Similar situation - different rules!

It is very ironic, but not surprising, that our so-called "western partners"use different rules and measures as it fits them in the conflict between former Ukraine and Novorossia.
Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia and all the other former Yugoslav republics were allowed and encouraged and helped to leave Yugoslavia.
Bosnia even became a federal state, actually it is two separate states in all but name.
Kosovo was helped to leave Serbia after a long war, Chechoslovakia was split into two states peacefully.
Catalonia has great autonomy and their own language within Spain, Quebec has the same within Canada and Scotland has great autonomy within Great Britain.
(In Iraq, in Libya, in Afghanistan the west did not even follow any rules at all, they just created some false accusations to serve their purpose!)
Any one of these arrangements could have been applied on Novorossia and Ukraine, but no, in this case the west will not accept anything but a total surrender of Novorossia. Why is that so?
The answer is as obvious as it is appalling: because we now deal with Russians and Russian-speaking people and they do not have the same human value as others in the eyes of the western governments! (Our so-called "western friends").
I am sure that if it would be reversed roles, that is if people in western Ukraine would want to leave the state or have autonomy, because the state was pro-Russian, and the state attacked them as Kiev does now in Donbass, then the west would already be inside western Ukraine, "to protect the people". 
It is unbelievable that Russia has not done the same yet. And there have been plenty of moments when everyone was expecting this: The massacres of civilians in Odessa, Slavyansk, Mariupol to name just a few. Western newspapers were showing maps how Russia would come and liberate  Novorossia and help Transniestria. Now they show maps how Kiev will encircle Donbass in stead. I hope they will very soon have to show the previous maps again!
The etnicity and language of the protesters in Donbass and Novorossia is also the reason why the western governments support the neo-nazis in Ukraine. Everywhere else in Europe the nazis are considered "pariah", extremists and terrorists. But not in Ukraine, even when they have an openly racist agenda -to remove all Russians, Jews, Gypsies, socialists, liberals and so on from Ukraine. Such an agenda would immediately make them illegal in Europe but not in Ukraine, and the reason again is that the main target for the nazis are the Russian people. 
In light of this, all president Putins de-escalations and "defensive" moves are more political than military and can thus be recalled immediately. And that should be encouraging for Novorossia.
If president Putin for real at any moment would decide there will be no intervention then it is very important that he says this clearly to the political and military leaders of Novorossia and Donbass so they can act accordingly. This should of course be said only to them, not to anyone else to prevent the enemy from taking advantage of the situation. But I do not think he can actually make this decision because there can arise even worse situation where he will have to intervene not to lose all credibility. In my opinion that situation already exists. We have to help president Putin to realise this.