Skripal and Syria: The globalists lost everything


Now it`s completely clear for us why was organized this case of so-called «Skripalpoisoning». All that was created in order to blame Russia for using chemical weapon on the British territory, was necessary to prepare strikes of the anglo-saxon atlantist coalitionagainst Syria.

I`ve seen the series «Strike back», popular English movie. And there was a case of Novichok. This movie is about MI6 department, working in different parts of the world, struggling against terrorists. In the last episode appeared evil Russians, one of them was the creator of Novichok. Nobody remembered Novichok gas for decades, and it appeared just some months before Skripal affair on British screens.

So, that was some kind of Postmodern society: everybody knew from this «Strike back» about Novichok and Russians, who have illegally made it – that was in the first episode. Then Skripal affair followed, and it is clear that all was organized to make the second part of the Skripal affair, a kind of continuation of this informational warfare. Also the third episode was about Assad`s use of “chemical weapon”, with no reason at all, in Eastern Ghouta.

All 3 episodes were needed to prepare the public opinion of the West to make an intervention of different towns in Syria in order to punish Russia.

Why punish Russia? Because Russia has made a great success in the Middle East, showing itself as the most reliable partner for political forces in the region, and Russia has almost destroyed the opposition to al-Assad, almost restored the integrity of Syria, and almost won ISIS on the territory of Syria. And the presence of American forces on the Syrian territory was put into question. They were in the Kurdish part of the Syria, but how to explain what they are doing there without invitation of al-Assad? They say, they fight against ISIS - nice, but the fight is over, so, you should go back. And Novichok-Skripal case was to reestablish American presence and punish Russians for their success. 

Most Russians do not believe in this Skripal case. Nobody in this world, who doesn`t share this Postmodern idiocy, never believed in this lie. It`s not fake-news – the idea is that the West regards Western consumers of information as poor idiots. It is really strange and astonishing that the West considers its citizens or consumers of information as pure robots.

But it is clear – it`s purely Postmodern situation. It`s some kind of cartoon series. There are idiotic personalities – Trump, May, Macron – they are all the figures of cartoons. They make hysterical moves, aggression, idiotic shouts. And all that feeds in the last stage the generation of the West, and they consume this totally crazy and poorly made stories.

I think that`s the signal that something is absolutely wrong with the West in general, because they could consume this kind of stories.

The strikes in Syria didn`t cause any damage. If that`s all, that`s the way how the Western coalition can oppose and punish Russia, that`s ridiculous. No damage. If that`s all, they should disappear. That is testified end of unipolarity. I think they will strike once, because they consider that they achieved nothing at all with all this war. But I think they will encounter the same position of Russia - very hard, with dignity. Any afford to prolong the agony of the finished unipolarity will cause the cleavages inside the West.

We have no more Trump. Trump is over, and lost all his electoral basis (right and populist ideas) and lost everybody (Ann Coulter, Alex Jones and many supporters). Trump lost everything and everybody.


Also I think that the position of Theresa May is very weak. They destroyed themselves. It`s the last moment of Western hegemony, because they tried to punish someone who was innocent and they didn`t achieve a goal. So, that is completely ridiculous. I think this is the end of the hegemony. And if the wounded dragon is not so dangerous as could be seen, if we laugh at him, that is the clean sign that it is over. Now, Americans, please go out from Syria. And everybody who has supported this initiative, will be punished. Everybody. Because, I think, it was the last afford of globalists to secure their positions, and they have lost everything.