdiener, trained to be convinced they are exceptional and free. If lumpen-proleteriat considers itself übermensch, how would its überdiener kind look like? They are brainwashed to feel they are exceptional. As Jews imagine in their heads that they are chosen in this world, global lumpen-proleteriat (quasi-elite), imagine in their heads they are exceptional – both false übermensch and their programmed überdiener suffer from the same kind of mental illness, caused by directed perception management.
When a bunch of bred ‘new selves’, especially those after WW2, who live and work in USA started to think that their self is exceptional and their US of A is exceptional, everyone of them was ready to justify any war 20 000 km away from their ‘homeland’ - actually, the land where they illegally settled in not so long ago. 

Habeas Corpus No More (Voluntarily or Not)

Contrary to the imposed presentation of some imaginary friends and virtual space war heroes, the real veterans from the real (occupational and disastrous) wars are all over the street of the USA. Not to specially outline that all those people were dragged into the USA wars under the false excuses. The only way for them to be involved in senseless wars was to brainwash them first. USA military-scientific apparatus uses them as guinea pigs in order to develop naturally born, but robotically shaped soldiers, killing machines. They should be able to fight and maybe get killed, when ordered. They should not question their engagements, they should not ask questions. They should do as ordered and they should precisely execute orders. And in a split of a second, they can transform from scary muscled super soldiers to destroyed and crippled human beings. From the moment when they become crippled human beings, military apparatus does not care for them anymore. Since that moment they’ve been being used in other social experiments for other ‘civilian’ social groups. The images of crippled ex-Supermen in the streets have other significance and value in the experiment called USA.
Most of the USA population is a progeny of Western European scum, thrown away from Western Europe, not to disturb ‘developed’ societies. The progeny of scum wants ‘new self’ - since they have been haunted by the ghosts of their predecessors’ deranged nature and characters. The scenery of crippled soldiers in the streets is there to give a new hope to the ‘new self’. This is very deranged perspective, as well, but are they capable of anything else than deranged? As reality shows, not really. 
Those images are meant to present reality of dismantling human body for whatever reasons. And it should be appealing to the ‘new self’. The new self is made of built-in disorders – which human mind mind becomes after Freudian “therapy”. Self-obsession and the lack of any self-consciousness and self-awareness brought the victims of Freudian fraud to be voluntarily guinea pigs in new formed branches of surgery and corporal vivisection. On the other side, there is a carelessness for those who fought the wars on behalf of deranged and ignorant lumpen-proleteriat is another aggression to human body and psyche. The new self is getting used to the images of real war veterans who end up in the streets crippled, abandoned and unreal war heroes brought by Hollywood and advertising machinery. This is one of the silent weapons for corrupting and reshaping human minds and bodies.  
If disabled people who fought in wars can be stuck in the streets, then any other human can be dismantled and rearranged and stuck in the street. If there is more and more homeless people, also stuck in the streets, it also means something for the incidental passers by – degrading of normal human life and transcending into the mediated and served reality which does not tolerate humanity. If there is more plastic surgery operations and other kinds of deranged activities toward own bodies, then we do not deal with human beings any more – although they (almost) look like everyone else. If Western politics is just a branch of killing machinery, then it is not about politics any more and the representatives of that ‘politics’ should simply not being called politicians, but should be called what they are: advertisers and merchants for military-security-industrial killing machinery obsessed with numbers. There is no better Überdiener than those who willingly undergo dehumanization. 
North American illegal settlers’ society became the first post-human society (it includes USA, Canada and Australia, as well).  The second one was created in Japan, after nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, dropped by the very same North American illegal settlers. 
The Freudian fraud of mechanical ‘trinity’ in human psyche (id, ego, superego), then star-wars-like Celestial Mechanics and overrated self-importance brought Northern American illegal settlers to the point that humanity from various regions and backgrounds started to oppose, in one way or another, to their attacks and their terrorist acts which take many shapes. One of the typical representatives of that ‘new self’ of Überdiener of Forth Reich Nazis, from both sides of Atlantic, is John Bolton. 
Years after causeless attack on Iraq, John Bolton still thinks that destroying Iraq, killing hundreds of thousand of people there and torturing and killing of Saddam Hussein were right things to do. He also thinks that US soldiers should willingly and wholeheartedly die for Israel. He has been lobbying for aggression on Iran for years, he supports MEK terrorists with joy. He is one of the school examples how that artificial and fraudulent Freudian mechanical trinity of psyche functions and how it turns human being into a senseless, mindless and aggressive creature. Lower than any animal. 
The other representative of ruthless Überdiener is one Dillard Johnson, Sgt. Of USA Army. The USA soldiers were among first to be ‘vivisected’ for creating one of the humanoid versions of ‘new self’. The soldiers were among first to undergo experiments in acquiring sense data in distorted ways. It is now a common knowledge that they are exposed to various kinds of physical and psychological terror in order to be efficient and ruthless in the battlefield. US media outlet brings the article about Dillard Johnson:
...With 2,746 confirmed kills, Sgt. 1st Class Dillard Johnson is the deadliest American soldier on record — and maybe the most humble. As a commander of a Bradley Fighting Vehicle nicknamed “Carnivore”, Johnson, 48, helped lead the ground assault during Operation Iraqi Freedom, overwhelming the enemy with a relentless show of military might that left a trail of dead in his wake.
Johnson was obliged to report confirmed kills to his superiors, cataloguing the dead in a green journal that revealed the astonishing tally — which only began to come light as he and co-writer James Tarr were researching his exploits for his memoir, also titled “Carnivore.” He counted the dead by tallying rifles — and human heads — among the mangled or charred wreckage left behind by the Carnivore.
In his second tour, in 2005, he took up sniping, logging 121 kills, his longest from 821 yards, a skill that was honed hunting in Kentucky. His total is second only to the late Chris Kyle, the Navy SEAL who had 160 kills. “I had already had the talent of being able to shoot due to the fact that I grew up with a rifle that wasn’t zeroed to me,” he said, recalling his early use of a gun calibrated for his father...
...His past never haunts him. ...“I killed when I needed to . . . I was brutal when I needed to be, but I was compassionate when I needed to be,” he said. “In my mind, I never killed anyone who wasn’t trying to kill me or trying to do harm...
One of his methods for killing people described in another article says that his first operation of killing was when his crawler vehicle ran over a bus with 13 Iraqis, near the city of Samawah. The same vehicle smashed Saddam Hussein’s armoured car. 
And, when Johnson was asked on Fox News TV channel about how he had felt after killing of this huge number of Iraqis (2746), he said he felt better after killing Iraqis than he felt after killing the deer when he was 13 years old.
In his memoirs, titled Carnivore, he quoted Hemingway: Those who have hunted armed men long enough and liked it, never really care for anything else thereafter.
Another global media outlet ( wrote that many of his fellow soldiers questioned what he had written in his memoirs. One of the things pointed out - did he kill 2 746 or was it around 500 less. The article further brings the reaction of Dillard Johnson, who says it was not him to make such counts, but the publisher, and that those numbers were not mentioned in the book. He also outlined the importance of his fellow soldiers and said that the number of 2 746 killed Iraqis was actually the body count that they all together have participated in. Whatever is in question – either he was the only one so ruthless or they are all ruthless – no one questions what was done – only the numbers are counted. War machinery is not questioned, only numbers of dead are questionable. In the post-human society of quantity, the bigger number is the more important the action is.
Since the truth is irrelevant for Western propaganda machinery, the interesting part is the approach to the topic – from one media outlet presenting Johnson as killing machine and glorifying him, to another one which questions is he killing machine, to third which confirms he is killing machine, but with attitude. There is no questioning of US killing machinery army, there is no question about the customs of war, there is no questioning of chain of command, not to mention possible responsibility of all in the chain – as war in Iraq was an illegal aggression. 
But, as Johnson himself says: in my mind, I never killed anyone who wasn’t trying to kill me or trying to do harm. In his mind, he was endangered - although being in an armoured vehicle, which can smash many living creatures or moving objects of various dimensions, without being scratched, Dillard Johnson had ‘in his mind’ that he was an easy target. His other expertise, shooting with marksmen, says he was not so directly endangered, that he had to shoot so many times in order to kill. But, ‘in his mind’, everything is fine.
The ‘new self’ and its ‘mind’ are easy targets for social enterprise designed to consume a person, chew it for a while and then spit it out as reshaped and adjusted to some of desirable stereotypes of überdiener. 
The third representative of ruthless and non-human Überdiener is Hillary Clinton. After her world wide known statement in front of camera We came, we saw, he died!, followed by enthusiastic laughter, there is not much to say about that human-like creature. Maybe to add one more quote which shows her slavery mind and delight for her blood thirsty masters. When elected Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton gave a speech at the Council of Foreign Relations and then she said: “… But, it is good to have an outpost of the Council right here down the street from The State Department. We get lot of advice from The Council, so this would mean I will not have far to go to be told what we should be doing and how we should think about the future.”
Now, the question is: did Hillary Clinton imitated Caesar-like sentence after the ruthless torture and murder of Muammar al-Gaddafi in Libya in 2011 or she was told what to do and how to think when asked about Libya and Gaddafi. Actually, it is a rhetorical question, since it is now obvious that entire concept of so-called Arab Spring was cooked in CFR and it is more than obvious that Hillary Clinton is nothing more than a programmed humanoid slave of the same humanoids, who are slaves to money and material wealth. Their power is nothing without money system. If there would be some other value system, they could be wiped out from the face of the Earth.
The fourth representative of  ruthless and non-human Überdiener is Donald Trump. He is, actually, a typical representative of progeny of Western European scum, typical representative of lumpen-proleteriat which calls itself ‘elite’, typical representative of family involved in various kinds of wrongdoings for its own material interests. Donald Trump is a deception and fraud. As US Bankruptcy Manager, he deceives, he lies, he gabs endlessly. For him, everything is business and everything has to have material and financial outcome – from war to poverty policy, health care, education system, everything has to be for a profit. He is a bald and unpacked version of the falsehood of American dream. He is a peak of inhumanity, built-in in the minds of Anglo-Americans, who were the first victims of Wellington House, English War Cabinet and their later versions. From recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of terrorist and criminal state of Israel to waging coup in Venezuela, Donald Trump has proven himself being as evil as Hillary Clinton, as stupid as Ronald Reagan. He is a lackey of money and debt creators, he is a faithful servant of masonry and global mainstream media mascot – no matter that global mainstream media rant against him – they are all in the same film, with roles attributed. He is surrounded by mass murderer as John Bolton is, torturer as Gina Haspel, delusional dumb Mike Pompeo, evil and crooked Chabad Jew Jarred Kuschner and silly blondie daughter Ivanka. There are more idiots around him including Trump himself. As being a media star, he is divided and split personality and he is at the same time both himself and his own admirer from around. But, on the other side, it is now when the entire world can see what United States of America really are and who are those sitting in the White House, Pentagon, Capitol Hill, etc. It is more than obvious now that USA never stopped being English Crown vassal and colony. And English Crown is falsely English. It appears that Anglo-American world domination and power are based on lies and deceptions, created by certain deranged groups and individuals, followed by others deranged and by next indoctrinated generations. That is why propaganda was of crucial importance – and it still is. It may be said it is even more important now.
The consciousness and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanisms of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed, our minds moulded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested largely by the men we never heard of.
Edward Bernays (Freud’s nephew), 
An opening paragraph of his book ‘Propaganda’ from 1928.
All of those who are given the executive power in Anglo-American dying colonial empire are not powerful. They are powerless slaves – the moment they accepted to do anything and everything for money and material wealth was the moment when they ceased to be human beings and became human material for shaping and reshaping. The more money and material wealth they own, the less of themselves they own. Both their corporal and non-corporal selves. They are just numbers - one day 0, the other day a million, the third day some negative number or some number in debt.

The Screens (Syndrome of Visual Deceptions)

So-called ‘War on Terror’ was introduced to general public by global mainstream media and at the same time, global mainstream media started to be a part of corpus of direct war warfare. Until September 11th 2001, it was possible to have a war reporters in the front lines, but no media were involved in such a way to be one of the main weapons of the state of war in real time, as it may sound silly – in the front lines. There are no lines in that media ‘front’ as there is no specifically marked space in the ‘war on terror’.  The front lines were partly connected to real space where some “war events” took place and media were suddenly there to record and broadcast them, but most of the war on terror and its effects were and still are connected to mediated reality. Global media became the very important link in the perpetual state of war. The September 11th reality show was used to reassure people that media are not only fictitious, but also brutally real and true - as the concept of reality is understood by the deception and propaganda crew. But, even them, assigned and organized by Tavistock, Stanford and other command centres, did not succeed in transferring mediated reality into the real, non mediated world – on September 11th, BBC reporter reported about the fall of building 7 of WTC entire 27 minutes before the building was smashed – so, her story-telling became obvious deception since the building was still behind her. To mention just one of the insanities. 
During years of development and existing ‘on’ and ‘off air’ and later ‘on’ and ‘off line’, media has shown that they can produce any kind of content and feeling. It was also shown that media terror existed long before war on terror, but media were among propaganda tools, not a part of weaponry.  Media became a part of direct war weaponry of Western alliance on September 11th 2001. 
Reality of war has been matching with real battles (land, sea, air) for a long time, placed in a certain terrain, certain space and it was not directly televised or - not only not televised - but not being a part of direct warfare. At the official beginning of the ‘War of Terror’, on September 11th 2001, there were several various approaches and specifics of warfare, propaganda and sciences, all combined  – from classical “battle field” in which a plane and a building were “confronted” sides, to electronic weapons and media as direct weapons (because they took part in producing the feeling of terror in everyone, by broadcasting “air attacks” and by training human visual perception), then, controlled demolitions live (engineering and architecture),  then asbestos (poison)  – isn’t it pure Nazi heritage? Isn’t it Tavistock’s idea of socio-technical systems? That was front end of the matrix and there were some financial operations at the back end, made to poor more money into the pockets of money and debt creators. Financial operations were combined with strategic, military, security, spying, insurance payments operations on behalf of certain groups within or outside USA – the greatest beneficiaries of the September 11th ‘terrorist attack’ are Israel and globalist-Atlantist lumpen-proleteriat in DC, London and Vatican.
Although (the First) Desert Storm was also televised, those recordings were not even close to the media warfare share in the ‘War on Terror’. The spreading of cable and satellite networks for world wide general population was in its beginning when (the First) Desert Storm was launched. But Desert Storm was not  so interesting, since Hollywood made many war spectacles looking like Desert Storm, before Desert Storm, with planes bombing, missiles, submarines, robot-like soldiers, etc.. People were already brainwashed about new technologies in wars and about sides in wars – who is good, who is evil. The screen was then produced into the mean of both manipulation and trust.
Screens became tools for deception and manipulation. Having in mind that most of sense data come via visual perception, screens appear to be very efficient weapon in destroying natural human mechanism in acquiring sense data. Screens are tools of perception management methods developed for a ‘new self’, engineered and shaped by the goals and interests of lumpen-proleteriat in power and if not stopped in steady fast ruining of natural visual perception, the damage of human mind will be irreversible.  
Information overload is one of the methods to produce the deception about ‘multiple of choices’ among überdiener. Perception management is arranged via mediated, screened (rectangular) reality. Although it is said it is all about multidimensional reality, in real reality it is just two dimensions, placed in rectangular screen and all the other dimensions are conditional and artificial. Visual perception is directed and the rest of sense data are there to supplement the visual. There can be even total contrast in visual and verbal symbols, but it all became irrelevant, since everything is relativised and cognitive dissonance is even welcome. Also, the manipulators of perception changed the natural and ‘human-friendly’ frequency of music from 432Hz to 440Hz – the altered frequency of 440 Hz is being present in various kinds of contemporary Western pop music. One of the most destructible kind of electronic music is so-called ‘trance-music’, largely produced by Israeli quasi-musicians and one of its specially destructible branches is so-called ‘psy-trance’ music also spread and popularized by Israelis. All of these form a solid foundation to further force human beings to question their perception, knowledge and their critical thinking. It is a good moment to mention that American Psychological Association enlisted critical thinking as a mental disorder a few years ago. The same is done with masculinity these days. And it can be only concluded that American Psychological Association belongs to the crew of silent war mongers who destroy human beings from inside. That same “expert” association considered sodomy a mental illness, until ‘70s of the last century. There were no any sufficient reason or very good study to remove sodomy from the list of mental disorders, but it was simply removed – as critical thinking and masculinity are now added to the list – without any argument or valuable scientific or any other study.  
All of these surreal and unbelievable ‘things’ can be traced back a bit more than a century ago, in organized manner, when so-called ‘British War Cabinet’ in WW1 (public, by the way), privatised everything it had been doing. And, for one hundred years, it has been trying to advance in forming robot, überdiener, out of naturally born human beings. From a human perspective, their motives are not so important, but their methods and consequences of their wrongdoing are important. If questioning their motives, one can find oneself in dark corridors of total and complete evil nonsense.
Both American and British governments and governing institutions (public or not) have been directly applying the methods of governing and administrating established by British War Cabinet from WW1, which was working on accomplishing ideas of Cecil Rhodes on Anglo-American rule over the world. British Psychological Society, Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, Frankfurt Philosophy School, American Psychological Association, Stanford, networks of universities and institutes, NGOs, mainstream media headed by BBC – all of them became tools for manipulating human minds and to uniform it for the easier global rule; they were all at the same assignment – to dismantle the idea of multiplicity of cultures and traditions in the world in order to easier engineer humanoids and androids out of naturally born human beings and to produce Überdiener. 
Wars, coups, crisis management governing style in high (and low) politics of Western world became operating models in new, silent, mind-invading marches. International and supranational organizations became tools in hose invasions and all their other roles and importance just fade away. The same goes for small public organizational units. As USA and UK misuse the wealth of other people and nations on a global level, some local officials in those pirate entities misuse their fellow citizens. There are MPs and municipality officials in Britain who claimed 6.300 pounds for vegan cheese or 4 800 pounds for office printer because it was ‘backbone of the office’. Those kinds of small clerks are Cerberus of systems and networks producing mayhem on Earth. 
Nevertheless, it appears that despite the fact that Americans are not able to grow a culture and that British are too sick to grow a culture, there are cultures and traditions which this world is made of, even in the places where there were attempts to eradicate cultures and traditions. The pirate, misbehaving entities – not countries, or states, but pirate entities - and their clowns, may be sooner or later displaced, because, wherever there is a culture and tradition, those pirates are lost and clumsy and even technologies do not help and then, they have to go back ‘home’ to think of some new wrongdoing, since they are not able to face any enemy – they are incompetent, cowardly and afraid of culture and tradition.
From our human experience and history, at least as far as I am informed, I know that everything essential and great has only emerged when human beings had a home and were rooted in a tradition. 
Martin Heidegger